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Do Jeeps Need Side Mirrors? Here’s When and Why

Do Jeeps Need Side Mirrors? Here’s When and Why

Jeeps are popular cars that many enjoy driving doorless during a certain time of the year. Unfortunately, the removal of the doors also means the removal of side mirrors. If you own a Jeep, you might wonder if you need to attach side mirrors to your car when the doors come off in hotter months. Is it necessary for you to put them back on the vehicle?

Most states require at least one side mirror on the vehicle for full vision, with other states also requiring a rear view mirror. States vary by the number of mirrors they require on a vehicle for it to be legal to drive on the road.

Read on to learn more about whether or not your Jeep needs to have a side mirror, when requirements are necessary, and why they matter. Staying safe should be your number one priority whenever you drive a vehicle, no matter how much of a hassle to reattach side mirrors to your car.

Do Jeeps Need Side Mirrors?

Although some states have differing requirements, most of them state that Jeeps need at least one side mirror to stay up to par with road safety requirements. Typically, this mirror will go on the driver’s side since they need the most vision out on the road. This mirror must be attached before you are safe to go out.

States can differ on this rule. Some require drivers to have all three of their mirrors, while others only require the rearview mirror. It is vital to becoming familiar with the laws in your state so you are not caught up in any legal turmoil over your choice to leave mirrors off of your Jeep.

General Requirements for Jeep Side Mirrors

As stated above, the requirements for side mirrors can vary from state to state. Some want you to have two mirrors of any kind on your car, while others specifically want a side mirror on the driver’s side for safety purposes.

Some of the states that require two mirrors in any location include:

  • Arizona
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island
  • Washington

These states want drivers to have two mirrors, which typically includes a side mirror and a rearview mirror.

Some of the states that require drivers to have a side mirror on the driver’s side include:

  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Maine
  • Minnesota

These states need drivers to attach a side mirror to the driver’s side.

Most states emphasize the importance of having mirrors while you drive. If you intend to remove your mirrors, ensure you are familiar with the requirements before you embark on the road.

Where Do You Reattach Side Mirrors?

When you remove your doors, you remove the mirrors along with them. When the time comes to reattach side mirrors to make your jeep street legal, it can be tricky to understand the best place to do so for a quality drive. There are many spots on the vehicle that make for excellent locations to reattach replacement mirrors.

The ideal spots to install replacement side mirrors on your car include the following:

  • Door hinge: You can attach replacement mirrors to the door hinge. This option will make your mirrors a little lower than the original pieces.
  • Windshield pillar: The windshield pillar is another excellent place for replacement mirrors to go on your vehicle. They place the mirrors in a high position.
  • Stock mirror: You can place your new mirrors in the same place where the stock mirrors typically go, ensuring they are at the same height and position for optimal viewing.

These are all places you can add replacement mirrors to your vehicle, though there are many other options if none of these places suit your needs.

Once you have the mirror or mirrors attached, you are free to take on the road with your newly finished car. Ensure you are up to the standards your state requires before taking the vehicle out to avoid fines from officers on the road.

Why Are Side Mirrors Required?

It can feel like a lot of work to reattach side mirrors after you remove your doors. However, there are good reasons why these reflective pieces are necessary.

When you are driving on the road, side mirrors serve as vital safety devices that can prevent accidents from happening. Side mirrors are critical for a few reasons.

Some of these include:

  • Blind spots: A single mirror can help you see what is behind you, but it cannot show you blind spots. Side mirrors show you cars or objects next to your vehicle that is tricky to see when driving.
  • Rear vision: Side mirrors can help give you a better view of what is behind your car. They work in tandem with the rear-view mirror to warn you of potential dangers.
  • Changing lanes: Side mirrors help with blind spots, as mentioned above, making changing lanes a safer experience for the driver. This precaution is especially critical if you have no doors.

These are just a few of the reasons that side mirrors are vital when driving your Jeep.

If it is legal for you to take off mirrors in your state, you can do so and drive around without them on your vehicle. However, you should know that you will be losing a critical safety feature that could prevent accidents. Side mirrors are vital to see what is going on around you. A single mirror can only do so much.


When driving a jeep, it can be fun to take off the doors in the hotter months. However, this means removing side mirrors. Though there are some exceptions, most states require at least one side mirror to stay on your car while you drive.

This rule means you will need to find a way to reattach a mirror to your vehicle. Though side mirrors may seem unnecessary, they are vital safety components to anyone driving a vehicle on the road.

Without side mirrors, you can have a trickier time scoping out blind spots and determining if it is safe to change lanes. While they may not be necessary for some states, they are critical safety components.

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