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Do Ford F150s Come With Manual Transmissions? Models/Years to Look For

Do Ford F150s Come With Manual Transmissions? Models/Years to Look For

Manual transmissions are becoming less common as the world shifts to automatic and electric vehicles. Many people still love the feeling a manual option provides on the road – there’s nothing like that shift as you push into a higher gear. You might wonder – do Ford F-150s come with manual transmissions, or are they gone for good?

The last Ford F-150 with a manual transmission and a V-8 engine was 2003, and the last year for the manual transmission was 2008. You can’t find a Ford F-150 made past 2008 that has a manual transmission. They’ve all switched to automatic.

If you’re interested in learning more about manual transmissions and Ford F-150s, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn which trucks possess the style when they stopped making it and if there’s still a demand for manual transmission. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

Do Any Ford Trucks Have Manual Transmission?

Many people like driving trucks because they have a classic feel, and a manual transmission is part of that. It might seem hopeless to learn that newer Ford F-150 models don’t have this option available to drivers. Do any Ford trucks have a manual transmission or have they switched to automatic completely?

Three trucks offer a manual transmission for drivers from Ford:

  • Ford Bronco
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford Ranger

These offer a successful manual option for drivers in love with the classic style.

You might not be able to get a Ford F-150 with a manual transmission, but there are still options available if you have your heart set on a Ford with this style of driving. It’s critical to determine what you value most – the power and shape of the Ford F-150 or the unique driving style with manual transmissions.

What Ford F-150 Years Have Manual Transmission?

In the past, it wouldn’t be tricky to find a Ford F-150 with a manual transmission. Most people knew how to drive them, and almost all brands had offerings in the manual area. Unfortunately for lovers of the past, times have changed for vehicle manufacturers.

Here are the years you can find a manual transmission for the Ford F-150:

  • With a V-8 engine, 2003 and prior
  • Without a V-8 engine, 2008 and prior

You have to go far back to find manual transmission.

As more and more people move to automatic, it didn’t make sense for brands to stick with offering a manual option for a car. Ford was one of the first to switch many models away from the manual transmission.

When Did Ford Stop Making Manual Transmission for the F-150?

There are many reasons why Ford stopped making a manual transmission for the Ford F-150, but the prominent one is that drivers stopped using them. There was an overwhelming number of people who wanted to work with an automatic version of the truck instead.

As a manufacturer, it doesn’t make sense to continue producing vehicles that will sit and rot in the lot of a dealership.

Ford decided to save money by removing the option for a manual transmission in the popular Ford F-150. It makes driving more comfortable for many anxious drivers.

Many lovers of the manual transmission in the Ford F-150 blame drivers for being too lazy to drive manual, thus contributing to the discontinuation of the F-150 manual option. However, the road is dangerous. If a driver feels safer with an automatic, they should have access to it.

Ford kept a manual transmission in the vehicles where manual transmissions are purchased often. There are only three models you can access, and they will likely stay that way as long as people continue to purchase.

Is There Still a Demand for Manual Transmission?

Across the country, manual transmissions are disappearing. Companies are taking manual options out of their lineups. Corporations have refused to produce more manual models in future years. Are they justified in their actions, or is there still a demand for manual transmission that is being ignored by major corporations?

There is still a demand for manual transmission because:

  • They provide a sense of control
  • They are emblems of a better time
  • They make drivers feel cool

People love the manual transmission.

Although the demand for manuals is nowhere near that of the automatic, there are still people who would invest in a manual option if it appeared on the market. Nowadays, you can only find manuals on cheaper or very expensive vehicles on the market. Those who love this style of driving might be forced out in the future.

Is Manual or Automatic Better?

Pursuits and automatic -lovers have argued over the two transmissions for years. Some state that automatic is better, while others side with a manual. Which is the better option for a driver?

Manual cars are better because:

  • They hand more control to the driver
  • They are cheaper and easier to fix
  • They often get better mileage

Some love automatic cars, but manuals are the winner.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where things can’t be too complicated, or it drives people away. Automatic isn’t better, but it’s simpler. People love that aspect.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in a Ford F-150, you might wonder if it comes with a manual transmission. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a manual transmission in a Ford F-150 since 2008. It hasn’t been paired with a V-8 engine since 2003. Changing times and a higher demand for automatic cars have led to the decline of the once-prominent manual Ford F-150.

We hope this information was helpful! The better you understand the availability of a manual transmission in a Ford F-150, the more prepared you can be to select your next vehicle. If you want a new car but don’t want to give up the option of a manual transmission, the Ford F-150 might not be the right choice for you.

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