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Which Dirt Bike Brand has the Most Championships: Running Tally

Which Dirt Bike Brand has the Most Championships: Running Tally

One of the most bandied about questions is: which bike brand has the most championships? While there is some confusion in the argument, there is a lot to be said about the classes and races that some consider official titles. So which dirt bike brand has the most championships?

Honda is the winningest brand in the Supercross championship, with 219 wins out of the 700+ Supercross races since the mid-1970s. The titles have been spread around 20 years since the AMA started having competitions, with Kawasaki (25) winning the lion’s share.

The different classes of motorcycles make it hard to track which brands are the true champions. But, by digging, you learn some amazing facts about the sport and even more about the champions who rode them. So read on and learn which dirt bike brand has the most championships.

Who has the Most Championships in Motocross?

The man with the most championships in Motocross is Ricky Carmicheal. He has won the big show ten times, in different classes, and stands as one of the greatest MX riders ever to compete.

Some say he would have continued to win if he had not retired early. His runs are unprecedented and are an athletic feat of the highest order.

Some amazing facts about Ricky Carmichael’s championships are:

  • Three Times – Three is the number of times he went an entire season without losing a race. In 2001 he had a 100% rating for making it to the podium in his races. Some racers go their entire careers and never get a single podium finish.
  • Knee Injury – After missing the Supercross season with a torn tendon in his knee, Carmichael came back to win the Motocross with his second perfect season. Recovery from torn meniscus surgery is grueling, and being able to compete at such a high level after an extensive injury is a testament to his dominance.

Ricky Carmichael left the sport in 2007 and went on to drive NASCAR events as part of the Ken Schrader and Kevin Harvick companies, respectively. Careers like Carmichael’s are loads of fun to watch, and his viewership made millions of the sport of Motocross.

What is the Number One Dirt Bike?

When it comes down to the number one dirt bike, a few more questions must be asked. When talking about dirt bikes, there are so many options that being number one at something might make it unfit for another purpose.

A few of the number one dirt bikes are:

  • Customer Rating – Yamaha is the number one dirt bike among the customers. They say the bikes are dependable and worth the price for high-end models. In addition, their line of electric bikes is causing a storm with young riders, and the sales are steadily climbing.
  • Trail Riding Bike – The KTM 250 SX-F is hailed as the best trail riding dirt bike on the market. It has a four-stroke engine that is as light as a feather and as powerful as a hurricane off the Gulf Coast in September.
  • Off-Road Bike – Another number one bike is the killer off-road bike, the Yamaha YZ125. It is best known for having a smooth ride on many different types of terrain. It is an excellent bike for youngsters or those looking to step up into the competitive world of motocross.
  • All-Around Bike – The Kawasaki KLX 300 is a bike that is good on the road or off on the trails. It has a 292cc engine that is liquid-cooled and comes in manual transmission. A manual can produce more power faster and have a tighter handle on your RPMs.
  • Best Kids Bike – Teaching kids about dirt bikes is a huge part of some families’ lives. The Honda CRF110F is not only a great bargain, but it is a fantastic bike to show kids the ropes and have some fun on the trails.

There are many number one bikes out there, depending on your preference. However, no matter what you decide, there will be several options to choose from, and often something simple could derail the buying process altogether. So be prepared and do your homework before dumping thousands of dollars into a new motorcycle.

How Many Supercross has Suzuki Won?

In the 40-plus years the AMA has had its Supercross division Suzuki has only won the title five times. That doesn’t mean they haven’t had strong performances, far from it. However, their inability to clinch the title has more to do with the dominance of other brands than any shortcomings of Suzuki.

Some memorable Supercross Championships are:

  • 2005 – In 05, MX legend Ricky Carmichael brought home the first Supercross title for Suzuki. Carmichael had one of the best seasons of his career and defended his title in 2006. Suzuki’s impact on the sport was immediate and catapulted the brand into prosperity.
  • 2010 – Ryan Dungey won the Supercross title in 2010, which is the most recent win for Suzuki. 2010, Suzuki captured the most awards and trophies by winning the Supercross and the Motocross events.

Suzuki holds its own against newcomers and old champions every year. Their dirt bikes have unique innovations, and riders consistently return each season to buy new cycles. Suzuki impacts the sport by driving the competition to higher levels.


The Supercross and Motocross champions are hard to pin down as there are so many different classes and races that knowing who the true champions are can be a bit foggy. However, the points champions are easier to find as the winner of each category will get the title at the end of the season, just like in any racing sport.

The stars that ride the bikes are almost as important as the companies that support them. Riders have impacted the sport with aggressive lines and high-flying finishes, while the bikes have continued to handle better and become more powerful each season. But, no matter the Supercross/Motocross winner, the fans are the real winners.

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