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Is ATV Riding Fun? How to Make Four Wheeling A Blast

Is ATV Riding Fun? How to Make Four Wheeling A Blast

ATV riding is popular among lots of different groups of people. There are more practical uses like using it around a farm, or another option includes using an ATV as a cost-effective police vehicle. There are also more leisurely and recreational activities like trail riding or competitions.

Is ATV riding fun? This depends on the rider’s personality more than the sport itself. In general, most people think that some type of ATV riding is fun. There are many ways to ride, which provides a fun experience for many different types of people. The various terrains, mounting adrenaline, and open-air concept provide a thrilling ride!

There are many factors that can play a role in ATV riding enjoyment, but regardless of who you are, there are some parts of ATV riding that I am sure you will have fun experiencing! In this article, we will discuss some of the naturally fun aspects of ATV riding as well as how to have more fun as a beginner. Plus, you will learn why ATV riding is a great form of exercise!

Fun Aspects of ATV Riding

ATV riding is a fast-paced, exploratory activity that can help you and your friends to explore new areas on rough terrain, get around from one place to another, accomplish work efficiently, or just enjoy an afternoon ride. Here are several reasons why ATV riding is considered, by many, to be a fun activity.

To start off on the right foot, here’s a compilation video showing how much fun you can have riding ATVs. Ok, this video has a lot of people getting stuck, but for some, that’s fun too!

Discovering Wilderness

One of the most obvious ways that ATV riding can be enjoyable is the discovery of the wilderness. Getting out on a trail and finding some rarely explored places can be amazing whether you do this (safely) alone or with friends and family. You can take your ATV out in your own local area and still find places you never would have known existed.

If you enjoy nature to any degree, ATV riding can be an incredible way to cover large distances while exploring.

Outdoor Time

Not as prone to be outdoors but wish you were? Or, perhaps your (age appropriate) kids need to get more outdoor time instead of sitting in front of a screen? Even if you are not trail riding into the wilderness, you will get fresh air if you are taking your ATV for a ride.

Outdoor time can help you mentally and physically with the benefits of sunshine (Vitamin D), and ATV riding can relieve stress by allowing you to just be in the moment while riding.

Versatile Riding

ATVs are not just for trails – you will be able to ride your ATV in all weather conditions. If you like the snow, mud, or just want to see the foliage – ATV riding can help you get out into your favorite conditions and enjoy them. Just be sure that your ATV is properly equipped with the appropriate tires  before setting out on a new type of terrain than your “usual”.

Adrenaline Rush

Want more than just a slower-paced trail ride to help you relax? ATV riding can provide an adrenaline rush on a comparable level of other extreme sports. Once you are comfortable and know that you can do this safely, take your ATV up steep hills, through mud, or climb rocky terrains.

You will be sure to have a blast while trying to maneuver different conditions that arise.

Bonding Time

Have kids or a significant other that you are trying to spend more time with? ATV riding is an amazing way to bond with all sorts of people in your life. No screens, no distractions, and plenty of time alone with them. Not to mention kids love it, and you can explore new places and build memories that will last.

Just be sure that all of the riders are equipped with proper safety equipment and an ATV (or junior ATV) that fits the appropriate weight and size requirements.

Check out my Recommended Safety Gear Page if need to help deciding the best gear for you or your family.

Physical Benefits

There are physical benefits that also go along with ATV riding. This activity requires learning a new skill to master riding an ATV in multiple terrains. Maintaining proper balance, maneuvering around terrains, and sometimes even just steering and breaking require physical exertion.

You may even find that some previously unused muscles are sore after your first ride, but do not worry, you can build up your tolerance and your strength this way.

How To Have More Fun Riding an ATV as a Beginner

If you still are not sold on ATV riding, I wanted to offer advice to anyone who is just starting out and might be a bit hesitant. It may be intimidating at first, especially if you have been to an event or watched videos of pros who are doing advanced maneuvers. I am here to put this stress and worry at ease with a few tips to help you have more fun riding an ATV as a beginner.

Get Comfortable Gear

Of course, the first aspect on the list for having more fun riding an ATV is going to be a physical comfort suggestion. While saving money is nice, it could cost you a lot of enjoyment to have itchy or wrongly-sized, ill-fitting gear.

Make sure to find gear that fits you well and is comfortable so you do not have to worry about it while you are in the middle of a trail. Even more, this will help to prevent potential blisters and burns that come from wearing uncomfortable ATV gear.

I’ve tried and tested all the gear on my Recommended Gear page for cost, quality, and comfort.

Watch Your Feet

Your feet are going to naturally want to dangle when you are sitting on an ATV. This is dangerous for many reasons. You could hit something on the ground/side of the ATV, or worse, you could get your foot caught in the back wheel.

Although it might seem protective to place your feet closer to the ground, be sure to pick them up and allow the ATV to do what it was designed to do, carry you around for a thrilling ride.

Start out Easy

If you are excited about fast trail rides and hill climbing, you may be ready to jump on your ATV and go. For beginners, I advise you to start slow, on flat surfaces, and get used to the machine first. When you are not used to the machine, the last place you want to find out you are not sure what to do is halfway up a hill.

Becoming comfortable with your ATV can help you to have more fun as you will be able to pay more attention to the ride than maneuvering the vehicle.

Get Comfortable with the Throttle

Throttles on ATVs are different than most vehicles. They are a button that you press with your thumb to increase the gas and speed, and you release this to cut off the supply. While the videos of newbies hitting the throttle and getting thrown off can be funny and enjoyable for viewers, this could lead to a serious injury.

Get Comfortable Steering

Steering an ATV is different than anything I have ever experienced. While the handlebars look similar to that of a motorcycle or bike, they operate very differently. Get used to the way it turns and handles before doing anything fast or rough.

As each ATV is slightly different, it is best to do a “test run” in your local neighborhood (assuming you live in a low-traffic area) before taking our ATV for a long spin. It is easier to test out the steering in a familiar environment than in one that is brand new.

Posture (and Standing!)

Another comfort issue with ATV riding can be posture. To help with this, watch some YouTube videos of proper posture for riding. Most of the time, when you are going on trails and rougher terrains, you will want to be standing/squatting for better comfort and control.

Of course, you need proper positioning so as to not risk overturning. If possible, ride your ATV alongside an experienced ATV rider who can show you the ropes.

Here’s a quick video to give you the basics of body position while riding.

Loading the ATV

This is one that is not mentioned often but is incredibly important – understand how to load your ATV in the truck before trying. You should never ride it up into the truck, as that could cause serious injury. Obviously, an injury from the ATV will hinder your positive experience and perception of ATV riding.

Check out my article, Best Ways To Haul An ATV for more info about hauling and loading.

ATV Riding Is Good Exercise

While I mentioned above that there are physical benefits to ATV riding, I did not go into detail about this aspect. While there can be a lot of sitting when ATV riding, there is also a lot of movement and control needed.

Your core strength will be tested if you go on long ATV rides on trails, over rocky areas, or through the woods. Heart rate is also a good indicator of caloric burn, and I can assure you that there is an elevated heart rate when riding.

If you have an ATV without power steering, after a long ride your arms will definitely be feeling fatigued after the amount of work they were forced to put in. And even if you do have power steering on your ATV, your muscles will still have to do some work to keep you balanced and in control of your vehicle. ATV riding is a great exercise for your entire body.


ATV riding is a great activity that has the potential to be fun for almost any individual. While it can be intimidating to new people, you will quickly pick it up and be excited to spend your free time riding, exploring, bonding with people, and getting good exercise.

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