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Can Dirt Bikes Get Rained On? Leaving Dirt Bikes Outside

Can Dirt Bikes Get Rained On? Leaving Dirt Bikes Outside

Dirt bikes are an exciting mode of transportation you can use on almost any terrain. Like any other product, it might seem like a disaster if your dirt bike gets rained on. Isn’t that the end of this product? If dirt bikes can last in the mud and on the worst surfaces, how will they bode in the rain?

If your dirt bike gets rained on, it will be fine. However, it’s critical to wipe and drain excess water as soon as possible to prevent the metal from soaking in the liquid. The longer the bike is wet, the more likely it is to lose function for the user.

Read on to learn more about dirt bikes and what happens if they get rained on in the day. We’ll talk about whether or not you can ride one in the rain, how to protect your bike from the weather, and the best place to store the contraception. The more you know, the longer your dirt bike will last. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

What Can Happen If My Dirt Bike Is Rained On?

If your dirt bike sits in the rain for a little while, nothing will happen. However, if it spends excessive time in the wet weather, there are a few troublesome outcomes that could occur.

Here are a few of the things that could happen if your dirt bike is rained on:

  • Corrosion: Water left on the bike can cause the metal to corrode and rust in hard-to-reach places.
  • Breakdowns: The rain could eventually break down metal parts, such as chains.
  • Death of finish: The factory finish will dissolve in the rain, given enough time.

These aren’t ideal and can necessitate expensive repairs.

Try using this Chain Wax Spray Here from Amazon on the chain to keep it waterproof and to keep mud, dirt, and water from ruining your chain.

An hour or two in the rain won’t harm the bike. Once it stops, act soon to prevent further damage from pushing into the bike. If you want your dirt bike to last long, it’s better to move forward now than when it’s too late to do anything.

Here’s a video with tips for riding in the rain, with more info below:

Can I Ride My Dirt Bike In the Rain?

It’s possible to leave your dirt bike in the rain for a little while. What about riding? A dirt bike can withstand many tricky terrains, but can it withstand a ride in the rain?

It’s safe to enjoy your dirt bike in the rain. However, you should bring items to clean it off:

  • A mud ax
  • Towels
  • Additional water

You need to be ready to get muddy.

Riding in the rain is okay for the bike, but it’s also tricky. There are several tips to make every riding experience in the weather a quality one.

Try using this Chain Wax Spray Here from Amazon on the chain to keep it waterproof and to keep mud, dirt, and water from ruining your chain.

Tips For Riding In the Rain

Rain rides are safe for your bike, but they can be dangerous for you. There are a couple of tips you can take into consideration to stay on the safe side as you drive.

Here are the best tips for riding in the rain:

  • Bring additional gear for when you get wet
  • Wear vented goggles for visibility
  • Change tires to ensure you have the best for your ride
  • Use a spray-on pre-treatment
  • Go slow when you need to

Don’t go overboard when you ride in poor weather. It’s not safe.

If you ride in the rain, you and your dirt bike will get muddy. Keep that in mind and bring the right materials to take care of everything as soon as the ride is done.

Can I Protect My Dirt Bike In the Rain?

If you don’t want your dirt bike sitting out in the rain, there are many ways to protect it. Let’s talk about a few of the best options for your machine.

Here are some recommendations for storage options:

  • In a garage
  • In a room with temperature control
  • Under a cover
  • Beneath an overhang
  • In a car

These are the best spots for a dirt bike.

There are plenty of options to choose from when storing your dirt bike. Which of these is the best for your machine? Let’s talk about the answer to that question next.

Where is the Best Place to Store My Dirt Bike?

The best place to store your dirt bike is in a garage or an enclosed area with temperature control. These locations are out of the weather and will keep bugs and animals from pushing their way into your dirt bike for a place to live.

If you don’t have room, you can always keep your dirt bike outside, under a cover, or inside a shed. However, it’s critical to note that they are more vulnerable in these locations. The chance of weather impact or animal destruction is high. The garage is best when possible.

Can A Regular Bike Get Rained On?

We’ve confirmed that a dirt bike can handle a little rain without much trouble. What about regular options? These machines are a different story when it comes to getting wet.

A regular bike cannot get rained on because:

  • Not all accessories take water
  • Some frames will rust

Some bikes are more delicate than others.

Of course, some bikes have sealed frames to handle the rain. If that’s a feature you desire, specify that in your search. It can sit right beside your dirt bike.


If you own a dirt bike, it’s critical to take care of it. Rain is a destructive force and can harm a dirt bike in time. If the bike gets wet, it’s vital to dry it off as soon as possible. It’s better to keep your dirt bike under a cover or in a garage to prevent any contact with a liquid when possible.

We hope this information was helpful! Dirt bikes are an investment, and it’s vital to care for your investment. The longer the bike lasts, the more value for your money. If you care for it in the water, there will be many dirt bike rides in the future.

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