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Why Is My Jeep Leaking Oil? Common Reasons and How to Fix

Why Is My Jeep Leaking Oil? Common Reasons and How to Fix

Regardless of how many times your Jeep is serviced, there may be times that you find that your Jeep is leaking oil. Finding out where the oil is coming from is going to be first on your mind. The main question to ask is, “Why is my Jeep leaking oil?”

The most common reason a Jeep is leaking oil is because the front oil pan gasket is worn and needs to be replaced. Other common causes are from damaged or worn valve covers and rear main seals causing oil to slowly leak and drip from the engine.

Reading this article can help you find the answers to these questions and help you figure out what you should do.

What Is Causing an Oil Leak In My Jeep?

Finding out that your Jeep may have an oil leak can be hard to do. Figuring out where the leak occurs will be your first step in deciding whether or not you should check a different location or go ahead and fix the problem.

There could be many reasons why your Jeep is leaking oil. Some common causes for oil leaks in Jeeps can be:

  • Leaking oil from the engine
  • Damaged or worn valve cover
  • Damaged or worn rear main seal
  • Damage to the front oil pan gasket

But how do you know where to look for these leaks in your Jeep?

Here’s a video showing the oil pan gasket leaking to show you what to look for:

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Find Where the Leak Is Coming From

Since these leaks happen more commonly in areas with valves, gaskets, seals, and the engine, finding the main cause can be tricky.

Knowing where to look can help determine where the oil can be leaking from:

  • Seals: Since these leaks typically happen in locations that need to be closed or sealed up, this could be the main source to check.
  • The engine: In more typical cases, oil leaks will come from the engine, and looking there will be a great place to start. Plus save you some extra time if the oil leak is present here.

Checking your engine for an oil leak can be quite time-consuming. Since an engine has many different seals, there is a possibility that this is where your cause is.

Neglected Engine Maintenance

Typically, an oil leak in the engine happens because of maintenance and if problems have been neglected over time.

A neglected engine can have damaged seals that end up breaking and causing the oil to leak out and onto the ground. One of these seals that causes a leak in your engine is the rear main seal which can be checked while the engine is running.

When this seal is damaged, you should see oil leaking in different areas around the engine. Auto stores or mechanics in your area can help locate any damaged or broken seals in your engine.

Valve Cover Is Damaged

There are other cases where an oil leak in your jeep doesn’t come from the engine.

If your Jeep has been making a slight noise even after touch ups, there is a huge chance that your valve cover is the culprit. If your valve cover gasket is damaged not only will it create slight sounds to come from your Jeep but can also affect everything else and cause an oil leak to occur.

Front Oil Pan Is Damaged

Another culprit for an oil leak is your front oil pan. If you have only noticed a slight oil leak, there is a high chance it is going to be from your front oil pan gasket. If this area is damaged, the bolts holding the front oil pan will need to be checked as well.

Can I Drive My Jeep If It’s Leaking Oil?

If like most, when your vehicle is leaking oil (source: you will be wondering if you are still able to drive it around.

Since oil is flammable, driving with an oil leak regardless of if it is a Jeep or another vehicle, is dangerous.

Leaking Oil Is Hazardous

To ensure that you are being safe for yourself and others, getting your Jeep’s oil leak taken care of can help you avoid potential hazards to occur. Keeping your engine maintained and taken care of properly with checks and tune-ups can help you avoid oil leaks.

Some signs can help you figure out if you may have an oil leak and any potential hazards that can be caused. You can find these below:

  • Oil leaks: Any oil leak left too long causes other problems to arise that can be a hazard. This can include fires and your Jeep engine failing unexpectedly.
  • Low oil showing on the dipstick: When checking the oil dipstick, you cannot see what the oil levels are or if they are lower than expected you could potentially have a leak.
  • Burning smell: If you notice when your engine is on that your Jeep smells bad, especially toward the front, there is a high chance that your Jeep has an oil leak.
  • Blue smoke: You can tell if there is an oil leak in your Jeep if you notice blue smoke coming from the tailpipe. This is a sign that oil is burning and a leak has occurred. Checking under the car for puddles or stains can also help with determining if there is a leak.

Following these signs can help you determine if there may be an oil leak in your Jeep and give you the information needed to tell your mechanic.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix an Oil Leak On a Jeep?

There is no single price when it comes to fixing an oil leak in your Jeep. Depending on the damage and where the leak is plays a key role in what you will be paying to get it fixed.

Typically speaking by the time you pay for the labor cost, it can be pretty high. Below is a list that shows the estimated costs to repair an oil leak:

  • Labor costs: $70 to $1120
  • Oil drain gasket: $35 to $45
  • Oil filter: $30 to $70
  • Damaged gaskets: $85 to $200
  • Oil pan repair or replacement: $100 to $500

In the end, you may be paying anywhere from $100 to $1,620 to get the oil leak fixed in your Jeep. This varies, of course, by location.

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When you find that your Jeep persists with symptoms of an oil leak like blue smoke, a burning smell, or frequent oil loss, chances are that you probably have an oil leak in your Jeep somewhere. These oil leaks are in the engine and any sealed valves that can be damaged or broken.

Getting your oil leak fixed is important and neglecting an oil leak can cause potential hazards like fires and your engine to fail when it shouldn’t. This creates a safety concern for yourself and others.

When you suspect an oil leak, you should always go to a mechanic or to an auto shop to see if the cause can be detected. After finding the cause and location of the leak, get a mechanic to fix or repair any leaks that may have occurred.

Keeping your Jeep in tip-top shape includes making sure it is serviced regularly and is being well maintained, this will help prevent any oil leaks in the future and can help detect them earlier on.

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