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Can a Jeep Liberty Pull a Boat? All You Need to Know

Can a Jeep Liberty Pull a Boat? All You Need to Know

The Jeep brand markets itself as an adventurous vehicle for adventurous people. As such, Jeep owners wonder if their vehicles can tow stuff such as boats. This is especially true for lower-end models such as the Jeep Liberty.

A Jeep Liberty can tow a trailer with a boat on it especially if it has the automatic transmission with the towing package add-on which has a 5000lb towing capacity. A standard model Jeep Liberty is only rated for 2000lb towing and will be limited to smaller boats.

Unfortunately, the Jeep Liberty was discontinued in 2012. As a result, there is no guarantee that your Jeep still has the features that allow it to tow boats and trailers. Therefore, by reading further, you will also learn what those features are and the things you can pull with them.

Can a Jeep Liberty Tow a Boat?

Synonymous with fun-loving adventures, a Jeep compliments any outdoor lifestyle with its compact, off-road design. Because those lifestyles often include sailing out into the open water on a boat, many Jeep Liberty owners wonder if their ride can haul the necessary heavy equipment.

While several factors will influence the maximum towing weight, all Jeep Liberty models can pull a boat.

If your Jeep has the right modifications, it can pull most personal boats on the market today. There are even a few types of beats that even a stock Jeep Liberty can tow. It all depends on the type of boat you have and the equipment you bring with it. As such, we provided a list of the most common ones below.

  • Ski Boats – up to 3,500 pounds – used for recreational water activities such as water skiing and tubing, examples include Ski Nautique and Malibu Response 21
  • Small Fishing Boats – up to 1,700 pounds – also called bass boats, these boats are the most popular towed boats, examples include Tracker Pro Team 175 TF and Charger 210 Elite
  • Pontoons or Deck Boats – up to 3,100 pounds – can fit up to 10 people per boat, making them great for families, can use them for both fishing and recreational water activities, examples include Hampton 2680 DC and Manitou 25 Legacy SL
  • Personal Watercrafts (PWCs) – up to 850 pounds – most vehicles can pull jets skis and other PWC, including the Jeep Liberty, even though most people do not consider them as boats. Examples include the Yamaha Superjet and FX SVHO

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Here’s a video showing the towing of a boat by a Jeep Liberty:

What Can I Tow with My Jeep Liberty?

While a Jeep Liberty can pull boats, it can also tow campers, ATVs, bicycles, other vehicles, and so much more. However, the total weight including the trailer cannot exceed the towing capacity of the Jeep’s configuration.

Because of this limitation, different Jeep Liberties will have widely different towing options. Though, the capacity will always fall within 2,000 to 5,000 pounds.

That said, here are the most common Jeep Liberty towing configurations:

  • 2,000-pound capacity – all basic stock Jeep Liberty models
  • 3,500-pound capacity – all manual-transmission Jeep Liberty models with towing package addon
  • 5,000-pound capacity – All automatic-transmission Jeep Liberty models with towing package addon

Generally, an automatic Jeep Liberty will have more towing options than a comparable manual one. However, you want the required towing package if you want to pull stuff with your Jeep. Either way, you must check the owner’s manual to see your vehicle’s exact towing capacity.

Maximize Your Jeep Liberty Towing Options with a Tow Package

While dealers only offer the above limits, your Jeep Liberty can pull about 1000 pounds more. It requires understanding the standard Jeep towing package and the many ways to upgrade it with aftermarket parts.

As its name suggests, the tow packages are parts and accessories that allow your Jeep to seamlessly tow more efficiently. Each part plays a role, even if that role is not immediately obvious. As a result, you can enhance your vehicle’s towing capacity just by installing better versions of these parts.

  • Heavy-duty Drivetrain – to tow the heaviest trailers, your Jeep Liberty requires a beast of a drivetrain that significantly improves the rear-end gear ratio.  This modification would give you more torque, power, and engine durability. It may even improve your fuel economy.
  • Large Radiator – All that extra power and torque produces a lot of heat. Therefore, you want a coolant system with a large heat exchanger before you pull anything with your Jeep, or it could overheat.
  • Large, Robust Brakes – Towing things adds enormous weight to your Jeep Liberty. Therefore, it needs a good braking system to keep you in control. These brakes will prevent jack-knifing which is an all-too-common problem with towing vehicles.
  • Rigid Suspension – Rigid springs and strong shocks keep you in control over your Jeep and trailer. It will also let your Jeep withstand the trailer constantly bouncing and jiggling as you go over bumps and through curves on the road.
  • Strong, Sturdy Hitch – as the principal part, your Jeep Liberty needs a strong enough hitch that can withstand the weight of your tow. It must also fit the hitch on the trailer. Otherwise, your trailer can fall off when you least expect it.
  • Large Wheelbase – to maximize your towing capacity, you want the widest possible wheelbase of your Jeep Liberty. A wide wheelbase gives you more control and better performance.

The Jeep tow package usually comes with these features. So, you should check your owner’s manual to see what you got and what you can upgrade further.

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What Size Trailer Can a Jeep Liberty Pull?

The total weight of your trailer and the load (your boat, camper, ATV, etc.) cannot exceed the listed towing capacity of your Jeep Liberty. As such, the largest-sized trailer your Jeep can pull will depend on the size and weight of your boat.

Luckily, most small boats fall well below the maximum weight capacity. Therefore, your Jeep Liberty can pull a trailer that is big enough to securely hold your boat.

Just remember that any additional trailers will reduce the maximum size of the boat and trailers you can use with your Jeep. As a result, you should try to compact your gear as much as possible.


The Jeep Liberty is a great off-roading vehicle. It also has a large towing capacity capable of towing most small boats. However, the maximum possible size of your boat will depend on the Jeep’s towing configuration and parts.

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