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Is a Jeep Compass Safe on the Beach?

Is a Jeep Compass Safe on the Beach?

When it comes to driving a vehicle on the beach, many people think of the Jeep brand due to its reputation of providing great off-roading experiences. Many people immediately think of Jeep Wranglers being the go-to vehicle for beach driving. But did you know that the Jeep Compass can also be driven on multiple terrains?

The Jeep Compass has many features that make it perfectly safe for driving on the beach. This includes top-notch safety features and a designation of the “Trail Rated” badge that only a few earn. However there are some simple modifications that will help a Jeep Compass on the beach.

To discover why the Jeep Compass is a superior vehicle for your beach excursions, you will need to know how the various features work together. Keep reading to find out if the Jeep Compass can go on the beach and the various features that allow it to do so.

Can a Jeep Compass Go on the Beach?

Many Jeep enthusiasts agree that the Jeep Compass represents the Jeep name well based on its various features and ratings. Whether you want a vehicle for leisure driving or if you plan to do some off-roading excursions, such as the beach, the Jeep Compass may be just the SUV for you. 

Since the Compass has earned the designation of the “Trail Rated” badge, then you should know that this means superiority. To earn the badge, vehicles are put to the test by performing on a variety of terrains for the purpose of seeing what they are made of.

Most Jeep Compass owners who have taken their chances on the various beaches have stated that this vehicle more than passed the test. Even in the most challenging circumstances, they were able to take their drive down the beach with ease, thanks to the features the Compass is equipped with.

When deciding to take your Jeep Compass on the beach, you will want to ensure you have done your research. Jeep experts agree that if you need a vehicle for many situations, including taking it to your beach vacations, then this is the one that does it all.

This video might convince you that you will be better off lowering your tire pressure:

What Makes the Jeep Compass Safe on the Beach?

The Jeep Compass comes with many amazing features that make it not only drivable on regular roads but also on various other terrains. Some of the features are also exactly what is needed for many off-road junkies. Making sure you know what the features are and how they work can make all the difference for taking your Compass on the beach.

Select-Terrain System

This system that is featured on many Jeep Compass models allows you to change the mode to tell the system what type of terrain you are on. This provides some customization when it comes to things like traction and stability control, transmission actions, and throttle reactions.

  • Since many models come with this feature, driving on any terrain becomes easier.
  • In normal driving conditions, the mode is set to Auto, which allows the vehicle to monitor the road and adjust as necessary.
  • The feature also has a mode for snow, mud, and sand.

Most owners of the Jeep Compass agree that having this feature is what makes this vehicle great for driving on beaches. This is because, when set to the sand mode, the Compass gets the torque and power it needs to navigate without getting stuck.

Trail Rated Badge

The Jeep Compass was given the Trail Rated Badge, which in the world of off-road vehicles, is a true honor. This is because the badge is not something that is given lightly. These vehicles are put through some of the most difficult terrains and conditions to test their durability and endurance.

Testing for this badge includes five categories: traction, water fording, maneuverability, articulation, and ground clearance. Passing all of these categories means that the vehicle has the power and durability to drive in various conditions.

How Do I Prepare My Jeep Compass for the Beach?

Although the Jeep Compass is a great vehicle for taking a drive on the beach, there are a few things that you should consider to ensure you have the best experience. Most beach driving enthusiasts agree that preparing your Compass for the conditions can make the difference between a great experience and getting stuck in the sand.

  • Before taking your Compass down to the beach, you will want to check a few of the legalities.
  • This is because there are some beaches that allow vehicles on the sand and many others that do not.
  • In some cases, even though it is allowed, you may have to get a permit to drive your Jeep Compass on the beach.

Once you have ensured that you are completely legal and are ready to hit the sand, there are a few things you may want to consider before starting your adventure.

Many experts recommend that you deflate your tires for a better beach driving experience. This is because there is less of a chance of the tires digging in and getting stuck.

It is important to keep in mind that having some essentials with you will help you prepare just in case you do get stuck. In fact, some beaches require that drivers stock their vehicles with towing straps, a spare tire, and in some cases, a shovel. Packing these items in your Jeep Compass will make for a safer excursion.

The best way to ensure you have the best experience in your Jeep Compass is to become familiar with certain rules and regulations as well as best practices. Some beaches have specific requirements as to where you can and cannot drive or park. There are also some things you can learn from people who have come before you.

Overall, a Jeep Compass is safe on the beach because of its superior ratings and phenomenal features. Owners of the SUV have given rave reviews about how it handles not only at the beach but also on other terrains. If you are gearing up for a beach excursion, you may enjoy the features that the Jeep Compass provides.

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