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How to Strap a Dirt Bike Helmet: Buckle a Motocross Helmet Properly

How to Strap a Dirt Bike Helmet: Buckle a Motocross Helmet Properly

Wearing a helmet is one of the most important things you can do for safety when riding your dirt bike. It can prevent many terrible injuries from occurring as well as prevent minor ones. It is just good to have it.

But strapping on your helmet incorrectly can render your helmet useless. It is important to strap it correctly for the best protection. Here is what you need to know to strap your dirt bike helmet right and ensure your safety.

How to Strap a Dirt Bike Helmet

There are a few ways to strap your dirt bike helmet. There are many helmets that have a buckle, like a mini seat belt.

To strap these types of dirt bike helmets, follow these steps:

  1. Click the pieces together.
  2. You just need to adjust the tightness of your strap.
  3. Your strap should be tight enough that your helmet doesn’t bob around your head. You should be able to have some wiggle room, though.
  4. You don’t want the strap so tight that you feel like you cannot breathe, but also don’t want it to be loose enough to slip around.
  5. If your helmet moves around when the strap is tightened, you may have gotten too big of a helmet. Get inserts with the helmet. Insert those to adjust the way the helmet fits on your head.

Now, let’s see how to tie a dirt bike helmet strap.

Here’s a quick video showing one process, with written steps and more info below:

How Do You Tie a Dirt Bike Helmet Strap?

Most helmets come with a D-ring buckle, making it where you have to tie the helmet. This is a simple process but can be a little confusing at first.

Here are the steps to tying your helmet with this type of buckle:

  1. Pull the strap through both rings.
  2. Fold the strap over the outer ring.
  3. Pull the strap back through the inner D-ring.
  4. Ensure that the strap is snug by pulling it tight.
  5. Bring the strap back over the D-rings to snap the small button in place. (This will keep the strap from getting loose).
  6. Do a quick tug test to see if the strap is secure.
  7. Now you can start riding your dirt bike!

Try this process without the helmet first so you can get used to the movements and each step. Once you feel you have it down, put on your helmet and complete the steps. Remember to do the tug at the end to ensure you did it correctly. If you don’t, the strap will come loose.

How Do You Attach a Strap to a Dirt Bike Helmet?

Your helmet should automatically come with your helmet, but sometimes, things happen, and your strap becomes damaged. You don’t want to use a helmet with a damaged strap. This is unsafe and dangerous.

You should get professional services to replace the strap for the safest option. They will connect the strap correctly. If your strap is broken because you were in a wreck, you need to retire that helmet. It could be deformed and will not protect you appropriately.

When replacing your straps, you must look up your helmet’s manufacturers. There, they should have a guide on how to replace the strap. Each helmet is different depending on who made it.

Ensure that you buy the correct straps. Not all straps can match the helmet you have. Always check with the manufacturer. You can even buy straps with vehicle or mobile companies if you can’t seem to find straps elsewhere.

What Is the Safest Type Of Dirt Bike Helmet Buckle?

There are many different types of helmet buckles out there.

Here is a list of buckles you will find for a dirt bike:

Let’s get into each one below.

Quick Release Straps & Double D-ring Straps

Many helmets will have double D-ring straps but the quick release buckles are becoming more popular. Both are safe and pass all safety standards. If you try to replace your buckle, ensure that it is within regulations and not a cheap brand.

Magnetic Clips Aren’t the Safest

Magnetic clips aren’t the safest option. It is mainly used for casual riding and bicycle helmets. If you use it while riding dirt bikes, it may not stay attached during a wreck.

When picking out a buckle, ensure that you are buying specifically for a dirt bike or ATV helmet. You don’t want to purchase a buckle for a bicycle helmet accidentally. Bicycle helmet buckles will not provide the safety you need when riding a dirt bike.

Double D-ring Vs. Quick Release Dirt Bike Helmet Straps

Both options are safe to use when dirt bike riding. It really depends on your preference, whether you like the double D-ring buckle or the quick-release buckle. Many old-school riders will choose the double D-ring buckle. They will live by it, but the quick release has become more convenient.

Here are a few pros and cons to each that you may want to consider when choosing a buckle:

Buckle TypeProsCons
Quick ReleaseConvenientEasier for younger kids.Easier for those with dexterity limitations.Can adjust more quickly.Can release it quicker to get your helmet off.Can malfunction.Bad brands can cause the release not to fasten.Easier to malfunction.Some brands use plastic instead of metal.
Double D-ringYou don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning.Most commonly found.Inexpensive.Stronger when strapped correctly.More annoying to adjust.Longer to put on.Difficult for younger kids to use.Will become unsafe if you thread the strap incorrectly.

Both buckles provide enough safety for riding your dirt bike. It all depends on your preference of buckle. If you find yourself not strapping the D-ring buckle correctly, the quick-release buckle may be better suited for you.

When strapped incorrectly, the D-ring buckle becomes unsafe and useless during a crash. You don’t want to increase your chance of injury this way, so you may want to invest in a quick-release buckle.


The buckles on your helmet are just as important as the helmet itself. You want to ensure that you strap it correctly before you ride, or it will not be safe for you. Remember that quick release and Double D-ring buckles are great for safety, and choose them based on your preference and capabilities.

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