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How to Change Jeep Wrangler Headlights: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Change Jeep Wrangler Headlights: Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the headlights on a Jeep Wrangler is a straightforward job you can tackle in just a few minutes. Only a few tools are needed; you can accomplish this task if you aren’t the most mechanically inclined person. So how do you change the headlights on a Jeep Wrangler?

Jeep Wranglers have some of the most after-market accessories in the parts market, and replacing a headlight could set you on a path with so many decisions that you become overwhelmed. Don’t lose control of the situation! Read on and learn all you need to know about how to change the headlights on a Jeep Wrangler.

How to Change Jeep Wrangler Headlights

One of the great things about the Jeep Wrangler is that they are easy to work on. The headlights and tail lights are just beneath the surface and can be reached by removing a few clips and unscrewing a few bolts.

Here’s a video walk-through, with a lot more info below:

Getting Under the Hood is the First Step in the Process

The iconic Jeep grill will be the first piece to be removed. The round-shaped headlights returned on Jeep models in the early 2000s and have been the standard ever since. The grill is easy to remove, and you only need a flat-head screwdriver or a pry tool to get started.

The steps for removing the grill on the Jeep Wrangler are as follows:

  • Pop the Hood – The first thing you need to do is release the straps on the hood. The Jeep has a set of straps that hold the front of the hood down on the front clip. The straps are hooked to the hood; once unlatched, you can move on to the next spot.
  • Prop the Hood – Once those straps are unhooked, you should look for the hinge in the middle of the hood in the middle of the grill. Slide the latch over to the side, and the hood should go up.

Getting under the hood is always the first step when you are working to replace a Jeep headlight. All the Jeeps have recessed lighting, which means you have to remove sections to get at them without obstruction.

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Removing the Grill is the Next Step

The grill is the section on the front of the Jeep that covers the radiator and houses the headlight bays. It is connected in the front with four screws along the top and six clips that are on the bottom on the inside.

The steps to remove the grill on the Jeep Wrangler are as follows:

  • Top Bolts – At four sections across the top of the grill, there are covered screws that need to be removed. These screws or grommets can be removed with a flat-head screwdriver or a pry bar. Once the bolts are out, there will be a gap between the grill and the radiator visible.
  • Release the Clips – The inside of the grill area will have a series of six clips towards the bottom. These clips keep the grill attached to the Jeep’s body and must be removed to get to the headlights. Open the pins one at a time using a prybar or flathead.

Once the clips are unlatched, the grill will come free of the vehicle. As soon as the grill is out, you will notice that the headlight bays are exposed. By checking around the area, you could also see the headlamp comes out in a single piece allowing you to replace or upgrade the bulb.

Replacing the Bulbs Requires Taking Out the Headlamp

Like most new cars, you only need to replace the bulb in the headlight to get it back in working order. However, a few more steps will require you to have a Torx T15 bit to remove the parts. Have your replacement bulbs on hand and separate them from the old ones to prevent confusion.

The steps to remove the headlamps from the Jeep Wrangler are as follows:

  • Unscrew the Housing – The first thing you need to do to remove the headlamp is to unscrew the main housing around the lamp. There are four screws, one in each corner, that hold the lens in place. Remove them, and the light should be free.
  • Pull the Lamp – Now that it is unfettered, you can pull the lamp out of the housing and unscrew it from the bulb connector. Once it is off, you will have an exposed bulb and connector ready to be changed.

Removing the lamp is an essential step in the process. Be sure to keep the lens and put it somewhere there is no chance of it falling or having something fall on it. Also, replacing bulbs is cheap compared to a new headlamp.

The Bulbs are Delicate and Should be Handled with Care

There are often different types of bulbs for Jeeps. This is because they have a massive offroad following that requires a heavy beam to traverse objects in the middle of the night or in torrential rains. Be careful when changing the new bulbs that you do not smudge them, or they will burn out much faster than usual.

The steps to replace the bulbs in the Jeep Wrangler are as follows:

  • Pull Old Bulbs – A latch on the backside of the old bulb connector must be toggled backward before the bulb is released. Pay attention when removing as old bulbs could be brittle. Pull it firmly, and it will come out.
  • New Bulbs – At this stage, it is time to get your new bulbs and place them into their new homes. Some upgrades allow you to use LED lighting, but they could require professional installation. Secure your new bulbs into the connector by closing the latch.
  • Replace the Lamp – Put the new bulb inside the lamp and replace it in the empty housing. Once it is seated correctly, replace the T15 screws in the four sections around the edges.
  • Swap Sides – Now that the first one is done, you should replicate the same process on the other headlight. They are set up the same, and changing one is like changing the other. Be careful not to break the lamp or smudge the bulbs when replacing it.

Once you have the other bulb in, you can replace all the parts you took off in the earlier steps. The housings and grill should have solid connections all around, and if they don’t, you should work them to the proper position.

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Replacing the headlight on your Jeep Wrangler is easy, requiring only a few standard tools and one specific T15 bit. The grill must be removed to get to the headlight housings and the precious lamps and bulbs beneath.

The bulbs for the Jeep Wrangler are placed inside the headlamp and connected to the wiring with a clip. The clips ensure the lights don’t disconnect when moving off-road or on a bumpy freeway. Replacing the bulbs requires you don’t smudge them, and they should provide adequate lighting for the rest of their lives.

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