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Will A Jeep Fit in a Toy Hauler? What Sizes Are Needed

Will A Jeep Fit in a Toy Hauler? What Sizes Are Needed

While many people use Jeeps for commuting and as daily drivers, they can be used for adventures, fun, and weekend off-roading, too. In fact, many people use Jeeps in place of ATVs. Does this mean that a Jeep can be transported on a toy hauler, like an ATV?

While it is possible to fit a Jeep into many toy haulers, you’ll have to take into account the toy hauler’s garage dimensions. Make sure that the length of the garage is at least 15 feet long, and tall enough to accommodate your Jeep.

Keep reading to learn more about the safest way to transport Jeeps in a toy hauler, and how to make sure both vehicles are safe and drivable throughout and after the transport.

What Factors Matter When Fitting a Jeep in a Toy Hauler?

The most important factor to consider is how much room you have to work with, and how much space your Jeep actually takes up.

Keep in mind that your Jeep’s actual schematics may differ considerably from those of a Jeep fresh off of the assembly line.

Other factors to consider is the amount of room that your Jeep will take up within your RV vs. the amount of room that you and your family will need within your toy hauler. Toy haulers are live-in vehicles as well as transportation for your motorized toys.

How much room within the toy hauler can your family sacrifice? This won’t be an issue if the toy hauler compartment is separate from the living section but will have to be considered if a portion of the live-in section of the RV is meant to be dedicated to toy hauling.

Here’s a video of a Jeep easily fitting in the back of a toy hauler:

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Measure Your Jeep

The first thing to do is to measure your Jeep. Make sure that you measure the width, height, and length of your Jeep, and take into account the space needed for any restraining or security devices such as bungee cords, ropes, blankets, or chains.

Don’t just go by the manufacturer’s dimensions or website standards for your Jeep’s dimensions; be a big boy and pull out the measuring tape. Many Jeeps have alterations made to the wheels, hydraulics, or suspension that can increase the height or width beyond its factory specifications.

Take into account the height of roof racks and roof lighting, too, as well as any added length caused by the spare wheel mounted to the back of the Jeep.

Jot down these measurements and have them on hand to compare to garage specifications.

Measure Your Toy Hauler’s Garage Dimensions

Now, you’ll want to measure your toy hauler’s garage space. Get in there and measure out how much room you’ll have. This will give you a better real-life sense of what you’re working with than on-line specs or an estimate.

Give yourself at least a few inches on either wall side. Take into account any interior garage storage, cabinets, appliances, or wheel wells that might reduce the dimensions you’re working with.

Check Weight Restrictions for Your Toy Hauler

Make sure your toy hauler can handle the amount of weight you’re trying to pull. Take into account any extra equipment that you’re bringing with you, and factor in extra Jeep weight in the form of accessories, racks, heavier tires, and any post-manufacturing alterations.

It would be a good idea to check the actual weight of your Jeep, so you have a realistic sense of what you’ll be hauling. A weigh station on a public road or highway should be able to help you get a sense of the gross weight of your Jeep. 

Compare the real-life weight against your toy hauler’s weight restrictions to make sure it’s safe. The safety of you and your family comes first; it’s never a good idea to try to overload an RV just to save time, or resources.

What Size Toy Hauler Will You Need?

Your toy hauler will have to be long enough to live in, as well as store a Jeep, so look for something that is at least 32 feet in length, if not longer.

The longest toy haulers built can be close to 50 feet long, but not every state will allow you to drive something that big on their roads.

So, if you can’t find anything with a big enough garage, are there other ways to get a Jeep to fit into a toyhauler?

Make Room and Save Space

Another way to help fit a Jeep into a toy hauler is to simply move or store away folding furniture to create even more garage space. Most you haulers have furniture that can be stored in an upright and locked position, giving you more room for cargo and vehicles.

This will definitely eat up some living space but may be a convenient and money-saving way to help you bring along a Jeep as well as your family. Try experimenting with available space and negotiate on what items you will and will not need full access to on your trip.

Why Would You Want a Toy Hauler?

Toy haulers are a unique and especially large form of RV meant to transport not only people in a safe and home-like condition, but also accommodate “toys” such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis, and golf carts.

The toys or extra vehicles fit inside of a designated area or a separate compartment behind the main living space until the trip is over. It’s common to secure these items with bungee cords, cargo netting, or ropes so they don’t shift and get damaged.

A toy hauler is a simple and more streamlined way to transport yourself, your family, and all off-roading or water equipment on the same journey. They can be purchased or rented from a number of RV providers.

What If It Won’t Fit?

Well, if your Jeep just won’t fit in the toy hauler, you do still have some other options. It is always possible to flatbed transport your Jeep, as flatbeds should have the room and the ability to transport something as large and heavy as a Jeep.

You may also be able to tow your Jeep behind your toy hauler, or, if all else fails, simply have another adult in the group manage the Jeep independently and follow you as you drive.

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It is typically possible to fit a Jeep into a toy hauler with at least 15 feet of garage space length, and at least 32 feet of total length. You’ll have to measure your Jeep, though, and compare its actual dimensions and weight to the space and weight limits of your toy hauler.

Make sure that you account for after-factory modifications such as roof racks, lighting, hydraulics, extra wide tires, and a spare wheel on the back of the Jeep.

If all else fails, you can haul your Jeep on a flatbed trailer behind your toy hauler, or have another adult drive the Jeep behind you as you travel. 

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