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Here’s Why Some Truck Rims Stick Out

Here’s Why Some Truck Rims Stick Out

The rim is the part on the outside of the wheel on vehicles, including trucks. Its primary purpose is to hold the tire in place. Sometimes, you’ll notice that the front rims on trucks are sticking out, while the back ones usually aren’t doing the same. There can be various explanations for this phenomenon.

Truck rims stick out because those truck owners want a specific look for their vehicles. Truck owners will often use spacers or adapters to change the offset of their wheel. Usually, only front rims will be sticking out because back rims fulfill a different purpose on the truck. When not done on purpose, truck rims stick out because of the wheelhouse design.

If you’ve seen a truck with rims sticking out and are wondering why, or if you’d like to emulate that look on yours, read on to find out more about this phenomenon.

Why Do Some Truck Rims Stick Out?

Truck rims can be found on a wheel’s outermost edge. The rim is where the tire is attached, and it usually keeps the wheel in place. While people can sometimes use the terms’ rims’ and ‘wheels’ interchangeably, its technicality is that the rim is the outer part of the wheel.

Truck rims usually stick out for two reasons:

  • Aesthetic: Traditional truck owners and truck fans looking for a specific visual from their rims will sometimes make them stick out on purpose. Opinions on this matter suggest that this will make the truck look more rugged and robust while also providing a specific stance preferred by some drivers. 
  • Wheelhouse design: The front rims on a tire will be more flexible and have more movement than the back rims. The front wheels will have considerable distance between them to allow for better steering. The way the wheel and rim are bolted may cause them to slightly stick out from the wheelhouse.

How to Make Truck Rims Stick Out

If you would like to get your truck rims to stick out for an increased visual appeal or perhaps a preference in how the stance feels, the main thing to keep in mind is the wheel offset. The offset is what decides how wheels and tires are mounted in the wheel wells. This will, by extension, decide the position of the truck rim in relation to the wheel too.

To achieve the sticking-out visual of the rims, you will have to adjust the wheel offset. Doing so will require finding the precise location of the offset, which will always be in relation to the central line of the wheel.

Other elements you will have to keep in mind are wheel width and backspacing. Don’t worry if these terms seem unfamiliar; we will take a look at all of them.

Here’s a good video explaining spacers, adapters, and offsets with a lot more info below:

Wheel Offset

First, you should take a moment to observe the wheel you are seeking to adjust. Find the central line and use it as a reference throughout this process. If you notice that the wheel is aligned with the central line, this is a strong sign that it has neutral or zero offset.

If, instead of that, you notice that the wheel is leaning toward the roadside angle of the truck, this is called a positive offset. To achieve the look of truck rims sticking out, you will have to correct a positive offset into a negative one, which is the ideal type for this endeavor.

  • A negative offset means that the area where the wheel is mounted will be close to the truck’s interior.
  • This will make the wheel protrude toward the outside of the truck.
  • While most trucks will usually include wheels with a positive offset, you will be able to change it to a negative one if you’re pursuing this look.

If it helps to have exact measurements, keep in mind that offset is only measured in millimeters. When you have a positive offset, it will measure +25. When it’s negative, it will usually show as -25. This can help you establish without a doubt what offset type you have on your truck wheels.


This term refers to the space between the area where the wheel gets mounted and the inside of the wheel. Don’t overdo the backspacing because it can easily cause friction problems with the chassis and the suspension, but you may have to alter it to support the offset when you adjust it.

If your truck has a positive offset on the wheels, this will usually create more backspacing and need to be adjusted according to the offset.

Wheel Width

This is the element that usually decides how the wheel aligns, which has a direct impact on the offset. The width of the wheel will vary from truck to truck, but you’ll have to take it into account to get as much of the sticking-out effect as you’d like on your rims.

  • Combining the wheel width with the offset will make it easier to get the effect.
  • Considering that the standard offset found on trucks is positive, the wheel is generally wider to support that.
  • This means you will have to get the perfect angle for the offset in relation to the width.

This may require some testing until you get the best result, but if you take your time and experiment with how these factors can collaborate with each other, you’ll be able to see a huge difference in your rims.

Is It Illegal for Truck Rims to Stick Out?

Truck rims sticking out is only illegal if they are protruding further than the flaps. While it is normal for some trucks to experience the front rims sticking out, it is not an issue unless it protrudes past the fender flares, at which point it can be considered illegal. 

If you’re a truck owner going for a specific rugged look, make sure that you won’t be breaking the law by getting the rims to stick out. It’s always best to check the regulation that affects the roads you will be driving your truck on, to prevent any problems with law enforcement. 


Truck rims stick out either because their owners are chasing a specific rugged look and a firmer stance or because the wheelhouse design causes the wheel to stick out more than usual.

If you’d like to achieve the look, you can do so if you make the correct adjustments. Remember to not let them stick further than the fenders, or it will be considered illegal.

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