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Want to Put a Third Row in a Jeep? Read This Guide!

Want to Put a Third Row in a Jeep? Read This Guide!

Today customizing a Jeep by adding a third row is something more common than you would think. Companies have made several models of seats designed to be rear-facing and fit in the tiny confines of your Jeep 4×4’s rear area.

Not every Jeep that is available will have the option for a third row seat. There are different models of Jeep and knowing the exact one you need can take a bit of work. Don’t sweat it! Read on and learn everything you need to know about adding a third row seat in your Jeep 4×4.

Can You Put a Third Row in a Jeep?

You can put a third row in a Jeep 4×4. Check the model requirements before jumping in on a kit, but there are ways to add a third row in your Jeep. You should note that it is primarily the Unlimited and 4-door models that have the space needed to add the extra seat. There are exceptions for extended bed models, so check before you buy.

Like in one of the old station wagon days, Jeep third row seats will face the rear of the vehicle instead of the front. They are positioned this way to add more legroom and keep the seat from being in a possible high-impact area.

Here’s a helpful video showing a third row in a jeep and how it’s done.

Can My Model of Jeep Upgrade to a Third Row Seat?

The biggest rub on this project is going to be space. There are some model Jeeps, more than you’d think, that simply were not designed to have any extra space.

For some, the utilitarianism of a Jeep is what attracts them to the vehicle. For others, having all the fun of a Jeep with the ability to also bring the family will trump any size or performance issues people have.

A Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a Great Pick for a Third Row Seat

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a beast of a vehicle. It is a luxury model Jeep but still has off-road muscle that allows you to take any trail or embark on any trip that you want. They made the Grand Wagoneer to compete with larger full-size SUVs like the Denali. The rear compartment has an epic amount of space, which is excellent for the third row kit.

  • One of the great things about the Wagoneer is that it can come straight from the factory with third row seating.
  • There is no need to search for aftermarket contraptions that could force you to have work done by a professional.
  • It has just plain old tons of space for everyone.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L Spacious Enough for a Third Row

One of the great things about Jeep is that they are not afraid to change their designs to meet the customer’s needs. The Grand Cherokee L is a perfect example of this. They took a standard body Grand Cherokee and extended the rear cargo area.

This new space allowed them to install an additional row of seating.

The thing about the Cherokee model L is that it can be hard to find or must be specially ordered. While Jeep offers the option on their webpage, you could be hard-pressed to find one in the wilds or as inventory at your local Jeep dealer.

The Iconic Wrangler Also Has Capabilities for a Third row Seat

Wrangler is what springs to mind when people say Jeep. Of course, there are many different models on the road, but when someone says they drive a Jeep, your mind automatically averts to the old rag-top models we all know and love.

With the new models, you can get a third row seat, but it will have to come from an aftermarket company.

Jeep Wranglers do not come from the factory with an additional row of seats. You can find them with a quick search on the internet, but you could be in for a long day of assembly. If you aren’t handy, consider asking a friend or, better yet, taking the Jeep to a professional to have the seat installed.

What is the Seating Capacity of a Third Row Jeep?

Jeeps come in all shapes and sizes these days. The glory days of the rugged, off-roading machines are neatly combined with a slew of gadgets and driving upgrades that make them seem more like a family car than a trail jumper. Each sized Jeep can hold a different amount of people in the third row and knowing if your Jeep can carry extras is always a plus.

The seating capacities of Jeeps with a Third Row of Seating are:

  • Jeep Wagoneer – The Wagoneer is a beast of a Jeep that can carry eight total riders when the third row seating is installed. This sounds more like a van than an SUV, but the Grand and Standard Wagoneer are off-road certified just like their tiny counterpart, the Wrangler.
  • Grand Cherokee LThe capacity of the Cherokee L is 7. The narrow rear compartment of the Cherokee makes it hard to fit in the third passenger in the last row of seats. However, the seat is much roomier with only two people occupying, and comfort in a Jeep is nothing to sneer at.
  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited – The Unlimited has the lowest capacity of them all. Only five people are going to fit in an Unlimited with an aftermarket third row seat. That means that only one fully-grown person can sit in the back, or two small children depending on how small they are.


Getting a third row seat for your Jeep 4×4 is very common. New Jeeps of all model types except Wrangler have the option of having a third row added directly from the factory. In addition, the Wrangler can bulk up with an aftermarket seat that adds some seating in the back storage area.

Whatever kind of Jeep you have, knowing how many people you can fit inside is going to be necessary. So take your time and research the owner’s manuals to find out the capacities for your ride before jumping out onto the trail.

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