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Do Go Karts have Brakes? What Kind and How to Use Them

Do Go Karts have Brakes? What Kind and How to Use Them

Go Karts are high-speed fun that requires a sturdy set of brakes to operate safely. However, you might not know that go-kart brakes can be sophisticated machinery that protects the driver and allow them to reach higher speeds and better track times. So do go-karts have brakes?

Yes, go-karts have brake systems integral to how the kart functions. However, the most critical factor is that karts do not have front brakes. Instead, brakes in the rear allow the kart to fight off over steering and give more control to the driver.

Braking in a go-kart can be complicated if you don’t know the different kinds of brakes and how to use them. Don’t sweat it! Read on and learn everything you need to know about go-kart brakes and how to use them.

Go Kart Brakes: Common Kinds for Common Karts

Knowing what brakes go-karts use is the first step in understanding what they can provide for your kart. The most common type of brake used on go-karts is the disc brake. Drum brakes are often seen on passenger cars but have lost favor with the advantages of the disc brake.

The Advantages of Disc Brakes on Go-Karts

Whether you are outfitting your new kart for the racing season or revving up the kid’s pasture prowler, there are some definite advantages to having disc brakes. Remember that safety is paramount when riding, especially for children. Choosing disc brakes is not only safe but efficient and cost-effective.

Some of the advantages of using disc brakes on your go-kart are as follows:

  • Variety – There are several different varieties of disc brakes to choose from. Having several options allows you to shop for your situation and buy something that makes your kart faster or will enable it to maintain the weight of extra riders.
  • Maintenance – Disc brakes are easy to maintain. In the past, cars were outfitted with drum brakes with a braking system encased in a large drum inside the wheel. Today the clamp and rotor system of disc brakes allows people to diagnose problems without removing the wheel.
  • Cost-effective – In addition to having variety, disc brakes are cost-effective. They are made from inexpensive materials that allow buyers to replace every season or racers to stock up on spares for the next race.

Disc brakes are a fantastic way to keep your kart safe and hit record times at the track. When they fail or have issues, they are easy to replace and cheap. In addition, disc brakes cool much faster, which increases performance and makes them reliable.

Here’s a cool video showing all the common parts of go kart brakes and how to install them:

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How do you Brake on a Go-Kart?

Brakes on a go-kart operate with a rotor and pad system to slow down. The pad clamps around the rotor, which slows the car’s wheel. Pushing the brake pedal on the go-kart floor lets the clamp slow the kart’s wheel.

The steps to brake with your go-kart are as follows:

  • Press the Pedal – The first step in working the brakes is pressing the pedal. It will be on the left at the bottom of the kart and be opposite the gas pedal. Stomping on the brake pedal could force the brake clamp to lock, especially if riding off-road or in an area with heavy grass.
  • Clamp in Action – Once the pedal is pressed, the brake pads clamp down on the wheel rotor. Easing into the brake allows you to control the speed of your kart, while quickly mashing the brake could cause the vehicle to slide.
  • Rotor Slows the Wheel – The kart will slow down once the brake pads are clamped onto the rotor. The rotor is a large circular piece of metal with notches. The brake pad latches onto the rotor and gradually slows the progress of the rear wheels on the go-kart.

The disc braking system is simple and effective. It is attached to the rear wheels of the go-kart, and the linkage could be visible, depending on the type and model of your kart. However, it is essential to remember that brakes must be maintained to ensure they are in working order.

Do Go-Karts have Front Brakes?

It could have front brakes, depending on your kart type. However, these are extremely rare as the rear disc brake model has taken over the lion’s market share. If your kart has front brakes, there will be a linkage on the front fork with an exposed rotor and brake pad set.

The most common type of go-kart with front brakes will also have a six-speed transmission, like a manual vehicle. However, front brakes allow the driver to handle higher speeds and use the brakes in unison with shifting to climb rocks or reach higher speeds.

Do Go-Karts have Brake Pads?

Yes, go-karts have brake pads. Karting changed to the disc brake system as it allows the kart to be lighter and easier to fix. In addition, the brake pads on karts help to protect the driver by allowing them to avoid other drivers or obstacles.

How many Brakes do Go-Karts have?

Most go-karts have one set of rear disc brakes. Other types of karts, like shifters, have front and rear brakes. However, these shifters are uncommon and are created to operate like a road-driven automobile.

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Go-karting is a good time for all who can safely handle them. Most of the conventional safety equipment on cars is nowhere to be seen on a go-kart, and some can reach speeds of over 70 miles an hour.

The braking system is integral to the safety of the driver and all those around them as it is the primary way the driver can divert disaster and corner with speed and precision.

Go-karts operate with a disc brake system, often on the rear wheels. Disc brakes are effective and cost-efficient, which makes the hobby great for children playing in the yard and hardcore kart drivers who race on the weekends. No matter which type of kart you drive, always ensure the brakes are in working order before getting up to speed.

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