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Toyota Tacoma Won’t Go Into Reverse: Common Causes And How To Fix

Toyota Tacoma Won’t Go Into Reverse: Common Causes And How To Fix

Toyota Tacomas have been around for a long time, serving as one of the most popular trucks on the market. No matter which car you own, there are sure to be issues. One problem Toyota Tacoma owners experience is their car’s sudden inability to go in reverse. What are the reasons behind this issue, and how can you fix them?

The most common reason a Toyota Tacoma won’t go into reverse is because the gear shifter is out of alignment. Other reasons include low transmission fluid or dirty or used transmission fluid.

If you’re interested in learning more about why your Toyota Tacoma won’t go in reverse, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about what causes a transmission not to go in reverse, what it means when your truck won’t move this way, and if Tacomas have transmission troubles. The more you know, the easier it will be to get back on the road.

What Causes A Transmission Not To Go Into Reverse?

It’s frustrating when the transmission doesn’t move in reverse. You want to move backward, but the machine won’t let you. This experience is common in the Toyota Tacoma world and is caused by a gear shifter out of alignment or low/dirty transmission fluid.

This video shows a quick fix, hoping it’s just a fuse:

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Let’s dive deeper into the reasons a transmission in your Toyota Tacoma might not move in reverse. Some issues are simple, while others require work to restore the car’s previous ability. If it’s been a while since you checked out your transmission, a professional can diagnose the fault.

Gear Shifter Is Out Of Alignment

The most common cause of Tacoma’s inability to move in reverse is an out-of-alignment gear shifter. Over time, this movement out of alignment isn’t abnormal. It’s a common occurrence for the Toyota Tacoma, especially for those made before 2005. This hindrance will cause your vehicle to stop moving in reverse.

The best tactic for this issue is to shift into other gears before attempting to reverse again. This act should push the system back into alignment, allowing you to move backward in your Toyota Tacoma.

If this attempt doesn’t work, it’s time to take your Tacoma to a professional. A mechanic will look at your car and determine the root of the issue. If you want to avoid the mechanic, we have two more suggestions for the causes of this trouble.

Low Transmission Fluid

Low transmission fluid is another possible cause of a Toyota Tacome that won’t move in reverse. If you drive with an automatic and it won’t move backward, the fault could be in the transmission levels. You may also notice an overheating or stalling engine along with the error and indication of the low levels.

Here’s how you can correct low transmission fluid:

  • Check the transmission dipstick to note low fluid
  • Remove the excess fluid
  • Replace the filter and the fluid

While working in this area, check for leaks to ensure nothing out of the ordinary caused the low levels.

A simple addition of transmission fluid can make all the difference in your Toyota Tacoma. If it still won’t work after adding more transmission fluid, there could be something else wrong. We have one more suggestion before recommending you visit a mechanic for an official diagnosis.

Dirty Transmission Fluid

Finally, your Toyota Tacoma might not be moving in reverse because the transmission fluid is dirty. When the liquid is dirty, it won’t work to the best of its ability. This error will cause the transmission to fail and work incorrectly, leading to your Tacoma’s inability to move backward.

The best thing you can do is replace the fluid. Here’s how you can complete that process:

  • Drain the fluid from the system
  • Replace the filter with a new one
  • Place new liquid inside the system

Everything should be good to go after these steps.

If dirty transmission fluid is the problem, your Toyota Tacome will be able to move after the replacement process. If your truck still won’t move backward, there is something else wrong with your vehicle. A professional mechanic can diagnose your vehicle and determine how to fix the error without wasting your time.

What Does It Mean When Your Truck Won’t Go In Reverse?

If your truck won’t move in reverse, it means there is something wrong with the transmission. It’s critical to replace this system or the parts causing the trouble to get your vehicle back in proper shape for the road.

If fixing your transmission does nothing to help the truck move in reverse, there is something more serious wrong with your vehicle. It’s critical to take it to a professional to determine what is going wrong before something causes more serious struggles inside.

Do Toyota Tacomas Have Transmission Problems?

The Toyota Tacoma is a popular vehicle. If you’re interested in investing in one, it’s ideal to know the mechanical troubles you’re getting yourself into before laying down the money.

The Toyota Tacoma is well-known to struggle with transmission errors, stalling, and breaking down on drivers. Most issues with the transmission arise between 125,000 and 200,000 miles. They affect the car’s ability to shift, preventing users from enjoying all the Tacoma offers.

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Final Thoughts

It’s frustrating when your vehicle won’t move in reverse, but we have several explanations for this trouble. It could be caused by a gear shifter that is out of alignment, low transmission fluid, or dirty transmission fluid.

You can take care of these yourself, but a professional will complete the process and restore your Tacoma’s ability in no time.

We hope this information was helpful! The more you know about your Toyota Tacoma, the easier it will be to address issues as they arise. Tacoma’s are reliable vehicles, and this occasional error should not prevent you from investing in one for yourself. It won’t take long to get back on the road.

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