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Top 10 Fastest Stock Dirt Bikes from the Factory

Top 10 Fastest Stock Dirt Bikes from the Factory

There are some absolutely incredible powered dirt bikes out there. Some of them can hit absolutely terrifying, yet exhilarating, speeds. There is something about riding on two wheels that makes life seem more exciting.

I’ll be covering the top 10 fastest stock dirt bikes that you can buy. Some of them will be older models and some will be newer, but every single one listed is fast and a work of art, in its own way.

Husqvarna FE 501 S – 101 mph, 510.9 cc Engine

This powerhouse of a dirt bike is impressive!

The 510.9cc engine pairs well with the bike’s lightweight frame. This combination makes this bike an incredible work of craftsmanship. Not only that, but the brand new 2023 models will be available for purchase for just a little over $12k. (source: Husqvarna)

With the top speed of 101mph, it’s a good contender for everything. It’ll be perfect if you want to go off-road and have some fun. It would also work for competitions as well.

MuZ Baghira – 102 mph, 660 cc Engine

This bike went out of production in 2008, but that doesn’t mean it should be looked over. However, this bike doesn’t quite hit everything under the dirt bike category. It can absolutely be driven off-road and have a good time with it, but it is not a competition bike.

Its biggest downfall, despite having such a high top speed, is the weight of the bike at nearly 400lbs. This bike also has an incredibly tall seat, which may be a problem for shorter riders.

Despite the fact it doesn’t really hit the dirt bike criteria, it acts as both an offroad bike and a street-legal bike. This alone makes it valuable to some because getting multiple uses out of one bike is not a bad deal!

BMW G650 XChallenge – 104 mph, 652 cc Engine

There is a surprising amount of people that don’t realize BMW does make motorcycles and dirt bikes. Not only do they make incredible and classy cars, but that also rolls over to their two-wheel vehicles. (source: BMW)

With a top speed of 104mph and a 652cc engine, this powerful bike will take you anywhere you need to go and in style!

ATK Intimidator 700 – 110 mph, 685 cc Engine

This bike has a weight of just over 230lbs, a powerful engine, and an insanely high top speed. It’s incredible right out of the factory. It could honestly be a huge competitor to the number one bike on this list if it had minor alterations.

It also comes in at a very good price of $8000. It may be a slightly older bike, but this thing will not disappoint.

Honda XR – 110 mph, 650 cc Engine

Honda is a master of making dual-purpose bikes. They’ve been in the game for a very long time, and they have worked out the formula to make an incredibly fast, and still very reliable, dirt bike. (source: Honda)

From simple fun to competitions, this bike will blow you away. It’s got plenty of clearance for some nice off road tires and its suspension will allow it to take a beating on hard tracks/terrain.

Beta 450 RS – 111 mph, 449 cc Engine

This Italian-made dirt bike is sleek and powerful. The top speed is 111mph which is incredible. It’s also street legal in its stock form. (source: Beta)

This bike is harder to find in the US, which is unfortunate. However, they are selling around the $7-$9k mark. It’s not a bad option if you want speed on a lower budget. It’s fairly lightweight at 260lbs.

Husqvarna TX – 112 mph, 300 cc Engine

This bike takes the number one spot for 300cc 2-stroke bikes. It’s also incredibly lightweight at 220lbs. The engine may be smaller, but the thing packs quite a punch with a top speed of 112mph. (source: Husqvarna)

It also comes in at a reasonable price of $11k, roughly. That is for the high-end, brand new 2023 version. This bike can make a good competition bike for those that can handle the power it gives out.

Aprilia RXV 5.5 – 113 mph, 549 cc Engine

This bike is not very light, in fact, it weighs a little over 300lbs. However, do not let that stop you from considering this incredible bike. It may be heavier than a lot of the other ones, but it rides smoothly and efficiently. (source: Aprilla)

It wasn’t produced terribly long and it seems to have a lot of mechanical errors and failures. This makes it unattractive and not really worth the money, despite how fast it can go.

Suzuki DR-Z – 114 mph, 400 cc Engine

This bike is incredibly powerful and very fast. However, it probably would not be suitable for professional off-roading. They designed this bike to be more road-friendly than dirt friendly. (source: Suzuki)

The speeds it can hit will make it a blast to ride anywhere though. With modifications, you could make it a professional competition bike with modifications. If you have no desire to take it to that level, you will definitely still get your money’s worth out of it.

KTM 450 SX-F – 123 mph, 449 cc Engine

This bike right here takes the number one spot for the fastest back at 123mph. It’s decently lightweight at 237lbs and it packs quite the punch. (source: KTM)

You may actually recognize this particular model from a motocross rider, Ryan Dungey, a 4-time champion. This is a competitive bike through and through. Nothing on the market can even touch this bike, at least not on the stock level.


There are a lot of good bikes. Some of them are better for the dirt, others for the road. One thing is evident though, the KTM 450 SX-F is such an incredibly formed piece of machinery and the fastest stock bike on the market.

The competition is fierce though and every year manufacturers are creating powerful machinery that will keep breaking records as they all struggle to reach that number one spot that everyone desires.

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