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How Long Do Dirt Bike Tires Last and When to Replace Them?

How Long Do Dirt Bike Tires Last and When to Replace Them?

Dirt biking often requires you to ride over some of the toughest terrain that inevitably wears away at your tires. Even with the best care, all dirt bike tires will need to be replaced for the sake of safety and performance, so it is important to know how long your dirt bike tires should last and how to determine when the time has come to swap them out for a new pair.

On average, dirt bike tires should last between 1,500-2,500 miles, which tends to translate to 25-40 hours of riding. Some dirt bike tires will last over 4,500 miles while others will need replacing after just 1,200. The average amount of time and mileage you can get out of a dirt bike tire without compromising safety and performance will vary depending on various factors.

In this article, we’ll discuss how long your dirt bike tires should last in greater details and list the telltale signs that signal your dirt bike tires have excessive wear. As you read, you’ll also learn the answers to other common questions regarding whether dirt bike tires expire, how to extend their lifespans, and more.

What Affects Dirt Bike Tire Longevity?

As we stated previously, the average dirt bike tire should last you anywhere between 1500 to 2500 miles or 25 to 40 hours of ride time.

However, there are several factors at play that could prolong or expedite your tire’s wear.

Some examples of this include:

  • The type of terrain you ride on
  • How often you ride
  • Your riding style
  • Tire material and quality
  • How often you perform tire maintenance

If you find yourself having to replace your dirt bike tires more frequently than the average rider, then you might want to consider the factors listed above.  

The culprit might be that you’re riding excessively hard and putting too much wear and tear on your tires or that you’re not maintaining them on a regular basis and they’re deteriorating as a result.

Here’s a quick video showing what cracking tires and flat spots look like:

How to Extend The Lifespan of Dirt Bike Tires

If you’re sick of constantly replacing dirt bike tires that seem to wear out faster than they should, there are some things you can do to safely prolong their lifespan.

The first step is to check your air pressure before every ride. Over-inflated tires increase the risk of blowouts while under-inflated tires are harder to control, increase stopping time, and tend to wear out more quickly than properly inflated ones.

Checking the pressure using a tire pressure gauge is a simple form of maintenance you can add to your pre-riding routine that will help ensure your tires are in ideal condition before you head out.

Get a Tire Pressure Gauge Here from Amazon and keep it near the bike or where you store it to make sure you’re always riding on the right tire pressure.

Another thing you can do is try to avoid or limit their exposure to extreme temperature and weather conditions.

While riding in these conditions this might add some excitement to the experience, they tend to cause the tire’s material to degrade faster, particularly if you are riding in extreme heat and leaving our bike out in the sun.

Storing your dirt bike in a cool, well-ventilated area, like a garage or a storage unit, and covering it when not in use is a great way to keep all components protected from the elements as well as dust, dirt, and other debris that could damage it over time.

Finally, our last tip for extending your dirt bike tires is to try to stick to softer terrain whenever possible as hardpacked dirt and rocks can wear down your tires more quickly. If you have the choice between a dirt versus gravel track, go with the soft dirt.

How Do You Know When Your Dirt Bike Tires Are Worn Out?

Something a lot of dirt bike riders struggle with is knowing when its time to replace their tires. It’s understandable that most people don’t keep a log of how many miles or hours of riding they’ve sunk into a particular pair of tires, so they have to rely on other indicators.

The best way to tell if your dirt bike tires are worn out is to do a visual inspection of them. First, check the tire’s knobs for any signs of:

  • cuts or cracks, either on the sidewall or between the knobs
  • discoloration or fading
  • missing or torn knobs
  • rounded knobs

If the knobs look decent, you can test the overall tire itself by checking its coloring, condition, and flexibility. If you notice the material around your tire’s knobs is cracking or fading, then it might need to be replaced soon.

Additionally, if you try to bend or bounce your dirt bike tire and notice that it’s really stiff, then this is a sign the rubber is getting old and losing necessary flexibility.

Do Dirt Bike Tires Expire?

A common question dirt bike riders have, particularly those who don’t ride as regularly as they’d like, is whether dirt bike tires expire over time, regardless of if they’re being used.

The short answer is yes, dirt bike tires do expire from age. While they can last for several years, the rubber will stiffen and degrade over time, even if the tires are stored well and never used.

This is why it is crucial to check your dirt bike tires before every ride, regardless of whether it’s been 2 days or 2 years since your rode it last.

If you’re unsure of your dirt bike tire’s age, you can actually find it’s manufacturing date on the tire itself. It should appear as a date code within an oval stamp on the tire’s sidewall. The numbers on the stamp represent the week and year that tire was manufactured.

Typically, if the tire is between 1-5 years old, it should be safe enough to use, but once it has aged past that point, you’ll want to use the signs listed above to determine if it is in optimal condition for use.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how long dirt bike tires last and what signs to look for to determine when they need to be replaced, you can confirm their condition and potentially extend the overall life of your tires. Be sure to perform regular maintenance on your bike and check your tires before each ride for maximum safety and guaranteed performance.

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