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Go-Kart Won’t Accelerate: How to Fix It Guide

Go-Kart Won’t Accelerate: How to Fix It Guide

Go-karts that sputter or die when accelerating can be a significant headache. Some karts could have kill switches or engine controllers to keep your kart on the sidelines. So how do you fix a go-kart that does not accelerate?

The most common reason go kart won’t accelerate is because the gas is bad or the fuel lines are clogged. Other common issues include bad spark plug, clogged air filter, opened choke, or clogged fuel filter.

Working with gas-powered engines can be a severe headache for those not good with their hands or machines. Letting stress take over does not solve your problem and makes things worse. You will have this whipped in no time by knowing a few tips. So read on and learn everything you need to know about why your go-kart won’t accelerate.

Why Go-Karts won’t Accelerate

The good thing is that when a go-kart isn’t accelerating as it should, there is a list of items you can check to remedy your problem and possibly solve it going forward.

First, remember that your work area should be somewhere that is well-lit and ventilated, as gas fumes or exhaust are harmful to people.

Why does my Go-Kart Bog Down When I Accelerate?

Bogging down is the term that some people use to describe a lack of air or fuel getting to the engine. Bogging occurs when you push down on the gas pedal, and the mixture of air and fuel clogs the engine. Once it is blocked, you can expect lower power and a noticeable shaking in the steering wheel.

Some of the reasons your go-kart can bog down when accelerating are as follows:

  • Bad Gas – The main thing that can make your go-kart bog down is when the gas has gone bad. When gas goes bad, it will not fire correctly, and instead of power to the wheels, you get a kart that does not perform.
  • Clogged Air Filter – Gas needs air to ignite appropriately in the cylinder. There will be bogging if there is no proper mixture of air and water. In addition, if you have a carburetor setup, you could lack air getting to the fuel, which would again reproduce the bogging.
  • Fuel Lines – Another thing you should check out is the fuel lines. If a kart has been sitting, obstructions in the line could make fuel’s route from the gas tank immovable. However, cleaning in them could be a breeze, depending on your type of kart.
  • Choke – Sometimes, all the kart needs is to have the choke opened. The extra air combined with the fuel can clear any soot or lingering gases that could hamper your go-kart’s acceleration.

The reasoning behind your lack of acceleration is often boiled down to just a few things. In general, the fuel needs a proper spark to function correctly, and if the gas is bad and the air filter is clogged, you can expect a bad performance from your kart.

In addition, you should check the choke and fuel lines to ensure everything is operating correctly.

Here’s a video showing some troubleshooting steps, with more simple fixes below:

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Some Simple Fixes will get Your go-Kart Back in Action.

Now that you have diagnosed the problem, you can jump through the hoops required to regain maximum performance. These fixes need some tools and a bit of know-how about where the parts on the engine are located.

With some work, you will start fixing problems by acting off instinct and give your kart a fighting chance of winning on the track.

  • Drain Tank – If you take a whiff of the gas tank, you might smell something that doesn’t belong. When gas goes bad, it puts off a different smell that is a testament to the stagnation of the fuel. Ready a container and remove the fuel intake hose on your mower’s engine.
  • Clean Filter – Another great thing to protect your kart against sputtering is to ensure that you have a clean air filter. When an air filter is clogged or obstructed, ample air will not reach the fuel efficiently. This lack of air means that your go-kart does not get the correct mixture of air and fuel and will be sputtering until you get it fixed.
  • Clean Carb – If your kart has a carburetor system, you must have it cleaned. Sprays are available that will allow you to spray the carb and remove excess grease and dust that could keep the kart from getting the proper mix of air and fuel. Also, remember that some carbs could need professional attention to hit their max acceleration rates.

Fixing the sputtering will boil down to either the fuel or the air filtration. If you have a carburetor, there could be more adjustments to make things go smoothly. In addition, if the problem combines all three, you can expect your day to be spent cleaning and drying instead of racing.

How do I increase my Go-Kart Acceleration?

Increasing your acceleration could take more work on the kart or require you to do some fabrication. Making the kart lighter by removing unnecessary bits or improving the engine internally are your best chances at improved acceleration.

Replacing and upgrading an engine is expensive, and regular maintenance will keep the incidents of sputtering to a minimum.

Why does my Go-Kart Sputter When Accelerating?

Go-karts sputter because the air or fuel being used is tainted or obstructed. If gas has water or particles, you can bet there will be sputtering. Also, if the proper amount of air isn’t reaching the engine, you could have issues with your air filter or carburetor.

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Sputtering and a lack of power when you push the gas of your go-kart are excellent signs of lingering problems with your gas and air. Gas needs a spark and air to stoke the fire that drives the pistons. In addition, if your fuel isn’t clean and new, there could be problems with producing power.

Fixing the acceleration problem on your go-kart could be a simple cleaning problem or a full-blown parts and replacement process.

Always start by checking the gas, air filter, and fuel lines before heading onto the track. If that doesn’t fix your problem, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to research engine replacements or ways to lighten your kart for racing.

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