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Do Go-Karts Have Reverse? How to Tell

Do Go-Karts Have Reverse? How to Tell

Go-karts are somewhat like miniature cars. They have a steering wheel, a seat, a gas pedal, and, sometimes, a seatbelt. However, there are some notable differences, and one of the most significant dissimilarities is that most go-karts do not have a reverse.

Traditional gasoline go-karts are not commonly able to reverse. A reverse gearbox must be installed to allow for reverse capabilities. Electric go-karts are built with reverse capabilities automatically, with no installations required.

Are you wondering whether or not go-karts have reverse capabilities and how to tell if they do? Then keep reading. Below, you will find all the must-know information about go-karts and reversing.

Do Go-Karts Have Reverse?

The most straightforward answer to this question is: some do, and some don’t.

However, it’s far more common to drive a go-kart that does not have reverse capabilities. That’s because it is unnecessary for the bulk of go-kart drivers. They can simply push the go-kart backward when necessary.

The other reason why most go-karts don’t reverse is the weight that would be added with a reverse gearbox. Extra weight means the go-kart will run slower and cut down on overall performance, which can lead to losing races and difficulty driving the go-kart.

Which Go-Karts Typically Have Reverse?

Whether or not a go-kart has reverse depends on one main factor: the type of go-kart.

Gasoline go-karts typically do not have reverse capabilities unless a reverse gearbox is installed. This is simply due to the fact that reverse gearboxes will add some weight to the go-kart, which will slow it down and reduce its performance.

On the other hand, electric go-karts are designed with reverse capabilities, and there is no need to install one separately.

Here’s a cool video showing how to add an electric reverse to a gas go kart:

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How To Tell if Your Go-Kart Has Reverse

It is relatively easy to tell whether or not your go-kart has reverse capabilities. The first thing to do is to determine the type of go-kart you’re using.

If you’re driving an electric go-kart, it will have reverse capabilities. All electric go-karts are designed with reverse capabilities. So, when driving an electric model, there should be no question as to whether or not you’re able to reverse it.

  • Knowing whether or not a gasoline go-kart has reverse is slightly more complicated.
  • That’s because traditional gas go-karts are typically single-speed and have one gear.

The driver will focus mainly on the gas and brake pedals to drive the go-kart, and the automatic transmission will take care of the rest. If the gas go-kart does not have a gear shift, it likely does not have reverse capabilities.  

If your go-kart contains a reverse gearbox – essential for reversing in a gas go-kart – it is defined as a “shifter go-kart” and has reverse capabilities.

These go-karts will have gearboxes and manual transmissions. The number of gears depends on the type of gearbox installed. A basic model will have three gears: accelerate, neutral, and reverse. However, some gearboxes have six gears to choose from, including a reverse gear.

That said, if your gas go-kart has a gear shift, it has reverse capabilities. All you need to do is shift the gear toward you (downward) to put the go-kart into reverse. Keep in mind that reversing is typically much slower than acceleration.

Can You Install Reverse on a Go-Kart?

If your gas go-kart does not have reverse capabilities, and you’d like to add this component to your go-kart, you can. You will need to install what is known as a “reverse gearbox.”

A reverse gearbox is a unique mechanical component allowing your go-kart to go in reverse. The gearbox is connected to the transmission and rear axle, allowing reverse capabilities.

It is important to note that installing a reverse gearbox on your go-kart is not the most straightforward task. Unless you purchase a kit with everything included – mounting equipment, hardware, etc. – you’ll need an array of tools to complete the job.

It’s also beneficial to have a good understanding of mechanical components and how go-karts work.

Luckily, most reverse gearbox kits are relatively easy to understand. Although it may take some time and effort, those new to the realm of go-karts should be able to install a reverse gearbox without too much hassle.

Do You Have to Have Reverse on a Go-Kart?

Your go-kart does not have to have a reverse. In fact, most go-karts, especially gas-powered go-karts, do not have reverse capabilities. This is due to the fact that reverse gearboxes add extra weight to the go-kart, causing it to go slower and not perform as well.

When an individual finds themselves in a predicament where they need to back up, it’s much easier to push the go-kart back and out of the way of the obstruction. This can be done by the individual driving the go-kart or a bystander watching the race.

However, it’s easy to see why someone might want to add reverse capabilities to their go-kart. It can be hassling to get out of the go-kart or have someone help you whenever you find yourself in a troubling predicament where a reverse option would come in handy.

With that in mind, your go-kart does not need to have a reverse, but you can install a reverse gearbox if you want the added convenience of being able to reverse when necessary or desired. That, or you can opt for an electric go-kart and skip the nuisance of installing a reverse gearbox on your gasoline go-kart.

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Go-Karts Typically Don’t Have Reverse

One of the most significant differences between regular cars and go-karts is that there is no reverse option. However, this is because go-karts are built for speed and propelling forward.

The added weight of a reverse gearbox will slow down the go-kart and wreak havoc on the performance. Yet, you can install a reverse gearbox on your go-kart if desired. You can also opt for an electrical go-kart with reverse capabilities automatically installed.

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