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What to Wear on a Dune Buggy Ride: Ask a Pro

What to Wear on a Dune Buggy Ride: Ask a Pro

If you’ve never been on a dune buggy ride before, you might be curious what clothing and accessories are appropriate to bring with you. Dressing right for your dune buggy ride can be the difference between a fun and a miserable experience.

While it depends on the weather conditions and the geographical climate that you’re riding in, dune buggy riders should generally wear breathable, casual clothing with a protective covering for their eyes and face.

You might need a few extra accessories for some dune buggy rides depending on where your tour is. Read on to learn more about what to wear on a dune buggy ride for optimal safety and fun.

Clothing to Bring on a Dune Buggy Ride

Wearing the proper clothes on a dune buggy ride is an important part of enjoying the experience. If you don’t wear the right clothing, you might be uncomfortable or even put in a dangerous position.

Casual, loose-fitting clothing that is worn and can get dirty is the best type of clothing to wear on a dune buggy ride.

These clothes will keep you cool on the ride and give you a wide range of motion to steer the dune buggy easily.

What Do You Wear to Sand Dunes?

If you’re going to ride ATVs on the dunes in a desert or at the beach, you’ll need to take that into consideration when you plan what clothes to pack.

Here are some of the best clothing options for wearing to the sand dunes:

  • Loose, baggy clothing: Loose clothing will allow air to circulate freely around you, helping to keep you cool in areas with little to no shade.
  • White or light-colored clothing: In most climates where dune buggy rides are popular, the weather is hot and sometimes humid. White and light-colored clothing can reflect heat and prevent overheating.
  • Close-toed shoes: While you might be tempted to wear flip-flops or beach shoes on a dune buggy ride, it is safer to wear closed-toed boots with good ankle support.

No matter what clothing or shoes you decide to wear, make sure that they are clothes you are willing to throw away.

Some dune buggy rides can result in riders getting extremely dirty to the point that their clothes are destroyed. This is why it’s recommended that you only wear stained or worn clothing on a dune buggy ride. 

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What to Wear on a Buggy Safari?

The clothes that you wear on a buggy safari are similar to the clothes that you wear on any dune buggy ride, but an important note is that you should wear clothing that covers your head and shoulders.

Not only will head and shoulder coverings help keep you cooler, they will also prevent terrible sunburns.

You might not feel like your shoulders are becoming heated on a dune buggy ride because of the breeze, but you’ll definitely feel the burn later if you don’t cover your shoulders and apply plenty of sunscreen.

Accessories for a Dune Buggy Ride

While you will want to keep the number of accessories you wear on a dune buggy ride to a minimum to avoid losing them, there are a few essentials you’ll want to either have with you or apply before your expedition.

Here are some of the accessories you’ll want to pack to prepare for a dune buggy ride:

  • Insect repellent: Many of the areas where dune buggy expeditions are popular, such as Jamaica, are full of biting insects. Insect repellent will keep you from getting eaten up by mosquitoes on your dune buggy ride.
  • Sunscreen: Whether you’re riding a dune buggy on the beach or in the desert, it’s important to wear a high SPF sunscreen designed for full sun exposure. If you’re planning on getting wet, make sure to purchase waterproof sunscreen.
  • Goggles/eye protection: Many dune buggy expeditions will sell bandanas and goggles as protection against flying dirt during dune buggy rides, but smart travelers will bring their own goggles to avoid getting overcharged.
  • Shoes: Going on a dune buggy barefoot is not advisable since the sand that dune buggies are ridden on can reach well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, quite hot enough to burn your bare feet if you walk on it. Many beaches also have sharp hazards as well.
  • Bandana: It’s a good idea to wear a bandana across your face on a dune buggy ride to help filter out some of the dust that may be kicked up into the air by the dune buggies ahead of you.
  • Safety gear: It’s best to go on dune buggy expeditions where safety gear like helmets are provided.

Since space is limited on dune buggy rides and you don’t want to have to keep up with a lot of loose belongings, you’ll want to minimize the number of accessories you take along. However, the ones listed above can help make your dune buggy ride a more positive experience.

What Not to Wear on a Dune Buggy Ride

Now that you’ve got an idea of the things you should wear on a dune buggy ride, we’ll take a look at the things you should avoid wearing:

  • New clothes: No matter where you’re going riding on a dune buggy, you’re likely to get dirty. Don’t wear your best vacation clothes on a dune buggy expedition, or plan on going directly to a fancy restaurant afterwards. (source:
  • Valuables: While you can carry a few small things around your neck on a dune buggy ride, it’s a bad idea to carry excess valuables like watches or jewelry. Make sure that accessories like sunglasses and hats that you carry can secure tightly to your head.
  • A hangover: Make sure that you hydrate and moderate your alcohol intake the night before your expedition. Nothing is quite as miserable as a bumpy dune buggy ride the day after drinking too much.

If you follow these simple rules, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your dune buggy safari.

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Wear Casual Clothing for Dune Buggy Rides

When it comes to packing for a dune buggy ride, think comfort above all else.

Since you’ll likely be in hot weather and getting dirty, you’ll definitely want to wear clothes that you know will keep you cool and cozy for your entire expedition.

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