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Top 7 Fastest Dirt Bikes Stock From The Factory

Top 7 Fastest Dirt Bikes Stock From The Factory

For many dirt bike riders, speed is the main priority; they are more concerned with how the bike handles when they get off the pavement and onto the dirt. You, being the speed demon that you are, want a fast bike so you’re wondering which stock dirt bikes are the fastest without having to do costly aftermarket upgrades.

If you want to learn more and save time searching for the fastest dirt bikes continue reading the article below.

Top Fastest Dirt Bikes Stock From The Factory

With so many dirt bike manufacturers it can be difficult to know which bikes are the best for speed straight from the factory. This list covers the top seven dirt bikes ranging in speeds between 87 mph and 123 mph.

Honda CRF 450R – Top Speed 87 MPH

This bike may not be the fastest on the roster but 87 miles per hour is nothing to snuff at. (source: Honda website)

Some features that make this dirt bike an attractive option are:

  • Upgraded intake for faster speed and better handling on straightaways and sharp turns
  • The frame has been reinforced to prevent instability and handling issues
  • Upgraded suspension and exhaust system

This dirt bike will still give you the rush of adrenaline you so desperately crave while also providing the high-performance handling you need when you go off the pavement.

Yamaha WR 250R – Top Speed 89 MPH

This dirt bike is said to be similar to an Enduro in that it is good for those who ride on and off the pavement.

Other than traveling at 89 miles per hour, many features make this dirt bike a popular choice such as:

  • An ergonomic design that allows the rider more comfort and control
  • Specialized lighting made for high-visibility and low power consumption
  • The instrument cluster is designed similarly to that of the Enduro to show all essential information such as speed, time, distance, and warning indicators (source: Yamaha website)

Now, let’s take a look at the next dirt bike.

Suzuki DR-Z400SM – Top Speed 94 MPH

Whether you want to ride the paved roads at 94 miles per hour or ravage the mountain trail this Suzuki won’t let you down.

Some other features include:

  • The 398cc four-stroke engine offers a low rpm torque that can handle paved roads, sharp curves, and rough trails
  • A specially designed fork to help improve the way the bike handles
  • A larger braking system combined with beefy tires for superior traction and ultimate control of the bike

Its sleek and lightweight design combined with its ability to be driven legally on public roadways makes it an excellent choice for anyone who likes to mix a little racing with a little off-road action.

Husqvarna FE 501-S – Top Speed 101.5 MPH

If you hear the name Husqvarna the first thing that likely pops into your head are chainsaws, lawn mowers, and other outdoor equipment but the truth is, Husqvarna goes beyond lawn care and dominates the dirt bike world with some of the most popular bikes on the market.

This particular model will travel up to 101.5 miles per hour which is enough to get anyone’s blood pumping quickly. (source: Husqvarna website)

Features other than a fast ride make this a desirable dirt bike such as:

  • An engine that is designed to achieve the most power and control for optimum results
  • Better for long-distance riding thanks to counterbalance support that reduces the jarring vibrations from the engine
  • Manufactured with the highest quality parts and finishes for long-lasting quality
  • The bike is lightweight and covered with a unique graphic design that sets it apart from others

Next up is the ATK 700 Intimidator.

ATK 700 Intimidator – Top Speed 110 MPH

This two-stroke motor has what it takes to make you think twice about giving it all it’s got. At 110 miles per hour and 700 horsepower, you can be sure this bike will get you from point A to point B in very little time.

Other reasons people like this dirt bike are as follows:

  • Lightweight construction allows for more speed
  • Aluminum wheels
  • A sub-frame that can be removed easily if needed
  • Oversized handlebars for maximum control
  • Premium suspension for a smoother ride

Now, let’s see the next bike.

Beta 450 RS – Top Speed 110 MPH

Another dirt bike that can exceed 110 miles per hour and is clearly designed for a rider who is serious about going on and off the pavement.

Below are some additional features that make this a great dirt bike:

  • Comes with a GPS installed so the rider will never have to worry about getting whether they are on a paved road or making their own trails
  • Comes standard with a side-mounted breather to prevent mud and debris from building up inside of it
  • Extra-large handlebars for maximum strength and control
  • Can be legally driven on public roadways in all 50 states

In addition to super fast speed, this bike is great for bikers who like to get off the main road and explore.

KTM 450SX-F – Top Speed 123 MPH

If you are not an experienced dirt bike rider it is best if you opt for a different bike until you know you can handle the speed that this bike produces. (source: KTM website)

The KTM 450SX-F will blow your socks off as it reaches a blinding speed of 123 miles per hour! If racing is in your blood then this is the bike for you. Other features include:

  • Super lightweight engine design with a superior power output
  • Angled placement of the engine improves how the bike handles
  • High-performance suspension system to take the pressure off of the chassis
  • Ergonomic design and larger foot pegs offer more comfort and grip which allows for better handling and performance by the rider
  • A special switch comes standard for engine mapping

This is the bike you have been wanting to read about the whole time; a bike that is faster than all of the other stock dirt bikes on the market.

Stock From Factory Doesn’t Always Mean Slow

As you can see these bikes are all great options for riders who want to go fast and are all capable of making the transition to off-road trails with little to no problems. If you like to go fast but don’t want the headache of upgrading your dirt bike, the list above is a great place to start looking for your next toy.

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