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Will A Jeep Fit in A Shipping Container? Size Restrictions

Will A Jeep Fit in A Shipping Container? Size Restrictions

If you’re looking to ship or store your Jeep and want to know some great options, it might cross your mind to put your beloved Jeep into a shipping container. But will it fit in a shipping container?

A shipping container is an ideal method to store or transport a Jeep. A single Jeep easily fits into a basic 20 ft shipping container but its important to check the size of the door as it is a bit smaller than the container itself. If the door is small, the tire pressure can be lowered to gain an extra inch.

So, a Jeep can fit into a basic 20 ft shipping container, but let’s look at the size and price options for a shipping container for your Jeep and reasons why it would be a great idea to purchase a shipping container.

What Size Shipping Container is Needed to Fit a Jeep?

For whatever reason you’re needing your Jeep to be in a shipping container, whether it’s for moving or storage, your standard Jeep can fit snugly into a basic 20ft shipping container, when parked lengthways.

Here’s a quick video showing a Jeep easily driving into a shipping container:

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For most smaller cars, depending on the size, you can fit two cars packed lengthways and stacked one on top of the other in your basic 20 ft shipping container, but because the Jeep has higher ground clearance, and therefore is a lot taller and slightly longer than your average car, you’d only be able to fit one Jeep in a basic 20 ft shipping container.

Size of Shipping ContainerNumber of JeepsNumber of cars
20 ft1 Jeep2 cars
40 ft3 Jeeps4 cars

What Price is A Shipping Container?

When it comes to getting a shipping container you have different options; whether you want to buy a brand new or used shipping container and where you decide to get it from. The benefit of buying a shipping container is that it can come from various countries.

Container Size and ConditionPrice
New 20 ft shipping containerStart at $2,751
New 40 ft shipping containerStart at $4,208

What Affects the Shipping Container Cost?

When you’re looking for a shipping container a smart thing to do is buy a used shipping container because the price is a lot more affordable than a new one and does just as good a job depending on its condition.

Things that will always affect the price of the shipping container are:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Condition
  • Cost of delivery

Different Used Shipping Container Conditions

With shipping containers there are three different types of used conditions you need to know about before buying because when you’re spending a good amount of money and keeping your Jeep in great condition, you need to know what you’re buying first.


With an As-is container, you’ll find that what you see is what you get. Usually, these shipping containers are cheap to buy, but for a reason, and it’s because they are usually damaged to a point where they are no longer considered safe to transport cargo; including your precious Jeep.

Be wise with your money, sometimes going for the cheapest option will come back to haunt you, and I recommend staying away from using an As-is shipping container when looking for a container for your Jeep.


Cargo-worthy has used shipping containers that pass the requirements set by the convention for safe containers (CSC). Cargo-worthy shipping containers are a great option for storing or transporting your Jeep without paying for a new shipping container.

Wind And Water Tight (WWT)

A wind and watertight box meets all the safety requirements of the convention for safe containers, but it’s really obvious that these containers have taken a few hits because you’ll see a lot of repairs have had to happen. You’ll also notice a lot of scratches, dents, corrosion, and many markings.

I’d recommend that wind and water-tight shipping containers are great if you’re only going to use them for storage, but if you’re wanting to ship your Jeep somewhere, consider a new or cargo-worthy shipping container to be safe.

Should I Use a Shipping Container For My Jeep?

Whether you should use a shipping container for your Jeep or not, is dependent on what you are wanting to use the container for.

If you are wanting to ship your Jeep somewhere, then getting a shipping container is essential for trying to keep your Jeep in the best condition, even long after it has been shipped.

When shipping, your Jeep will be exposed to the harsh elements of the ocean. Using a shipping container will protect your Jeep from the corrosive, salty air and sea spray if shipping across the water, which can cause various aesthetic and performance problems with your Jeep.

Benefits of Using a Shipping Container for Your Jeep

  • Less chance of theft – shipping containers are extremely secure so there is less chance of someone stealing your Jeep.
  • Less possible damage – whether you’re shipping inland or coastal, a shipping container will protect your Jeep from the harsh, different environments that can cause corrosion. Also, in the event of a crash, your Jeep would take less of an impact being in a shipping container than outside.
  • More options and route flexibility – a lot of other transportation methods have limited routes that they need to follow, but shipping containers maximize space and reduce costs for most transportation companies. This keeps the prices competitive and because there are so many transit options, there are various routes to choose from and this will make your delivery much quicker than driving your Jeep onto a ferry.
  • Shipping Containers are used everywhere in the world – and because of this, shipping containers remain the standard method of transportation, which means you can ship your Jeep anywhere in the world.

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Your standard Jeep can definitely fit into a basic 20ft shipping container and it’s not advisable to try and fit more than one unless you can make multiple modifications to the shipping container.

If you’re looking to ship your Jeep somewhere, then use the safer options when buying a shipping container and stick to new or cargo-worthy shipping containers.

If you’re just looking to store your Jeep, then you can look at getting a new shipping container for excellent protection, but for almost equivalent results then the wind and the watertight shipping container is the cheapest option I’d recommend.

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