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Can a Jeep Gladiator Pull a Boat? All you Need to Know

Can a Jeep Gladiator Pull a Boat? All you Need to Know

The Jeep Gladiator is one of the top competitors for towing capacity in the Truck and S.U.V. market. Jeep has always been a one-of-a-kind vehicle paving the way for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers alike. But people often wonder Can a Jeep Gladiator pull a boat?

A Jeep Gladiator can pull a boat and trailer between four thousand pounds and seventy-six hundred and fifty pounds. Most boats weigh, on average, with the trailer, no more than four thousand pounds. Most Jeep Gladiator Models will pull a boat without issues.

The Jeep gladiator can pull a boat with an average weight to it; however, what about the larger vessels. Could a Jeep Gladiator tow a saltwater boat or a pontoon? The Jeep Gladiator can pull anything with a weight less than the towing capacity, and most people are comfortable with this. The Jeep Gladiator is a model for almost every lifestyle and has a tow package to go with it.

How Much Weight Can a Jeep Gladiator Pull, Including the Trailer?

Towing capacity is one of the topics that can be difficult to understand completely. Several measurements fluctuate and are used for different things, such as towing capacity, curb weight, and maximum payload. For example, although a Gladiator has a larger towing capacity than its payload, the two are mutually exclusive.

The Jeep Gladiator Submodel Towing Capacity Chart With Maximum Towing Capacity

Here the information is broken down by the submodel for convenience. Max Tow® is an option that only increases the towing capacity on the sport models; the other submodels do not have the max tow options available as a standard item.

TransmissionSort/Sport SOverlandMojaveRubiconHigh Altitude
Max Tow76506000600070006000

All measurements in U.S. Pounds

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The newly released twenty twenty-three models have a slightly different makeup as it seems to have done away with Max Tow as an option. However, the Jeep gladiator diesel engine boasts a seventy-seven hundred-pound towing capacity.

Here’s a video showing more info on the Jeep Gladiator towing:

Can I Tow A Boat With A Jeep Gladiator?

Depending on the model of the Jeep Gladiator a person owns relies on the weight of the boat that a person can pull.

Every Gladiator will be able to tow a small fishing boat with a trailer; the sport and Overland models are built for just that purpose. The towing capacity on these Jeeps ranges from four to six thousand pounds.

  • The average boat trailer weighs approximately two to eleven hundred pounds.
  • Therefore, it begs the statement that the bigger the boat, the heavier the trailer.
  • The average weight of a fishing boat with a trailer is between three and four thousand pounds.
  • The factors that change the weight include the accessories and equipment on the boat and trailer.

Aluminum fishing boats are lighter than Bass fishing boats and pontoons and can range between a little under a thousand pounds to twenty-five hundred pounds for the larger vessels.

Therefore, when adding the trailer weight to the Gladiator, it is essential to note that just because the boat is larger does not mean it will weigh more.

Boats with heavier equipment will be heavier than boats with lighter gear. For example, a Larger Aluminum boat with one onboard motor weighs less than one with an onboard motor and a trolling motor attached.

The concept is that the engine’s metal is heavier than aluminum, meaning that size does not necessarily amount to weight.

How Big of a Boat Can My Jeep Gladiator Tow?

With all the different boat sizes, sometimes it can be challenging to determine precisely how big of a boat a gladiator can tow. The Jeep Gladiator does not tow as much as a full-size quarter-ton truck, but it does come reasonably close.

Since the towing capacity of the Gladiator is greater than other Jeeps, it leaves Owners wondering exactly how big of a boat the Gladiator can tow safely.

Jeep Gladiator Tow Aluminum Boats

Aluminum boats are lighter than fiberglass boats; however, they are also not as durable as fiberglass. It is a trade-off, where aluminum boats are great for fishing or a day out on the lake with friends.

This type of boat is perfect for the Gladiator to tow behind it as most aluminum boats, on average, range between eight hundred pounds to twenty-five hundred pounds, which remains under the forty-five hundred pound threshold for the Gladiator.

Jeep Gladiator Tow Bass Fishing Boats

Fiberglass boats are slightly heavier than aluminum boats as they usually contain many more creature comforts than their aluminum counterparts.

These boats range from about nine hundred pounds all the way up to twenty-five hundred pounds. This is the type of boat where the equipment matters the most. The fancier the bass fishing boat, the heavier the boat will be.

Jeep Gladiator Tow Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are a great example of larger boats that would appear to be heavier than they actually are. The average dry-weight pontoon boat only weighs around two thousand pounds in total.

Most pontoon boats weigh less than forty-five hundred pounds with the engine and trailer combined, meaning that the Jeep gladiator can easily tow this boat.

Jeep Gladiator Tow Saltwater Boats

The saltwater boat style is the class that will cast the most doubt on towing. The saltwater boats range in size from around two thousand pounds and above.

The saltwater boats are larger and would not be capable of being towed behind a Jeep gladiator. Only the smaller and lighter versions of these types of vessels would be towable by the Gladiator.

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Towing a Boat Behind a Jeep gladiator is Possible

The towing capacity of the Jeep Gladiator ranges from four to six thousand pounds. Most boats weigh much less than the maximum towing capacity for the base model of the Jeep Gladiator.

Since the Gladiator can tow up to a total of seventy-six hundred pounds, it can tow just about any boat behind it. Unfortunately, saltwater fishing boats are the exception to the rule; they are too big to tow.

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