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Why Is My Jeep Cherokee Shaking? How To Fix It Guide

Why Is My Jeep Cherokee Shaking? How To Fix It Guide

If your Jeep Cherokee has been shaking you may be wondering why and what steps need to be taken to fix the issue. Knowing what commonly causes a Jeep Cherokee to shake can help you to identify and correct issues before serious damage occurs.

The most common reason a Jeep Cherokee is shaking while stationary and idling is because of a bad spark plug or coil/coil wire. The most common reason a Jeep Cherokee is shaking while driving down the road is because of suspension and tire issues.

To learn other reasons why a Jeep Cherokee is shaking and other helpful information continue reading.

What Causes A Jeep Cherokee To Shake?

The list above gives a few of the issues that can cause your Jeep Cherokee to shake, a more extensive list has been compiled below to give you a better idea of what things you should look for when diagnosing a shaking Jeep Cherokee.

Shaking in a Jeep Cherokee can be a symptom that can occur from multiple things such as:

  • Bad plugs or coils
  • Fuel system issues
  • Suspension issues
  • Worn or unbalanced tires

Here’s a thorough video showing what to check first, with a lot more info below:

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Bad Plugs Or Coils

Regardless of what vehicle you are driving, if it is not getting good fire it will run like garbage. If you have bad spark plugs or a coil going out your Jeep can shake, hop and do all kinds of things that will make you think it’s time for the crusher.

Fortunately replacing spark plugs, wires or coils is a pretty easy and fairly inexpensive job that can be done at home if you are mechanically inclined.

Wobbly Motor Mounts

A worn or broken motor mount can cause your Jeep Cherokee to shake when starting, putting in gear, or accelerating

The best solution to this problem unless you are used to working on vehicles is to take the Jeep to a mechanic to have the motor mounts tightened up or replaced if necessary.

Fuel System Issues

A weak or faulty fuel pump or other fuel system components can cause your Jeep Cherokee to shake while driving down the road. Anytime your vehicle cannot get the proper amount of fuel it will not run properly.

Rotten Radials

One of the most common reasons a Jeep Cherokee will shake while driving is that the tires are worn out or unbalanced. A tire with a knot or worn place can make it seem like your Jeep is going to vibrate off of the road as you are traveling.

To combat this issue it is important to keep a close eye on the condition of the tires and maintain proper tire pressure to ensure that they are wearing evenly.

Beware The Death Wobble

If the suspension on your Jeep Cherokee is not functioning properly it can cause the Jeep to go into what people call a death wobble. This is where your Jeep feels like it is shaking uncontrollably.

This can be scary at times because it feels like the Jeep is going to go off the road and in some cases, it will if the driver is not experienced in how to handle a vehicle in this situation.

Here’s a good video with more info about the death wobble:

Your Jeep Needs A Drink

If the fluids in your Jeep Cherokee are low it can cause all kinds of problems and if left unaddressed can lead to major mechanical issues that may or may not be able to be repaired.

Low motor oil or transmission fluid will make the Jeep hop, skip, and jump. To prevent your Jeep from being damaged regularly check the fluid levels to ensure there are no leaks.

Bad Wheel Bearings

A bad wheel bearing is nothing to play around with. It can cause an awful shake as you are driving down the road and if left unattended the wheel can fly off as you are traveling down the road or trail.

To diagnose a bad wheel bearing, jack the vehicle up and try to wiggle the wheel from top and bottom to see if it has any movement. If the wheel wiggles at all it is time to take it to a mechanic and have the bearing checked.

Front End And Steering Issues

Another reason your Jeep Cherokee could be shaking is that it needs a front-end alignment. There could also be damaged steering components that need to be replaced.

Unless you are experienced with front-end work it is best to have a mechanic put the Jeep on a lift to check that everything is lined up the way it should be and nothing is damaged.

Failing Brake System

If you have a bad brake caliper it can cause your Jeep to shake especially when pressing the brake pedal to slow or stop the vehicle.

When brakes or other brake components are not functioning properly it can cause the vehicle to veer sharply to one side or the other when trying to stop.

To combat the issues listed above continue reading these tips for prevention so your Jeep Cherokee will never let you down whether you are on or off the beaten path.

How To Fix A Jeep Cherokee Shaking

The best way to fix a Jeep Cherokee from shaking is to prevent it from happening in the first place. The old saying that prevention is the best medicine applies to more than avoiding a visit to the doctor. The section below gives you tips and tricks for avoiding the issues listed above.

Routine DIY Prevention

There are lots of things you can do to prevent your Jeep Cherokee from shaking. The biggest thing is to simply be observant. Create a checklist of things to keep an eye and ear on and be sure to follow through.

With modern technology, it is very simple to create a reminder on your phone or smart device to perform certain preventative maintenance duties such as:

  • Checking the air pressure in your tires
  • Checking that all fluids are topped off and there are no leaks. Pay extra close attention to the engine oil, transmission, and brake fluid
  • Inspect tires for worn treads, knots, or dry rot

Professional Prevention And Maintenance

In addition to your regular checklist, it is important to have a mechanic inspect your vehicle every six to twelve months depending upon usage.

A mechanic can put your Jeep on a lift and thoroughly inspect the underside of the vehicle to be sure there are no leaks, worn parts, or other issues that need to be addressed.

When the Jeep is up on the lift they can check the wheels and tires to be sure the bearings are tight and be sure the front end is aligned properly.

A mechanic can also remove the wheels while the Jeep is on the lift and inspect the brakes to be sure they are wearing evenly and everything is moving properly.

If the tires are balanced and rotated it will help them to last longer and prevent your Jeep Cherokee from shaking.

Keeping your Jeep Cherokee properly maintained and addressing issues before they get too bad will keep you safer and the vehicle will last longer.

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Lack Of Maintenance, Cause Of Shaking Jeep Cherokee

Essentially the main cause of a shaking Jeep Cherokee is a lack of maintenance. Over time any vehicle will shake and perform poorly if not taken care of properly. Set your maintenance reminders and talk to your mechanic to plan your Jeep’s next checkup.

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