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What F150 Is Best for Towing? Models Towing Capacity

What F150 Is Best for Towing? Models Towing Capacity

The Ford F-150 is an iconic truck for towing loved by many people around the nation. As new models arrive and new technology is applied to those models, one can easily wonder what F-150 is best for towing. There are so many models that all have different towing capacities.

The best F150 for towing is the 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 with the towing package, which has a towing capacity of 13,000 lbs. If towing smaller trailers, small campers, or pop-up campers any F150 including the V6 models will tow just fine.

Here is a Table that Breaks Down the Models and Their Towing Capacity

EngineMax Towing Capacity
3.3 L Ti-VCT V68,200
2.7L Eco Boost V610,100
3.5 L Eco Boost V614,000
3.5L Power Boost Full Hybrid12,700
5.0L Ti-VCT V813,000
3.5L EcoBoost H.O. V68,200
Table showing the towing capacity based on the engine size in the different models

After determining which engine size the F-150 has, then it is time to look for additional features that help determine whether the F-150 has the Max Towing Package installed on the vehicle. It is a nice feature to have, and not all of the F-150s come with it based on the engine.

What F-150 can Tow 12000 lbs.?

The twenty-twenty-two and above Ford F-150 models can tow up to fourteen thousand pounds when equipped with 3.5L EcoBoost V6. The main consideration for the max tow package is the engine that the F-150 is equipped with.

These engine sizes can tow twelve thousand pounds:

  • F-150 Hybrid Models
  • F-150 Power Stroke v6
  • 5.0 PFDI V8
  • 3.5 Power Boost Full Hybrid
  • 3.5 Eco Boost Engine without the Heavy-Duty Package

Not every engine size available is capable of towing twelve thousand pounds and above. Few engine sizes are limited to less than ten thousand pounds.

The type of towing the F-150 does also plays into the consideration of how much the vehicle can tow. For example, towing the 5th wheel gooseneck style is going to produce less of a towing capacity than conventional towing even when the model package is the same. 

Here’s a cool video testing the F150’s towing capacity:

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Can F-150 tow 10000 lbs?

Aside from the models listed above, the engine size 2.7 eco boost v6 can tow ten thousand pounds. The remaining two engine sizes ( 3.3 Ti-VCT v6, and 3.5 Eco Boost Heavy Duty) can only tow a maximum (source: of eighty-two hundred pounds.

Previous models are going to have different towing capacities based on the year the model was manufactured.

All of the different towing capacities are located in various places mentioned below. Models older than twenty-twenty-two could tow over ten thousand pounds and not have the maximum tow package.

The upgraded models of Ford Trucks such as the F-250 and above will have no trouble towing the ten thousand pounds and above.

How Can I Tell if my F-150 has Max Tow Package?

There are several different ways to tell if the F-150 has a tow package on the vehicle. The methods used to tell can be as easy as taking a look at the receiver or even typing the vehicle identification number into Ford’s website.

Check the V.I.N. ON Fords Diagnostic and Repair System Site

The Vehicle identification number (V.I.N.) is a unique identifier that is specific to every vehicle. The number is located in several spots on the vehicle and contains information inside the number sequence that is specific to the model.

The last six numbers of the V.I.N. are what identify the specific vehicle, but the other ten numbers are a representation of various data points about the Truck, such as where it was manufactured, the year, and even some of the model packages.

Entering the V.I.N. into Ford’s diagnosis and repair site (source: will bring up all of the information for you to view, which you will be able to see if the Truck is equipped with the Max Tow Package.

Download the Window Sticker

Some sites will provide the window sticker for the vehicle if you put the V.I.N. into their site. If using one of these sites, then the window sticker will have an option that states “ Max Tow Package” on the optional upgrades section of the sticker instead of listing all of the individual features that make up the max tow package.

The Owner’s Manual Will Tell you

If the owner’s manual is with the vehicle, then it is easy to tell if the truck has the max tow package by looking in the correct section of the book and matching the information located in the book.

It is important to note that there is only one book per model vehicle, there is no separate book for different model packages on the vehicle, however, the owner’s manual will direct the owner in the direction of locating the features associated with each specific model package, such as the max tow package.

Get a free owner’s manual by entering the V.I.N. into Ford’s website (source: This will bring up the PDF version of the owner’s manual which can be viewed online.

Check for Optional Upgrades

Optional upgrades are not always a telltale sign, however, the Max Tow Package cannot be on the F-150 without these optional upgrades.

Optional Upgrades to Look For

  • Slanted Chain Slots on the Towing Receiver
  • 36-Gallon fuel Tank
  • Rear Bumper Upgrade
  • Rear Axle Gear Ratio of 3.55(L9) or 3.73 (L6)
  • Integrated Trailer Brake Controller

Check the Safety Label

The safety label is located on the inside of the door on most vehicles and states the safety information of each model specifically. The information that one would find on this label includes the max towing capacity, payload, tire size, and more.

The max towing capacity for the max tow package is twelve thousand pounds and above; anything else would mean that the F-150 does not have the max tow package.

The safety label will not mention the max towing package but it is a good indicator that the vehicle is equipped with the max tow package. The max tow package is a combination of various upgrades and features that make towing easier on the truck.

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The Different Sub-Models of the F-150 Do Not Matter

The F-150 comes in different sub-models (model packages) that all have different classifications, and the only sub-model that does not come with any significant towing capacity is the XL (base) sub model.

The remaining sub models are all capable of towing at the maximum capacity and are available in various engine sizes.

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