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Which Ford F150 Has a 36-Gallon Tank? How to Tell

Which Ford F150 Has a 36-Gallon Tank? How to Tell

Having a Ford F150 truck means that you cannot only drive a well-tuned vehicle but also that you can also meet any towing needs that you have. Whether you have a standard-sized gas tank or a larger one, you will benefit from this Ford truck.

The Ford F150 Platinum and the Ford F150 SCA Black Widow both come with the 36-gallon tank. The easiest way to know whether your F150 has a 36-gallon gas tank is to crawl underneath it and check it out. Some of the tanks will have the size carved into the tank.

To learn more information about the sizes of gas tanks that come equipped in the Ford F150, you may need to do a bit of research. Let’s take a look at the various factors that will help you to determine the size of gas tank your Ford F150 has.

How Do I Know If My F150 Has a 36-Gallon Tank?

There are several ways to know if your F150 has the 36-gallon gas tank or not and some of them are pretty simple. While in most cases, you should know this when you purchase your truck, it may be difficult to remember.

If this is the case for you, there are a few things you can do to learn if your Ford F150 truck has a 36-gallon gas tank. Some of these ways include crawling under the truck to check it out, entering your VIN number into a search database, checking out the ownership documents, or checking with your dealership.

The easiest way to know whether your F150 has a 36-gallon gas tank is to crawl underneath it and check it out. Some of the tanks will have the size carved into the tank, while others do not make it so easy.

The best way to determine the size of your gas tank by looking at it is whether or not it fits within the banding perfectly or not. In most cases, the banding is just the right size for about a 24-gallon gas tank. If your tank hangs over this, you most likely have a 36-gallon tank.

  • Another way to determine this is to enter your VIN number into Google and see what might come up.
  • This method should pull your exact F150 up and give you the details you need to figure out the size of your gas tank.

Most people keep their ownership papers either in the glove box of the truck or in a safe filing cabinet inside their home. Whatever the case may be for you, checking out the papers that came with your truck can give you the information you need to determine the size of your gas tank.

  • If you have come up empty with any of these methods, or just want to find a quick answer without having to search for it, you could just call the dealership.
  • Speaking with the sales associate who sold you the truck can be a quick way to determine what size gas tank your Ford F150 has.

The bottom line is that there are several ways that you can determine what size tank you actually have in your truck. It may take a little digging or research, however, you will be able to find the information in a variety of ways.

What is the Largest Gas Tank for Ford F150?

In most cases, the size of the gas tank the F150 has is determined by the type of configuration the truck has. This means, that if it has a tow package, it likely has a larger tank since it requires more fuel to tow something.

The largest gas tank for the Ford F150 is the 36-gallon. This is the F150 truck that comes with a tow package that is at its maximum. This means that it has the ability to tow bigger and more vehicles or trailers longer distances.

Although your tank may have a 36-gallon size, you will need to ensure that you keep it in the best condition to get the maximum benefit from it. This means that regular maintenance is required to keep it in the best shape.

At the end of the day, since technology changes on a daily basis, there may be a larger tank down the road. However, as of this time, the 36-gallon tank is currently the largest available.

It is important to note that the 36-gallon tank has the ability to allow you to tow to the maximum ability you could need. This means that you will not only have the power to tow what you need but also will get the best gas mileage available.

What Size Gas Tank Does a Ford F150 Have?

Most F150s come in sizes of either 23, 26, or 36-gallon gas tanks. This is determined mostly by the package it comes with and the configuration of the various components.

Keep in mind that while the size of the gas tank in the F150 is determined by what kind of package you have, you will still have quite a bit of power in your truck. This is because the engine itself in the F150 is built to push the limits on many things.

It is important to point out that the standard-sized Ford F150 trucks typically come with a 23-gallon gas tank. This is because this is the most basic package that you can purchase for the F150.

While the 23-gallon tank for the F150 does not mean that it does not have the towing capacity that the larger tank has, it does have its limitations. If you plan to do a lot of towing with your truck, you may want to invest in the larger tank, to begin with.

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