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Will Ford F-150 Wheels Fit Expedition, Bronco, Silverado, Ranger, Ram?

Will Ford F-150 Wheels Fit Expedition, Bronco, Silverado, Ranger, Ram?

Most households have more than one car: twice the maintenance, repairs, and cost. Wheels and tires are not interchangeable terms. Tires are a part of the wheel setup, and you also have the rims, which come with a list of components that make it unique to that vehicle.

Ford F-150 wheels will not fit Broncos, Rams, Silverados, or Rangers. However, they will fit on Expeditions without needing any major adjustments. The lug pattern is the primary factor for F-150 wheels fitting or not fitting on other vehicles.

Some models have workarounds for fitting F-150 wheels, while others are just too incompatible. Keep reading to find out information on the different lug patterns, the adjustments you can make, and which wheels among the models mentioned are interchangeable.

Lug Patterns for F-150, Expedition, Bronco, Silverado, Ranger, and Ram

A lug pattern or bolt pattern consists of two numbers. The first lets you know how many bolts a wheel has, and the second is a measurement (diameter) of the fictitious circle around the holes. Lug patterns can be anywhere from 3 to 8 holes on a wheel. Both these terms are integral in getting the right wheel for your vehicle.

Bolt patterns can prove difficult when trying to match one vehicle’s wheels to another of a different make and model. Sometimes it’s the number of holes that don’t match, and other times it could be the diameter.

Ford F-150 Wheel Specs

Starting with the F-150, let’s look at the wheel specs, including the lug patterns, and compare them to the other models mentioned, highlighting the incompatibilities.

Here are some of the specs specific to the Ford F-150:

  • F-150 Tire Width is 245 to 275
  • The F-150’s Smallest Tire Size is 245/70 R17
  • The F-150’s Largest Tire Size is 275/45 R22
  • The diameter of the Ford F-150’s Rim is 17 to 22 inch
  • The F-150’s Center Bore is 87.1mm
  • Thread Size is identical to the Expedition and Silverado at M14 x 1.5
  • The width of the F-150 Rim is between 7.5 and 9 inches

The bolt pattern is the primary issue with using F-150 tires on other vehicle models. For example, the Chevy Silverado has a bolt pattern of 6 x 139.7. They might have the same number of bolt holes, but the spacing is different. The center bore is also 9mm greater, but there are workarounds to accommodate the difference.

On the other hand, Expeditions have almost identical specs with only slight variations in the ranges. The bolt pattern is 6 x 135, and the center bore is exactly 87.1. The remaining specs are either identical or fall somewhere within range.

Ford Expedition Wheel Specs

We know a Ford Expedition is compatible with F-150 wheels, but let’s look at the specs regardless.

They include:

  • The tire Width of the Expedition differs from the F-150 at 275 to 285
  • Expedition’s Smallest Compatible Tire Size is 275/65 R18
  • Expedition’s Largest CompatibleTire Size is 285/45 R22
  • The diameter of the Expedition’s Rim is 18 to 22 inch
  • Center Bore is identical to the F-150 at 87.1mm
  • The width of the Expedition Rim is 8.5 to 9.5 inch

Chevy Silverado Wheel Specs

Chevy Silverado is one of the models that are not compatible with F-150 wheels but are interchangeable with Dodge Ram and have similar bolt patterns to Ford Broncos. Some slight adjustments may need to be made, and the year of both vehicles will make a difference as some makers change the bolt pattern on new models.

Chevy Silverado Wheel specs include:

  • The Silverado Tire Width differs from the F150 at 255 to 285
  • A Silverado’s Smallest Compatible Tire Size is 255/70 R17
  • A Silverado’s Largest Compatible Tire Size is 285/45R22
  • The diameter of the Silverado Rim is identical to the F-150 at 17 to 22 inches
  • The Bolt Pattern differs from the F–150 at 6 x 139.7          
  • The Center Bore differs from both the F-150 and Expedition at 78.1mm

With the center bore on the Silverado being slightly larger than the Ram, if you want to put Silverado tires on the Ram, you may need to use hub-centric rings to fill the gap between the wheel center bore and the vehicle hub. On the flip side, if you want to put Ram wheels on a Silverado, you’ll need to re-bore the center to make it big enough to fit on the vehicle hub.

Dodge Ram Wheel Specs

Dodge Rams may not be compatible with F-150s, but we already know they work with Chevy Silverados and have bolt patterns similar to Ford Broncos.

Let’s look at the wheel and rim specs to see where the differences and similarities lie:

  • Tire Width differs from the F-150 at 275 to 285
  • The Ram’s Smallest Compatible Tire Size is 275/70 R18
  • The Ram’s Largest Compatible Tire Size is 285/45 R22
  • The diameter of the Ram’s Rim is a close measurement to the F-150 at 18 to 22
  • The Ram’s Bolt Pattern is identical to the Bronco and Ranger, but all differ from the F-150 at 6 x 139.7

Rim offset is within a 5mm difference between the Silverado and the Ram, which is an acceptable variant. Making sure the tire sits in the wheel well with enough space ensures there won’t be rubbing, which can cause issues with the suspension, brakes, or body parts.

Ford Bronco Wheel Specs

The newer Ford Broncos have the same bolt patterns as the Ram and Silverado, but the center bore is dramatically different. Let’s look at the wheel specs for a 2021/2022 Ford Bronco and see if any adjustments can be made to make them interchangeable with those previously mentioned models.

They include:

  • The Ford Bronco Tire Width is 255
  • A Bronco’s Smallest Compatible Tire Size is 255/70 R16
  • A Broncos Largest CompatibleTire Size is 255/70 R18
  • Diameter of the Rim: 16 to 18 inch
  • The width of the Bronco’s Rim is similar to the F-150 at 7 to 8.5 inch

Between the staggering center bore difference of both model years to Silverado and Ram, as well as the over 5mm difference in the rim offset to the Ram, putting Bronco wheels on Silverado or Ram or vice versa isn’t worth the work or risk.

Ford Ranger Wheel Specs

Despite coming from the same maker, Ford Rangers are not compatible with any of the models mentioned. The closest the Ranger comes to compatibility is the Bronco, but with the rim offset being well over 5mm, it could cause rubbing either way.

Here are the specs for this tire:

  • The Ford Ranger Tire Width is 215 to 265
  • The Ranger’s Smallest Compatible Tire Size is 215/70R 16
  • The Ranger’s Largest CompatibleTire Size 265/60R18
  • Diameter of the Rim: 16 to 18 inch
  • The width of the factory Rim is 6.5 to 8 inch
  • The Ranger’s Rim Offset is 55 mm

Some would recommend a wheel spacer if you wanted to use the wheels for these models interchangeably, but it would have to account for a 25mm difference which would cause other issues like poor handling.


F-150 wheels are more unique than you might think and only have one other model they are compatible with on this list. All in all, it’s best to use the recommended F-150 wheels for your Ford F-150.

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