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Is It Safe To Sleep In A Jeep Renegade?

Is It Safe To Sleep In A Jeep Renegade?

People have been camping in their cars for many a generation, not always comfortably (highly dependent on the type of vehicle you are sleeping in), but it beats putting up a campsite any day. People do sleep in their Jeep Renegade. It is not the biggest SUV on the market (classed as a small SUV), and depending on your length and size, it could work for you.

You can sleep in a Jeep Renegade. People closer to 6-foot than 5-foot will find it a challenge to fit in the back. However, all should be well by adding some primary layers to sleep on (sleeping pads, air/camping mattresses, self-built sleeping platform), together with loads of cushions and blankets.

Your sleeping style will also play a role in the comfort level that you will experience in the back of your Jeep Renegade. People who sleep on their back or limbs stretched straight might not have the same positive feedback as people who sleep on their side and who love to curl up into a ball.

Can You Sleep In A Jeep Renegade, And Is It Safe?

Technically, you can sleep in any vehicle. The size of the vehicle will determine your comfort level. If you can fold the seats down, then automatically, your comfort level goes up.

Soft bedding options and sleeping aids will also make it adequate. Sleeping across the back seat is usually not your best position of comfort, and waking up with a seatbelt imprinted in your side will not make you sing, “Oh, what a beautiful morning!”

It is highly recommended to have something like one of these Sleep Pads (link to Amazon) or a small air mattress to sleep in any vehicle.

Feedback From Jeep Renegade Owners

Whether you are looking for a vehicle to sleep in on an occasional night, for multiple nights while camping, or have to make it your home due to circumstances, here is what actual Jeep Renegade owners had to say when giving feedback on their sleeping experiences:

“Sure, you might have to toss around some luggage, add some pillows and blankets to have a free night’s sleep. Sure, you might have to curl up a bit, but it beats paying large sums of money just for a couple of hours sleep.”

“Hubby is 6’3″ and weighs 250-pounds. We are side sleepers; otherwise, it would not have worked”

“My husband and I sleep back there when we go camping. He’s 6-foot, and I am 5’3″. We keep the back hatch closed. It is not a TON of room, but it’s better than a tent. We put bits of cushioning in the gap between the front and back seats (when they are laid down). Still need some padding beneath us, though.”

“I’m 5’6,” and if I lay back down there, my head is hanging over nothing. You could probably make up some kind of cot or support that goes up into the front passenger area too.”

“I’m 6,” and I know I would not fit back there, and an air mattress, in general, is probably too wide for the back cargo area. I would say that if you’re 5’8″ and throw down some sleeping pads, with a few blankets and a sleeping bag, you probably will be very comfy back there.”

“It is not a roomie back. I am 5’10,” and if I move the front seats all the way up, I have enough room. What this does is create a space between the back of the front seats and the headrests on the back seats that are laid down. If you sleep with your head on this site, then you will need to fill up that hole with extra cushions or blankets.”

“Hubby is 6’3″ and had to curl up a bit more than me. Invested in an air mattress made all the difference.”

“I am 5’11’’- I just curled up into a ball.”

“I am 6’1,” and I fit perfectly fine with the passenger’s seat all the way up and folded forward.”

“Tried it last summer, and comfort was ok at best.”

“Trying to accommodate two people is a bit tough, but you can make it work.”

“It would be nice if Jeep would just make the seats fold flatter, like the 2006 limited Compass. The flatter the seats fold, the easier it would be to haul cargo or sleep in it. It would be wonderful to have the front seats fold down. This would create more space.”

“My advice, take a small tent and mattrass with you and use the back of the Renegade for storage.”

“I have spent a couple of nights in the driver’s seat. It’s actually quite comfortable.”

“I measured mine this past weekend (possible sleeping area) to see if I could fit a twin mattress set. I was 6″ shy. So, depending on how far your front seats are leaning back, 66-inches. Push the front seat all the way up, and you get 68-inches (5’6″).”

A bit of a mixed response with regards to personal experiences.

What are the take-aways from the above feedback?

  • Space in the Jeep Renegade is limited, and some people of the same size experience it differently when sleeping in the vehicle. It comes down to making the best of a challenging situation.
  • When pushing the front passenger seat forward and laying the back seats down, it creates a space where there is no support (a hole) that needs to be reinforced with something if you are sleeping with your head on that side.
  • Padding on top of the folded back seats comes highly recommended: Sleeping pads, camping mattresses, air mattresses.
  • A Jeep Renegade owner has gone as far as building a DIY sleeping platform and shared it with his fellow members, encouraging them to love their Jeep just as much as he does!
  • Sleeping in a Jeep Renegade may not be as comfortable as sleeping in a bed, but it beats paying for a hotel or a room when it’s literally only for a few hours.
  • People who sleep sideways have a more positive experience, and those who can curl up a bit find the small space more bearable.
  • Improvisation is key to getting a good night’s sleep in your Jeep Renegade- pack as many comfy items such as comforters, soft blankets, and cushions as possible.
  • What works for one person may not work for another, and that is ok. Should you experience that you just can’t sleep in your Renegade, buy yourself a tent and use your Jeep’s cargo space as a storage unit.

Living In Your Jeep Renegade

Most owners do not mind sleeping in their Renegade every so often; they make do with the limited space and use the vehicle to its full potential. But what happens when you actually have to live in your vehicle for an indefinite period?

One owner has shared how he lives in his vehicle, providing some really helpful hints when sleeping/living in a Jeep Renegade:

Is It Safe To Sleep In Your Jeep Renegade?

Sleeping in your Jeep Renegade is no more or less safe than sleeping in any other vehicle. As long as you can lock the Jeep, it’s right on par with other motor vehicles regarding safety. The area that you decide to sleep in can increase the safety or decrease it dramatically.

Here are a few things to consider when sleeping in your car:

  • Please don’t sleep with your aircon, heater, or engine on as it will increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure to have your exhaust system and aircon system checked annually to identify any leaking areas that may endanger you while sleeping in your car.
  • Even if you think you are invisible as you park at the start of the trail road or a location far from civilians, thieves are always on the lookout for remotely parked vehicles in their area.
  • Rest stops are a safe spot to park and sleep, as there are almost always patrolling policemen at these locations.
  • Always lock your doors, never fully roll down your windows, and keep some type of weapon in the car.


You are so able to sleep in your Jeep Renegade. Comfort levels may differ from person to person, depending on your size. Still, through a little improvisation and a good primary layer of comfort (sleeping pads, air/foam mattresses, and maybe a self-built sleeping platform) thrown together with comfortable bedding, you will survive the night.

You may just enjoy the experience and do it again!

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