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What Is A Hybrid Snowmobile Trailer? And Best Uses For Them

What Is A Hybrid Snowmobile Trailer? And Best Uses For Them

You are probably familiar with snowmobile trailers, especially if you’ve been snowmobiling for some time. There are different types of snowmobile trailers with hybrid models being the most popular.

Hybrid snowmobile trailers are a special type of aerodynamic snowmobile trailer that comes with a fold-down ramp door. This makes it easy to load and unload your snowmobiles and other gear. This ease of use is one of the main reasons behind their popularity.

The need for a snowmobile trailer has greatly increased due to the inconsistent distribution of snow in the snowbelts. There’s still good snowfall and great trails, but you have to travel a bit to reach them sometimes.

If you live in an urban area, chances are that you don’t have any snowmobiling trails around you. So you need a trailer to move your snowmobiles to the trails.

The alternative is to stay at home. But we bet you are just as enthusiastic about snowmobiling as we are. And a hybrid snowmobile trailer will help you get your sleds to the trails safely and comfortably.

What Are Hybrid Snowmobile Trailers?

Everyone knows snowmobile trailers are used to transport sleds to the trails. So, what’s special about hybrid snowmobile trailers?

  • The ease of loading and unloading your cargo. And this is due to the fold-down ramp door.
  • There is also the rear ramp door which makes hybrid snowmobile trailers more versatile.
  • Generally, the frames of hybrid snowmobile trailers are stronger than others. And this makes them great all-purpose cargo trailers.

With hybrid snowmobile trailers, you can rest easy knowing your snowmobile will reach your destination safely. It’s common to see hybrid snowmobile trailers made of aluminum and this makes them lighter and easier to transport.

There are also other features like LED lights, drymax floor, and so on that make these trailers better than the rest.

Here’s a helpful video explaining a bit more about hybrid trailers and showing a good example of why they are so popular:

What Uses Does A Hybrid Trailer Have

There are many benefits to having a hybrid snowmobile trailer. If you are not sure about buying a hybrid trailer, you’ll be convinced to get one at the end of this article.

The most obvious benefit of having a hybrid trailer is that you can transport your sleds comfortably to your destination, but that isn’t all. We’ll be discussing all the uses and benefits of a hybrid trailer below.

Helps protect your investment

Snowmobiles are expensive. Even buying a used snowmobile can cost some good money. Transporting these costly machines must be done right or you risk damaging your snowmobile. And that means more expenses as you have to repair it.

A hybrid snowmobile trailer ensures your snowmobile is secured and protected during transit.

Rescue Your Snowmobiling Season

Nowadays, snow patterns are becoming more unpredictable. This means you can’t be certain that your region will have enough snow until the snowmobiling season is already well underway.

So what are you going to do when Old Man Winter decides not to be generous with snow in your area. And you’ve repaired/serviced your snowmobile and already pumped up to have some snowmobiling action.

You load your snowmobile in your hybrid trailer and travel where Old Man Winter decides to be generous with snow. There are very few things more frustrating than not being able to have some snowmobiling adventures because of inadequate snow.

Even if you get plenty of snow in your area, having a trailer can help extend your riding season when you can venture to colder climates easily.

Expand Your Horizons

You might have enough snow in your area but decide to travel in search of new experiences. There are literally thousands of snowmobile trails in the North American snowbelt region.

There are several interesting places you can visit with your friends and family. If you have a hybrid snowmobile trailer, you just have to load your trailer and go wherever you want.


You can use your hybrid trailer for more than just transporting your sled. You can use it to transport other cargo like your summer toys. You can even use it to transport your new couch to your home.

Generators, lawnmowers, and pressure washers are just some of the many items you can transport with your hybrid trailer.


Hybrid snowmobile trailers are great for people that ride together. You and your friend could get one for the transport of your individual machines during winter. That way, the two of you can collaborate to buy a more expensive trailer than any of you might be willing to buy alone.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Hybrid Snowmobile Trailer

Most snowmobile aficionados are more concerned about a sled than a hybrid trailer. But when one considers the investment made on snowmobiles, it starts to make sense to get a quality trailer to protect these precious machines.

Older snowmobilers that used to travel in the past are more familiar with open flatbed trailers. But the world has moved on from these trailers as they don’t offer much protection to snowmobiles.

Winter roads are busier and dirtier than ever. And you need an enclosed trailer like a hybrid trailer to properly protect your machine. So let’s take a look at the factors you should consider before buying a hybrid snowmobile trailer.

Steel or Aluminum construction:

Trailers are mostly made of steel or aluminum. While trailers made of steel are generally cheaper, they suffer badly from weathering as well as mechanical road chip damage.

  • Aluminum trailers are more resistant to rusting and require less maintenance.
  • Also, they look stylish which is good for when you are on the road.
  • Aluminum lasts longer and is also lighter.

Thankfully, most hybrid snowmobile manufacturers use aluminum. And that’s the type of hybrid trailers you should go for. You’ll be getting value for your money.

Your vehicle:

You should consider the capacity of your vehicle when shopping for a hybrid trailer. There’s no use buying a trailer if you do not have a vehicle that can handle it. So always put the capacity of your vehicle into consideration when shopping for a hybrid trailer.

This is why aluminum trailers are more popular. They are lighter and can be towed by more vehicles.

The capacity of the trailer:

The number of snowmobiles you intend to transport will determine the capacity of the hybrid trailer you choose. Larger trailers will accommodate more sleds but will be more difficult to maneuver.

Also, you’ll need a more powerful vehicle to tow larger hybrid trailers. Most full-sized pick-up trucks can tow a large 4 snowmobile hybrid trailer though.

Ensure that the overall weight of the hybrid snowmobile trailer, passengers and cargo does not exceed the weight rating of your towing vehicle. This is to prevent issues with your brakes, transmission and suspension systems.

Trailer Insurance:

Your towing truck or car must be insured as should your snowmobile. Sleds are required by law to be insured. Check out the rules and regulations guiding the use and operation of snowmobiles in your area.

Check out this article, Are Snowmobiles Considered Motor Vehicles for more info about whether they need insurance or not.

Some hybrid trailers are really expensive and a lot of people want them insured. Trailer insurance can be included in your existing auto policy. Also, a separate policy can be issued for your trailer. A chat with your insurance agent will help you decide the best course to take. 

Talk to a good dealer:

It’s important you have a chat with a knowledgeable snowmobile trailer dealer. The dealer will be able to offer you professional advice and work with you to find a trailer that meets all your needs.

The aim here is for you to choose a hybrid trailer that meets all your needs while avoiding spending on functions or accessories you have no need for.

How Many Snowmobiles Will Fit On Hybrid Trailers

The short answer is that the number of snowmobiles your hybrid trailer can accommodate will depend on the size of the trailer. However, most trailers will be able to accommodate two to three snowmobiles comfortably.

There are larger hybrid trailers that can contain up to four snowmobiles. Remember that you must take the capacity of your towing vehicle into consideration when buying a hybrid trailer.

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