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How To Reset Oil Life On a Ford F150: Oil Change Light Reset

How To Reset Oil Life On a Ford F150: Oil Change Light Reset

Oil is a critical part of a Ford F-150. It keeps everything running smoothly and allows you to drive without issue on the road. If you need an oil change, your Ford F-150 will display a light to let you know it’s time. Once it’s on, it’s tricky to turn the signal off again. How can you reset your oil life on a Ford F-150?

If you’re interested in learning more about changing an oil change indicator, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about resetting the oil life on a Ford F-150, whether you have an older model or a newer one. In no time, everything will be back to normal. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

How To Reset 2011-2021 Models

The newer models have a different standard than the older models. If you invested in a model from the years 2011-2021, there are three types of models you might have. Each has more technology incorporated than models from an earlier period.

These models include the following:

  • XLT -XL with 101A Package Models
  • XL -Non-101A Package Models
  • Lariat & Above Models

Ensure you understand which model and year you have in your garage.

Once you know what you have, you’re ready to start with the oil change light reset. Let’s dive into each process based on the model you have. Not every set of 2011-2021 models has the same reset process for the car.

Here’s one way to reset the oil light, with more variations for different models below:

XLT -XL with 101A Package Models

First up is the XLT-XL with 101A Package Models. First, get in the car. Turn on the system and ensure you have access to the screen in the vehicle. Once everything is in place, you can start the process.

Here’s how to reset oil life with the XLT-XL with 101A Package Models:

  • Use the steering wheel arrows to scroll to the main menu
  • Highlight “Display Mode” and select it
  • Move to “Engine Information”
  • Hold “OK” for three seconds
  • Wait for the reset to occur

You can exit out now, as everything should be done.

If this process doesn’t work, ensure you try it again. Check that you have the right model and package before you go through the process once more.

XL Non-101A Package Models

Next, let’s dive into those with the XL Non-101A Package Models. The process for resetting oil life in these will be different from those that included the 101A package in their system. Hop in the car and turn it on to get started.

Once on, here’s how to reset the oil life with XL Non-101A Package Models:

  • Use the arrows to find the main menu
  • Scroll down to find “Settings”
  • Move to “Vehicle”
  • Shift to “Oil Life Reset”
  • Find “OK” and hold it down for three seconds

After these steps, the oil life should reset.

If nothing happens, ensure you go through the process again. If it doesn’t work, you can always seek a professional for additional help.

Lariat & Above Models

Last in the newest years of the Ford F-150 is the lariat and above models. This process is different from the other two we have gone over, so ensure you know which type of vehicle you have in your garage before you hop in the car and turn it on.

Here is the process for resetting oil life in the Lariat and above models:

  • Seek “Truck Info”
  • Pick “Engine Information”
  • Press “Okay”
  • Hold “Okay” for about three seconds

The system should reset after these steps.

All three of these models have different processes. If one doesn’t work for your vehicle, ensure you have the right process before trying again.

How to Reset 2004-2010 Models

There is a single process that will work for the older models, made between the years 2004-2010. If you have a Ford F-150 that was made in these years, ensure you follow these steps to handle the oil life reset process.

Here is how you can perform an oil change light reset on 2004-2010 models of the Ford F-150:

  • Turn the electronics on, but don’t switch on the engine
  • Pick “Hold Reset for Setup Menu”
  • Hold the stem button until the oil life appears
  • Press and hold the stem button again
  • Turn the ignition off, then on again

The system should reset after these steps. If not, try to go through them once more.

You mustn’t turn the engine on when completing this process. Work with the instruments, but don’t activate the vehicle as you reset your 2004-2010 Ford F-150 model. Every model from these years should handle a reset with these steps.

Ensure Everything is in Working Order

Once you have gone through the steps for your type of vehicle, ensure everything is in working order. Check to see if the oil life is reset. If not, you may need to go through the steps one more time. Ensure you went through the steps that pertain to the model you have in your garage.

It’s a simple process to reset the oil change light, but it can be tricky for some people to complete. If you’re struggling, a professional may need to help you out. You can even seek someone close to you that has experience with cars.

Talk to a Professional If Needed

If you can’t figure out the reset process, you can talk to a professional. It shouldn’t be too expensive to ask them to reset the light, and you might be able to do it when you take the vehicle to a professional to switch out the old fluid. It will only take them a few moments to complete the process for you.

To save money, you can contact someone close who knows how to handle cars. That might be a family member, friend, or even a friendly neighbor. They can help you with the reset process to keep more money in your pockets with this simple process. Soon, everything will be back to normal.

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