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How To Clean The Air Filter On An ATV

How To Clean The Air Filter On An ATV

Maintaining your ATV in good shape requires attention to various aspects, including the cleaning of the air filter. While it may seem like a minor task, it is crucial for preventing future engine problems. If you’re wondering how to clean the air on your ATV, look no further!

Here is a quick answer! Gather the necessary materials such as cleaning solution, bucket, gloves, compressed air, air filter oil, and waterproof grease. Remove the air filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions, soak and massage foam filters in a cleaning solution, and rinse and dry them. For paper filters, use compressed air to remove debris without causing damage.

Once the filter is clean and dry, apply air filter oil, clean the air box, and apply waterproof grease to the filter’s sealing edge. Finally, reassemble the air filter as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and boom you’re done!

For more comprehensive and detailed instructions, continue reading and follow the step-by-step guidance provided in the article.

Steps To Clean An ATV Air Filter

To clean an ATV air filter, start by identifying the type of filter your ATV has, which is typically the foam-type filter. If you don’t already have them, gather the necessary products for the cleaning process, including a cleaning solution and waterproof protection.

Don’t worry about the specific products for now, as we will provide more detailed information on the appropriate ones to use based on your filter type.

Besides that, check if you have a bucket or another type of big container and a tray or something similar. If you follow the steps you won’t have any trouble cleaning the air filter of your ATV because it’s a very easy process to go through.

Stuff You Will Need

Cleaning Solution: If you want to soak your filter overnight to deep clean it, try this Air Filter Cleaner found here from Amazon that I use.

Oil Treatment: You need to treat the filter after you clean it. I recommend this kit that has an Oil Treatment Spray found here on Amazon.

A Bucket: To clean the filter in.

A Tray: Or a piece of cardboard to lay under the air filter box.

Steps to Take: Cleaning Your ATV Air Filter

Get a bucket or large container

The first thing you will need to do is to find a large container (like a bucket for example) in which you will wash the filter. 

Keep in mind that, wherever you decide to set your work/cleaning space, you should put away anything that you may damage accidentally while cleaning the air filter.

Fill Bucket And Wash Filter

The next step is to pour the cleaning solution into your bucket as directed. Make sure that it is the right one for your type of filter, otherwise you can damage it. 

Do not immediately rub the filter because you can tear it apart. Instead, carefully massage the filter into the solution. When doing this, you should be looking for signs that you are breaking down the oils from the filter into the solution. 

After making sure that you managed to take all the debris and oil out from the filter, always rub it carefully, and transfer the filter into another bucket with clean water.

Rinse Filter

Once you have transferred the air filter into a bucket filled with clean water, carefully inspect the filter for any possible tears or damage. Take your time and handle the filter gently to ensure everything is in proper condition. It’s important to note that you should never use gasoline or other flammable chemicals to clean a foam filter, as they can cause harm and damage to the filter.

Completely Dry Air Filter

Then, you need to put your filter aside and let it dry completely. Remember that this is not about rushing the process, the filter needs to be completely dry to move forward. So, now that you made sure that your filter is completely dry, you will have to apply fresh oil to the filter.

Apply Oil To the Air Filter

Similarly to the careful removal of debris from the filter, applying oil to the filter requires a cautious approach. Ensure that all surfaces and layers of the filter are evenly and thoroughly oiled. Take your time to work the oil into the entire filter.

After oiling the filter, allow it to rest for a few hours to dry. Before letting it dry, gently squeeze the filter to remove any excess oil. Unlike the previous step, the filter doesn’t need to be completely dry. You can leave the filter to dry in the air box. It is recommended to wait until the oil is almost dry before placing the filter back into the air box.

If you’re unsure about the readiness of the filter, you can check for a change in the thickness and texture of the filter oil. When the oil appears thicker and has a tacky feeling, it is an indication that the filter is ready to be placed back into the air box.

Put the Air Filter Back Into the Filter Box

When inserting the filter in the air box be sure to use an indicated product to spray the inside of the air box with and remove the plug in the bottom of the box. The reason why you want to do this is to guarantee that there won’t be any excess oil trapped inside. For that, you will need to place a tray or another tray-looking recipient to catch the excess with.

The last step of cleaning an air filter of an ATV is to find a waterproof product to finalize the process. These kinds of products are usually based on a grease-like protection. The reason why you will want to use a product like this is to prevent other contaminants from going into the filter unnecessarily, by sealing the edge of the filter.

This part is not completely necessary but can help extend the life of your ATV. This way, your filter will last longer until the next time you will have to take it out to clean it again. Besides, it will ensure the best performance of your ATV for a much longer time.

Take Aways!

1. Identify the type of air filter (foam or paper).

2. Gather the necessary materials: cleaning solution, bucket, gloves, compressed air, air filter oil, and waterproof grease.

3. Remove the air filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. For foam filters:

   a. Soak the filter in a cleaning solution and massage gently.

   b. Rinse the filter with clean water.

   c. Allow the filter to dry completely.

5. For paper filters: Use compressed air to remove debris without damaging the filter.

6. Apply air filter oil to all surfaces of the clean and dry filter.

7. Clean the air box using a contact cleaner.

8. Apply a thin layer of waterproof grease to the sealing edge of the filter.

9. Reassemble the air filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

10. Use a product to spray the inside of the air box and remove any excess oil.

11. Place a tray to catch excess oil during reassembly.

12. Apply a waterproof product to seal the edge of the filter.

13. This step is optional but can help extend the filter’s lifespan and improve ATV performance.

Sum It Up

In summary, cleaning the air filter on your ATV is a simple process that can be done at home. By following the steps and using the right tools and products, you can ensure a thorough and effective cleaning.

Patience is key, as you need to allow the filter to dry properly between steps. Rushing the process can lead to accidental damage to the filter. Taking the time to clean the air filter correctly will save you time and money in the long run, as a well-maintained filter improves ATV performance and prevents the need for frequent replacements.

Thanks so much for reading to the end!

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