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How To Spot Good Quality ATV Jerseys And Pants

How To Spot Good Quality ATV Jerseys And Pants

Everyone has seen those riders who wear all the flashy riding gear including racing jersey and pants. Sure that type of gear is great for showing off, but does it really make your riding better or keep you safer?

If you’re like me, you really just want good quality gear that will last a while, and not have to spend a fortune on it either. In this article I will go over everything to look for to spot good quality ATV riding jerseys and pants.

If you just want to know my top pick then here it is, the Fox Racing 180 Przm Jersey and the Fox Racing 180 Przm Off-Road Riding Pants from Amazon. There are some other great options out there, but these have been a great value for me. They have stood the test of time and out lasted many other sets of jersey and pants that I’ve had in the past.

If you want to know why I’ve stuck with these jersey and pants, keep reading. I’ll also go into more detail about what makes a good quality set of riding jersey and pants, so you can search and find a set that will work for you. But first, let’s talk about the benefits of wearing this ATV riding gear in the first place.

Why Wear A Jersey And Pants When ATV Riding?

The first main reason is for safety, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I wear it for the comfort. Sure, any old long sleeve and pair of jeans will work fine when you’re out on the trail. But a good jersey and good pair of pants really makes the ride more enjoyable.

A lot of the good brands will have vents in strategic places around the jersey, and be made with moisture wicking material. These types of features will increase air flow and keep you cooler when you’re riding. For a lot of people, that means more time on the trail, less stopping for cool down breaks, and an overall more enjoyable outing.

But there’s also the safety aspect to wearing quality gear. For example, a good set of riding pants will have leather of some other type of durable material sewn into the inside of the knee and leg. This helps you grip the quad when cornering or performing other maneuvers, and keeps the most easily worn out areas of the pants in tact for a long time.

If you really only go on short rides, or just use your machine for yard work and things like that, you may not see as much benefit as someone who rides for hours at a time. I’ll leave that up to you, but for now let’s go over some things to look for to find quality jerseys and pants.


For the jersey, it’s all about the material it’s made out of. You want to find a good moisture wicking material to help pull the sweat away from your body, keeping you more comfortable while you ride. The most common you’ll see of the quality brands, is the jersey made out of a moisture wicking polyester material.

The material is important for the pants as well. You’re looking for something that will breathe but also be durable. The pants will usually take more of a beating than the jersey will, so you should be looking for a 600D or 900D polyester material for the pants.

You will also benefit from making sure the pants have a leather patch of material on the inside of the knees and legs. Most people think this feature is only useful on dirtbikes, but it makes the pants last a lot longer than those without it. Also, it helps you keep control of the quad during tough maneuvers.


Even if the jersey and pants material is moisture wicking, you’ll still be a lot cooler with some good ventilation. It really does make a big difference at keeping you more comfortable on the trail.

I like to ride for hours at a time, after a while though you’re body will heat up from the heat off the engine and being in the sun for so long. Being able to catch a cool breeze run over you through those vents is a game changer.

A Good Fit

Getting a good fitting jersey and pair of pants is key. I’m not just talking about getting a size that fits you. I’m talking about the fit of the gear in certain areas. For example, stretch panels at the knee, flexible rear yoke and crotch, and an adjustable waist strap.

Features like those will make you a better rider because you’ll have unrestricted movement on your quad. Just wearing a pair of jeans will restrict your movements, not allowing you to lean and be fully immersed in the ride.

Another thing to think about is if you’re going to wear pads or other gear under or over your jersey and pants. Some pants are made for you to wear knee pads under them and even have padding built into the knee like this pair of Fox Racing 360 Division LE Off-Road Pants on Amazon.

If you plan on wearing a chest protector under your jersey, you need to make sure you a get jersey size large enough for you to do that. As for myself, I just wear a chest protector over the jersey. I want the moisture wicking properties of the jersey to work, and for it to work the jersey needs to be up against your skin.

Easy To Clean

This may not be as important to some people, but for me, the jersey and pants I wear have to be machine washable. This shouldn’t be a problem because most of the quality jerseys and pants are polyester and machine washable. Be careful with some of the cheap knock offs though. The washer and dryer could damage the cheaper fabrics.

I hope this helped give you a better idea of what to look for in good quality riding gear. You can usually find some good quality gear at your local ATV or off-road store, but I’ve been able to find the same gear for a lot cheaper online. For example, ATV Jersey And Pants on Amazon.

Stay safe on the trails, and to check out some other riding gear I’ve tried and tested over the years, visit the Recommended Gear section of this site.

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