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What Is A Touring Snowmobile? Examples and Pros & Cons List

What Is A Touring Snowmobile? Examples and Pros & Cons List

You might have heard of touring snowmobiles and wondered what makes them different from other sleds. In this post, we’ll be talking about all you need to know about touring snowmobiles, their examples as well as pros and cons. Keep reading to find out.

Touring snowmobiles are a special type of sled designed for use over long distances. Because they are meant to be ridden for a long time, touring snowmobiles are generally more comfortable than other types of sleds and have space to carry more cargo.

You can see touring snowmobiles as the SUVs of the sled world. And they are equipped with a wide variety of accessories to keep you comfortable and entertained as you embark on a long journey on the trails.

Touring snowmobiles come in different engine sizes. This allows snowmobile enthusiasts to choose sleds based on their budget and how fast they intend to travel.

Apart from the luxury and comfort they provide, touring snowmobiles are also very stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Manufacturers have come up with different creative designs that attract users.

Touring Snowmobile Description

There are a lot of snowmobile enthusiasts out there that just want to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable ride. To these people, the performance of their machines isn’t as important as the comfort they provide. People tackling mountains, racing, and the like will concern themselves more with the performance of their sleds.

Touring snowmobiles are designed to accommodate two individuals. And this means couples can enjoy a ride together. If you are the type that loves to give rides to friends and families, then you’ll have tons of fun on a touring snowmobile.

  • Manufacturers install electric starts on touring snowmobiles
  • There are also side-mounted mirrors
  • Larger windshields
  • And reverse gear
  • To make you more comfortable, some models come with luxurious amenities like heated seats
  • Luxury amenities like MP3 players, heated seats, communication systems connectors, and a smooth-riding system.

Due to the extra amenities they feature, touring snowmobiles are generally larger and heavier than other types of snowmobiles. And their tracks are also longer.

Here’s a quick review video of a popular touring sled so you can see what features are expected of a touring snowmobile:

Pros And Cons Of Touring Snowmobiles

By now, you know that a touring snowmobile is your go-to option if you need to ride for several hours on the trails. You can cover several miles with these snowmobiles conveniently. All you need is to have the stamina to keep riding.

One of the things you’ll first notice about a touring snowmobile is the larger frame. And this allows the snowmobile to conveniently support your weight plus the extra weight of added gear.

The pros of touring snowmobiles:

Luxurious and comfortable:

We’ve made a lot of emphasis on this already. Snowmobiles do not get more luxurious than the touring models.

  • The suspension of these machines allows them to travel and glide smoothly over snow.
  • The seats are heated and there are backrests for your comfort.
  • You can also get some music and listen to your favorite songs thanks to the mp3 and music connectors.

Perhaps it’ll be more appropriate to describe touring snowmobiles as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the snowmobiling world.

Option to equip preferred engine:

Touring snowmobiles allow you to equip your sled with your preferred engine. The type of engine you choose will determine how fast your sled will travel. If you care about speed, you can choose a faster engine.

If you aren’t a speed demon, you can choose the appropriate engine. Two-stroke combustion engines are generally faster than the four-stroke type because they are lighter.

Can accommodate two people:

Riding alone is fun but riding with others – friends and families – tend to be more fun. Maybe your partner can even pilot the snowmobile at some point. Whatever works for your people.

And if you are riding alone, you can store your gear/accessories in the extra space.

The cons of touring snowmobiles.

Some people may not even see everything on this list as cons but we’ll list them anyway.

Lack of maneuverability:

Touring snowmobiles are larger than other snowmobiles and may not be as easily maneuvered.

If you are used to turning on a dime, making quick spins and stops on your old snowmobile, you may need some time to adjust to your touring snowmobile.

Longer track length:

The longer tracks of touring snowmobiles provide better stability which makes your ride more comfortable.

You can also travel at lower speeds without getting stuck. However, you’ll not be able to turn quickly if you are traveling on tight trails. And you may also need some time to get familiar with it.

Examples Of Touring Snowmobiles

There are a lot of touring snowmobiles in the market. Popular manufacturers include Yamaha, Polaris, Alpina, Ski-Doo, and Arctic Cat. Below are examples of popular touring snowmobiles

  • Arctic Cat T 570
  • Arctic Cat T Z1 Turbo LXR
  • Yamaha RS Venture GT
  • Ski-Doo Grand Touring SE 1200 4-TEC
  • Polaris LXT Turbo IQ

Top 5 Touring Snowmobiles

2021 Polaris Titan Adventure

This is an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing touring snowmobile. It’s designed to perform well in all riding situations. Whether you are riding alone, carrying a passenger or load or even towing a cargo, this machine will provide excellent support and stability. (source)

Despite the size of the 2021 Polaris Titan Adventure, it’s easy to control and maneuver this sled. And there is also a full-color display that displays important and information like sled performance and GPS mapping.

2021 Ski-Doo Grand Touring Limited 900 ACE

This is one of the best machines you can use to get the most out of winter and have tons of fun. It’s super comfortable as well as stylish. (source)

You’ll be able to ride this sled for long periods, even when carrying a passenger comfortably. The black color of this snowmobile is super cool, making it an attention-grabbing sled.

2021 Polaris INDY LXT 550

Remember, we said Polaris is one of the top manufacturers of touring snowmobiles. Their INDY sub-brand has been available for close to fifty years and has gained a good reputation for being among the best touring snowmobiles in the market. (source)

This machine will provide you with everything you expect from a touring snowmobile and more. The powerful engine and suspension will ensure you are covering miles with smiles on your face.

2021 Yamaha RS Venture TF

If you are familiar with snowmobile brands, then you’ll know it’s only a matter of time before Yamaha pops up on this list. Yamaha prides itself as one of the best manufacturers of snowmobiles in the market. (source)

This machine is all about top-notch performance, control, and efficiency. Electric start and reverse, rear taillights, backrests and others make this sled luxurious and comfortable.

2021 Ski-Doo expedition SWT 900 ACE Turbo

Lots of amazing features make this snowmobile a machine you’ll want to spend most of the snowmobiling season riding. (source)

It’s as comfortable as snowmobiles get, and you’ll be making fun and happy memories on this sled.

Snowmobiling Touring Safety Tips

Snowmobiling touring is enjoyable and a little bit challenging. However, there are a number of steps you should take to make you’re touring go smoothly.

One of the first things to do is to check the course. You’ll need information from maps and snowmobile clubs for you to come up with the course you’ll be traveling on.

  • There are rules and regulations guiding the use and operations of snowmobiles.
  • Comply with these rules to keep the trails open for fellow riders.
  • If possible, do not go out on the trails alone.
  • It’s advisable to ride in pairs, with each person having individual machines.
  • This will come in handy in case of injuries or mechanical failure.

Ensure you have enough fuel in your machine before going out on the trails. And you should try to take emergency gear with you. Inform others – family and friends, as well as snowmobile club members – of your plans. This way, help will arrive in case you get lost or suffer an accident.

You must ensure that your snowmobile is in good condition before touring. It’s important you were appropriate clothing to avoid frostbite and other cold injuries. All these are to ensure your safety and make your snowmobiling touring more pleasant and fun.

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