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Which ATV Has The Most Horsepower: Most Powerful Ranked

Which ATV Has The Most Horsepower: Most Powerful Ranked

I’ve been compiling a list of ATVs with the most horsepower, and the horsepower of some other common ATVs for a while now. A lot of manufacturers don’t have this information readily available for you to see, so bear with me.

Usually if you’re looking for horsepower, it’s because you want to be the fastest, or you want to haul heavy weight. Let me start by saying, having the most horsepower doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the fastest quad. It most certainly means you’ll be able to tow more and have more power though.

If what you’re interested in is speed, then check out my Top 10 Fastest Stock ATVs article. Where I list the fastest ATVs and also go in to detail as to why top speed doesn’t mean it’s the fastest racing quad. And which quads are best for racing on a track or on the trails.

First I will talk about the ATVs with the most horsepower in three categories, sport, trail, and utility. If you just want a chart with the horsepower listed along with the ATV, scroll to the bottom.

Most Powerful Sport ATV

The most powerful sport ATV with the highest horsepower that I have found is the Can Am Renegade X XC 1000R with 91 HP. To get some more information about this quad you can visit the Can Am website here.

Although this is a racing quad with the highest horsepower I could find, I wouldn’t recommend it for racing. Don’t get me wrong the thing is fast, and I mean it screams. But the best racing quads are usually a lot lighter and wider for stability.

Most Powerful Trail ATV

The best trail riding ATV with the most horsepower I’ve been able to find is the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S with 89 HP. To see more information about this quad you can visit the Polaris website here.

This machine is truly something special. I remember having a Polaris Scrambler 400 as a kid, and the ability to press a button and be in four wheel drive to get out of mud was a life saver. Some of the funnest trail riding I’ve ever done has been on Scrambler.

At 55 inches wide this quad is stable, great for cornering tight trails in wooded areas. Not to mention, this quad is fast. Faster than you need it to be on the trails. But in wide open flat terrain, it’s a blast to open up and get some speed.

Most Powerful Utility ATV

The utility ATV with the most horsepower that I could find is the Can Am Outlander Max Limited 1000R with 91 HP. To get more information about this utility quad, you can visit the Can Am website here.

This is a fantastic recreational quad by any measure, and it has enough horsepower to work for you too. They even make a 6×6 version for hauling more, but that model has about 82 horsepower. Still enough to get the job done, but not the most powerful out there.

ATV And Horsepower List

Can am renegade x mr 1000r 91
Can am renegade x xc 1000r 91
Can am outlander 1000r 91
Polaris scrambler xp 1000 89
Arctic Cat
Arctic cat 70049
Arctic cat 65042
Arctic cat 50032
Arctic cat 30014
Outlander 80062
Quest 65042
Outlander 40028
Rincon 68039
Rincon 65039
Rancher 42026
Foreman 45024
TRX 30016
Brute Force 75051
Brute Force 65042
Prairie 70046
Prairie 65042
V-Force 70051
Sportsman 800 55
Sportsman 70045
Sportsman 50033
Sportsman 500 HO / Scrambler 50038
Sportsman 45030
King Quad 70049
King Quad 45037
King Quad 300 14
Eiger 40025
Vinson 50034
Big Bear 40023
Grizzly 40026
Grizzly 45028
Grizzly 70046
Grizzly 66042
Warrior / Wolverine18
Can Am
Outlander 80062
Outlander 65055
Outlander 50041
Outlander 40029

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