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Top 3 Best Off-Road Go Karts (for Kids and Adults)

Top 3 Best Off-Road Go Karts (for Kids and Adults)

Sometimes when you are in the market for a go-kart deciding which ones are the best can be tricky. This is especially true if you are looking for a go-kart for a child. So, what are the top 3 best off-road go-karts for kids and adults?

Reading this article can give you more information about each go-kart and why it would be considered one of the best. You can also find out some of the best go-karts that can be found on Amazon.

Top 3 Best Go Karts for Kids and Adults

There are so many types and brands of off-road go-karts out there. However, this article can sum up a few of the best brands and types for both kids and adults to enjoy. So, what are the top 3 best off-road go-karts for kids and adults?

Top 3 for kids:

  1. Trailmaster XRX Mini
  2. Coleman CK 100
  3. Coleman KT 196

Top 3 for adults:

  1. Hammerhead GTS 150
  2. Trailmaster XRX 300
  3. Motor HQ Go-kart Captain DF 200 GKA

But what makes these the best for each age group?

Top 3 Go-Karts for Kids

Since these are considered in the top 3 go-karts for kids, you may be wondering what makes them so different than other off-road go-karts.

The pros and cons below can help you compare and see what each go-kart has to offer and what the cons may be to help you decide.

Trailmaster XRX Mini

  • Great for kids between the ages of 4 to 8
  • Has 2 adjustable seats
  • Comes in 3 versions: XRS, XRX, XRX-R mini
  • Has a 5.5 hp engine with top speeds of 15 mph
  • Problems that can come with this go-kart are the centrifugal clutch getting jammed or stuck

Coleman CK 100

  • Less powerful but a cheaper option
  • Top speed reaches 15 mph
  • Has one seat
  • Simply built with no suspension, headlights, or rooftop
  • Does not have reverse
  • Great for kids who are just starting out

Coleman KT 196

  • Suitable for anyone under 5’ 10” and over the age of 8
  • Has 2 adjustable seats
  • Pulling capability of 400 lbs
  • 200cc Honda clone engine with 20 mph
  • Does have problems arise with the carburetor and the Torque
  • Assembly can be difficult
  • One of the most popular brands of go-karts  

Deciding on which one is more suitable for your child’s needs and safety are what will make choosing a go-kart more difficult. There are reasons why some think that the faster the go-kart the better. However, this is not always true. When teaching kids how to drive a go-kart the top speed is going to be around the same unless there are some tweaks to the engine.

The top speed that is more than suitable and safe for kids who are driving a go-kart is around 15 mph. Of course, ensuring that the seating and the harnesses or belts are the most important when it comes to fitting your child for a go-kart.

Top 3 Go-Karts for Adults

Adults need a different go-kart than children. Unfortunately, this is mainly due to the size of an adult verse a child. Adults tend to be taller and weigh more but they also can be more advanced at driving.

Finding a go-kart that is great for an adult can be more difficult. Especially since these vehicles tend to look and run more for children and teens.

The pros and cons below can help you choose one out of the 3 top best off-road go-karts for you and other adults.

Hammerhead GTS 150

  • Strictly made to be driven by adults
  • Reaches a top speed of 40 mph
  • 150cc 9HP GY6 Clone engine
  • CVT transmission with reverse
  • 2 adjustable seats
  • Comes with notable features that include headlights, digital speedometer, and hydraulic brakes
  • Great go-kart overall and allows for adjustments for higher speeds and upgrades

Trailmaster XRX 300

  • 300cc engine with a 17 hp
  • Reaches top speed of 55 mph
  • Like the 150cc XRX and is an upgrade
  • One of the most expensive go-karts
  • Can fit heights of 5’ to 7’
  • Has 2 adjustable seats
  • CVT and reverse features

Motor HQ Go-kart Captain DF 200 GKA

  • Heavy-duty go-kart that is made for adults and kids
  • Has rubber wheels for stability
  • Single-cylinder engine
  • The top speed is 38 mph
  • Has a fuel tank that holds 10 liters
  • Has a belt and chain drive system
  • Comes with 2 seats
  • Includes features like headlights, seatbelts, turn signals
  • Motor HQ has 3 gears: drive, neutral, and reverse
  • Has a unique jeep-like look and feel
  • Harder to learn
  • Does not have many options

Of course, there are other go-karts that you can choose from for an adult. These top 3 choices are great for what you would want them to do. Ensuring that the off-road go-kart is driven by the correct age limit can help with safety measures.

Even though there are some go-karts that do not offer a fast speed, there are options that you can upgrade or change to create a faster go-cart. Go-karts can be customized too if there is a certain option you are looking for.

Go-Karts on Amazon

Even though there is a top 3 of the best off-road go-karts out there, doesn’t necessarily mean that those certain ones can be found anywhere. If you are an Amazon user, chances are you are going to be looking for a go-kart on their website.

However, you may be left wondering what types of go-karts can be found on Amazon and which ones are the best.

Kids Go-Karts on Amazon

There are several choices of go-karts that can be found on Amazon. However, finding the best go-karts for kids can be a little tricky. So, what are the top 3 go-karts for kids on Amazon?

The top go-karts for kids that are available on Amazon are:

These go-karts are not only available from Amazon but are also some of the top brands and types of off-road go-karts and are a great option for kids who are just learning.

Adult Go-Karts on Amazon

The go-karts that are available for adults on Amazon are fewer and harder to find.

Here are 2 of the best go-karts for adults that can be found on Amazon.

Since buying adult go-karts is harder to find on Amazon, there are other retailers from which you could buy.


Off-road go-karts can be great for the whole family. Deciding on the right one to get for kids and for adults to use can be hard. However, there are some of the best off-road go-karts out there that have both excellent and simple features.

Some go-karts may have headlights and reverse while others do not. This does not mean one is better than the other, you would have to decide which features are more important for what you need. There are some that also have a great speed for children while others are made with an increased speed for adult use.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with choosing any of these off-road go-karts.

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