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Do Jeeps Really Have Two Batteries?

Do Jeeps Really Have Two Batteries?

When it comes down to the average car on the road, many are powered with a singular lead-acid battery. However, in recent years, dual battery systems have become increasingly popular with car manufactures around the world. However, is Jeep one of them? 

While many Jeeps utilize a singular battery, the company has been utilizing dual battery systems more frequently in their vehicles. The Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Gladiator of two of their most popular vehicles that utilize this advanced two-battery system. This is due to the many advantages dual battery systems provide vehicles. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at Jeep and their use of dual battery systems in their vehicles. Once we’ve done that, we’ll take a look at why Jeep decided to use this dual battery system and the many benefits this specialized battery system offers. Let’s get started!

Do Jeeps Have Two Batteries?

Dual battery systems are becoming more and more popular. Especially in the technologically advanced world we live in today, where often one car battery is no longer enough. Nobody knows this better than Jeep, which has implemented dual battery systems into many of its vehicles.

While not all Jeeps utilize a dual battery system, it is becoming a more common feature in their vehicles. The Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator vehicles are well-known for their two-battery setup. You might be wondering about how two batteries can function together in a vehicle. 

  • The first battery is used to crank your vehicle.
  • The second battery, which is also referred to as the auxiliary battery, is then used to power various accessories.
  • While the engine is running in a vehicle with a dual battery setup, the power is split between the two batteries in order to charge them both.  

Now that we’ve established that not all Jeeps are fitted with two batteries, you may be wondering why a Jeep would need two batteries in the first place. Well, there are actually many advantages to having a Jeep with a dual battery system. Keep reading as we break down the benefits!

Here’s a quick video that might help you find the second battery if you have one:

Why Would a Jeep Need Two Batteries?

As we mentioned above, there are many great advantages of owning a Jeep that utilizes a dual battery system. Once you know about all of these benefits, you’ll know why a Jeep would need two batteries!   

#1: It Lets You Do More

The vast majority of vehicles on the road today utilize lead-acid batteries. However, when it comes to these batteries, one is not typically enough to support both driving your vehicle and powering add-ons and accessories, such as the stereo, aircon, charging ports, and often even on-board entertainment systems.

The solution to this problem? You guessed it: a dual battery system. With two batteries, not only will your car be able to power all of these accessories while you’re driving, but it will also be able to safely power them while it’s off. Perfect for when you take your Jeep on a camping trip! 

#2: Your Vehicle is Less Likely to Stall

While you’re out on this hypothetical camping trip, you may want to take your Jeep on some different trails. After all, that’s what a Jeep does! However, when you’re in a vehicle with only one lead-acid battery, there’s always the risk of the vehicle stalling while exploring harsher terrains.

When you’re exploring these supposed trails, your vehicle stalling can leave you in a tough spot. Especially if you like going off the beaten path. With a dual battery system in your vehicle, however, you’re effectively preventing this from happening. Having two batteries is sure to give you more peace of mind while you’re exploring!

#3: You’re Less Likely to Have a Dead Battery

A car battery will eventually die, leaving you stranded with a dead battery. When your Jeep has a dual battery system, however, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever suffer from a dead car battery! That’s because when you have two batteries, you essentially always have a backup with you!

On the off chance that your primary battery responsible for cranking were to die, you’d be able to jump-start your vehicle by yourself! To do this, you’d simply need to connect a single jumper cable between the positive terminals of the dual batteries to jump-start your vehicle! 

#4: It More Durable 

When your Jeep has a dual battery system installed, the overall durability of the vehicle’s battery system is improved greatly. That is because having a two-battery setup in your Jeep reduces the rate of wear and tear the battery experiences.

That is due to the unique design of these batteries and the specialized manner in which they function as a system. This means that dual-battery systems are the more durable battery option if you’re looking to get a Jeep!

#5: It Can Function Like a Generator

As discussed earlier, dual battery systems utilize a primary battery and an auxiliary battery. The beauty of having that auxiliary battery is that it can be a generator when you need it to be! You’ll be able to use your Jeep’s secondary battery while the car is off as a source of power.

This can be great for when you’re camping and need to power electronics at the campsite. Jeep owners with dual battery systems also frequently use their auxiliary battery to power winching machines. All of that, and you’ll never have to worry about your Jeep not starting up the next morning!

#6: It Extends the Time Between Battery Services

With your typical single lead-acid battery, you’re looking at an estimated period of three years before it’s time to start considering that battery replacement. Due to the advanced functionality of dual battery systems, your battery will last for even longer!

This is largely due to the fact that your engine doesn’t need to be running for a dual battery system to charge. This reduces a lot of strain your average singular car battery would experience.  When you invest in a Jeep with two batteries, you’re effectively extending the time between battery services and replacement.

#7: It’s the Safer Option

With car batteries, there’s always a fire risk. After all, a vehicle’s battery powers the entire electrical system in the vehicle. When you look into the reasons that a car battery would catch on fire, it’s generally due to improper maintenance of the battery. Not only are dual battery systems easier to maintain, but they actively protect you against a fire hazard with your battery.

When it comes to these advanced dual battery systems, they reduce the risk of a fire hazard linked to your battery. This is because vehicles with two batteries are fitted with fuses linked to each battery’s positive terminal. This reduces the risk of a fire hazard and is why dual batteries are the safer option!


In this article, we looked at dual battery systems and how Jeep has used this specialized system in some of their vehicles. This largely comes down to the many benefits of a two-battery setup, from the increased durability of these battery systems to how it benefits you when you’re out exploring. These great advantages are the reason Jeep is increasingly using these dual battery systems!

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