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Will a Toyota Tacoma Fit in My Garage? Model Dimensions

Will a Toyota Tacoma Fit in My Garage? Model Dimensions

If you’re shopping around for a mid-sized pickup truck, a Toyota Tacoma deserves serious consideration. Not only does it check all of the boxes as far as performance and reliability, but it also features a sporty design with rugged good looks. But one thing you should not overlook is its size, and specifically, whether the Tacoma model you have your eye on will fit in your garage.

A Toyota Tacoma ranges in length from 17 ½ feet for either the Access Cab with a 6-foot bed or the Double Cab with a 5-foot bed, to about 19 feet for the Double Cab with a 6-foot bed. Given that the average garage depth is 20 feet, even the longest Tacoma model should fit inside, but just barely.

Mid-sized pickup trucks are popular because of their versatility as all-around vehicles for work or play. In this highly competitive category, the Toyota Tacoma has consistently ranked as the top choice among truck buyers. But before you head down to your local dealership, you better make sure your new truck will fit in your garage once you get it home. Here’s everything you need to know in a nutshell.

How Long Is a Toyota Tacoma Truck?

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most popular and highly rated mid-size pickup trucks around. It is known for its reliability and versatility so it should not come as a surprise that it is the best-selling truck in this category with nearly a quarter-million units sold in 2021.

Not only is this a large number of Tacomas parked on driveways, but in garages as well – provided that they fit inside, that is.

A Toyota Tacoma ranges in overall length from just over 212 inches (17.7 feet) to 225.5 inches (18.8 feet), depending on the cabin type and bed length. The typical garage has an average depth of 20 feet from front to back, meaning that even the longest Tacoma model should fit inside with about a foot to spare.

Two factors determine the length of a Toyota Tacoma (source: the type of cabin and the length of the bed. Keep reading for a closer look at both.

Here’s a video showing an actual case trying to fit a lifted Tacoma in an average sized garage:

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Toyota Tacoma Cabin Types

The Toyota Tacoma is available in two types of cabins:

  • Double-cab – with a seating capacity for 5 people, the Double Cab is the largest cabin available on a Toyota Tacoma and features four doors, a 60/40 split rear seat, and bulkhead storage bins
  • Access-cab – this type of cabin offers seating for 4 people and entry to the cramped rear compartment is made through rear-hinged doors, resulting in a shorter overall vehicle length

While an Access Cab makes a Toyota Tacoma slightly shorter than its Double Cab variant and thus an easier fit in your garage, the trade-off is a smaller cabin, and this will make its already tight quarters even more cramped (more on this later).

Toyota Tacoma Bed Options

There are also two bed options on a Toyota Tacoma:

  • 6-foot bed – measuring 73.7 inches (6.14 feet) long, this option is available on Double Cabs and Access Cabs
  • 5-foot bed – this bed option is only offered on Double Cabs and has a 60.5-inch (5.04 feet) length

There is nearly a foot difference in length between the two Tacoma bed options and a Double Cab truck with a 6-foot bed is the longest variant in this model family.

What Size Is a Typical 2-Car Garage?

When determining whether a Toyota Tacoma will fit in your garage, knowing the length of your truck is of course a vital piece of information. But that is only half of the equation. You also need to know the dimensions of your garage, and most importantly as far as parking your truck is concerned, the depth starting from the garage door.

If your home has a typical 2-car garage, then it probably measures 20 feet deep and 18 feet wide (the door usually has a width of 16 feet), meaning that a Toyota Tacoma double-cab model with a 6-foot bed, coming in at just under 19 feet long, should just fit inside with about a foot to spare.

And if you happen to have two Tacomas? Rest assured, at roughly six-and-a-half feet wide, a pair of them will fit side by side in said garage but you may want to open the doors of your trucks slowly to avoid self-inflicted door dings.

Is the Tacoma Interior Cramped?

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the best-selling mid-sized pickup trucks on the market. Whether it is driven for work or play, a Tacoma’s unique combination of performance, versatility, and affordability make it a popular choice among people from all walks of life.

But if there is one persistent knock against the Tacoma, it is the spartan nature of its interior. As well-appointed as this truck’s exterior features are, its interior leaves much to be desired, particularly as far as cabin spaciousness (or lack thereof) is concerned.

Here is a look at the Tacoma’s interior dimensions:

  • Regardless of the cabin type (i.e., an Access Cab or a Double Cab), the front seat dimensions are the same across all Tacoma models: 39.7” headroom, 58.3” shoulder room, 57.2” hip room, and 42.9” legroom
  • A Tacoma Double Cab (previously known as an Extended Cab) offers the largest interior space for back seat passengers and measures as follows: 38.3” headroom, 58.9” shoulder room, 56.3” hip room, and 32.6” legroom
  • Bringing up the rear (no pun intended), back seat passengers in a Toyota Tacoma Access Cab can expect to find themselves confined to a seating area with these somewhat paltry dimensions: 34.9” headroom, 56.5” shoulder room, 51.7” hip room, and 24.6” leg room

The difference in shoulder room and hip room between the Double Cab and Access Cab is somewhat negligible while the reduced amount of headroom is likewise tolerable.

But given that the amount of legroom in the Double Cab is modest to begin with, the legroom (source: in the rear compartment of the Tacoma Access Cab is a glaring deficiency.

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You are soon-to-be the proud owner of a Toyota Tacoma but in the back of your mind, you may be wondering if your new truck will fit inside your garage.

If you have your eye on a Tacoma model with an Access Cab, there is no cause for concern. Even with the longer Double Cab, it may be a tight squeeze but you can rest assured that you can still close that garage door.

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