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Go Kart Won’t Stay Running: How to Fix Guide

Go Kart Won’t Stay Running: How to Fix Guide

When a go-kart won’t stay running, it can ruin your day at the track or the plans you made with your kids. But don’t let a simple hiccup waste a good time! Knowing where to look and what to look for can save the day. So what do you do if your go-kart won’t stay running?

If a go kart won’t stay running it is most likely a problem with the fuel getting to the engine. Usually a clogged or dirty fuel filter or a blockage in a fuel line is the issue. Other common problems are a dirty air filter or a spark plug that is going bad.

Fixing a gas-powered engine comes down to a few simple checks to ensure it gets what it needs to perform correctly. Once you have a general idea of where to look, your experience will take over, and your kart troubles will be a thing of the past. So read on and learn everything you need to know about how to fix your go-kart when it doesn’t stay running!

How to Keep the Go-Kart Running

While it might be disheartening when your go-kart doesn’t fire right up, it does give you a chance to brush up on your small engine repair skills. Knowing how to fix things like a gas-powered engine is a dying art, and keeping machines going could be the difference between famine and feast.

Fuel is the Best Place to Start

When getting an engine to continue operation, it is imperative that your fuel is clean and isn’t diluted. If you notice sputtering and coughing before it dies, that indicates a fuel and air problem, and checking the tank is the number one stop on repair street.

A few of the reasons to check the fuel tank are:

  • Bad Gas – The most obvious culprit of running issues is bad gas. If an engine sits too long with gas in the tank, it can attract tons of moisture. As the humidity builds, it will ruin the gas in the tank and potentially harm the kart’s engine.
  • Debris – Another thing to look for when checking the gas tank on your go-kart is debris. Bits of dust and grit can enter the cap and migrate into the tank, clogging the fuel injection ports or carburetor.

Fuel can be dangerous when replaced, so ensure you have a place to dispose of it before draining the tank. Once you have your items in place, drain the gas tank and allow it to dry before moving on to the next step. Even if diluted, gas pools can be dangerous to leave open when working with a spark.

Here’s a good troubleshooting video:

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An Air Filter Could be Choking your Kart

Like a spark, the engine needs air to breathe and create combustion. The air filter keeps significant bits of sticks and leaves from getting into the mixture of air and gas. If clogged, you can expect sputtering when accelerating or dying.

Air problems can be hard to diagnose, so take your time and thoroughly search the carb and air filters when cleaning.

Some things to look for when checking the air filter are as follows:

  • Obstructions – Large things that could obstruct the filter from getting the air it needs should be cleaned and removed. A good idea is to take a dry paintbrush and skim around the filter to get any particles you can see.
  • Tears – If the air filter is torn or the wire surrounding it has broken pieces, you must replace it. Tearing in the sheeting of a filter is an excellent way for things to get into your engine that will make it bound for the trash heap.

Air filters are often given a separate section of the go-kart engine. They are usually covered with a large plastic cap to protect them from impact. Once the filter has tears, it needs to be replaced; otherwise, you can spray it a few times with an air hose to free up particles.

Spark Plug Issues is a Usual Suspect

If you have a good air filter and a primed gas tank, the spark is the only thing left to check. Spark plugs are often the most replaced part on go-karts because they are easy to get to, and if you are karting outdoors, you could see scoring or impact.

A few things to check when looking at the spark plug are as follows:

  • Wires – The spark plug wire that attaches to the plug must be inspected. If there are cracks in the cables or problems with the connection, they must be replaced. If not, your kart will experience sputtering and loss of power.
  • Plug – You should also take a peek at the spark plug. Changing it out is the best option if it has been in service for a while. If you are unsure, spending a bit of cash on new plugs that could increase output never hurts.

The spark plugs and wiring are a critical part of what makes a go-kart function. By ignoring their maintenance, you open the door to tiny problems that could end your machine. Take the time to do your maintenance tasks; you will extend the life of your kart.

Why Does My Go-Kart Only Run on Choke?

A go-kart that runs only when the choke is on is an interesting problem concerning the differences between the mixtures on regular run and choke.

The choke, instead of the normal, has the appropriate settings to filter the fuel and air to promote proper function. By adjusting the carburetor or fuel injectors, this problem is solved.

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Gas-powered engines can always be broken down into a handful of little problems that keep them from working in unison. Learning the processes allows you to trace and fix the issue back to the root area and fix it. Likewise, Go-kart drivers, especially competitive racers, must know how to fix their karts when things go bad.

The steps to determine why your go-kart doesn’t stay running are short and can be run through in a few seconds.

Once you understand the process, it is a snap to fix, and you will be back on track in no time. Always remember to practice safety and keep any excess gas disposed adequately of until it can be destroyed.

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