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How The Jeep 4XE Drivetrain Works: Is It A Good EV?

How The Jeep 4XE Drivetrain Works: Is It A Good EV?

Many people are investing in hybrid electric vehicles to save money and reduce their carbon footprint on the earth. If you are ready to join the hybrid vehicle movement you may be wondering how the Jeep 4XE drivetrain works and if it is a good EV. Knowing how these vehicles work can help you decide if the Jeep 4XE is a good fit for your lifestyle.

The Jeep 4XE drivetrain works by combining a gas engine with two electric motors that perform different functions depending on which drive mode is set. The Jeep 4XE has the capability to go over 350 miles in hybrid mode which makes it a great option for those who travel on a daily basis.

To learn about how the Jeep 4XE drivetrain works and other helpful information about this new technology, continue reading.

How The Jeep 4XE Drivetrain Works – What You Need To Know

The general consensus from those who have experienced the Jeep 4XE is that it is a great vehicle for daily driving and long trips.

It offers the following:

  • Three economical driving modes: Hybrid, Electric, and eSave
  • A turbocharged 4-cylinder inline 375hp engine
  • It can travel from 0 – 60 mph in six seconds with no hesitation
  • Averages 49 MPGe
  • Has an approximate driving range of 370 miles
  • Utilizes a regenerative braking system to maximize battery life
  • Can be charged with a level I or level II charger
  • The hybrid feature is great for rock crawling and off-road trail driving

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There are a few cons reported by some drivers that the steering is great off-road but not so good on the highway and that it is noisy even if in hybrid/electric mode. Additionally, some have reported that the Uconnect/smart device connection time is slow.

Here’s a video walk-through explaining how it works, with more info below:

The Jeep 4XE works by combining a 2L inline 4-cylinder engine with two electric motors. Each electric motor is used to serve different functions which are vital to the operation of the vehicle.

The first electric motor is attached to the engine and has two important jobs. It acts similarly to an alternator in that it helps to keep the battery charged as it drives.

The first electric motor also works to give the Jeep a boost of power when it is being driven in full electric mode. Applying more pressure to the accelerator automatically switches the vehicle to hybrid mode to give it the extra power it needs.

The second electric motor is located where the torque converter would normally be in a traditional gasoline vehicle.

This motor works to send power to the transfer case which is then distributed to the front and rear axles. When the Jeep 4XE is in full electric mode this is the motor that is mostly used to propel the vehicle.

Continue reading to learn more about how the Jeep 4XE driving modes and charging features.

How Does The Jeep 4XE Hybrid Mode Work?

Now you have an understanding of how the Jeep 4XE works but you may still be wondering how the hybrid feature works and how the vehicle is charged. This section will answer those questions and more.

The Jeep 4XE’s hybrid mode works as other hybrid vehicles do and is generally the default setting of the vehicle.

When the Jeep 4XE is in hybrid mode it will use any electric power first before switching to the gasoline engine.

When the Jeep 4XE is in hybrid mode it combines the power from the engine with the two electric motors to boost the power and acceleration of the vehicle as it is going down the road.

It is simple to switch from hybrid to full electric or eSave mode with a push of a button near the instrument cluster on the dashboard of the vehicle.

For those who have short commutes to work or live close to town, the Jeep 4XE can travel around 21 miles on the full electric setting which is a great way to save on gas and put out fewer emissions if you need to take a short trip.

The battery must be at least a minimum of 1% charged in order to use the full electric feature as described above.

The Jeep 4XE can be charged as other hybrids are charged with either a level I or level II charger in the home or at public charging stations.

If using a level I charger you can expect an approximate charge time of 12 hours. A level II charging station is exceptionally faster and can charge the Jeep within two hours.

Does The Jeep 4XE Recharge While Driving?

The beauty of the Jeep 4XE is that it combines the technology of a traditional hybrid vehicle with that of an electric vehicle which allows it to charge two different ways.

  • While driving the Jeep 4XE uses the regenerative braking system to keep the battery level maintained.
  • Once parked you have the option to plug the vehicle into a charger as mentioned in the section above. 

A regenerative braking system works by converting heat created from using the brakes into electricity to keep the battery charged while driving. 

Additionally, the regenerative braking system allows you to slow the vehicle without using the brakes. The brake pedal still needs to be pressed to come to a stop, however.    

Does The Jeep 4XE Engine Charge The Battery?

The engine does not charge the battery per se; it is merely a component that works in combination with the electric motors.

The electric motor acts similarly to an alternator and the works regenerative braking system to keep the battery charged.

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Jeep 4XE Makes For Great Daily Driver

If you have never owned a hybrid electric vehicle now is the time to take one for a test drive to see how you like it. With a small adjustment period, it is likely that you will be pleased with how it operates and how efficient it is compared to a traditional gasoline vehicle.

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