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Can a Jeep Compass Pull A Camper Trailer? Towing Capacity

Can a Jeep Compass Pull A Camper Trailer? Towing Capacity

If you own a Jeep Compass, then you certainly don’t need to make a vehicle upgrade to pull a camper. Continue to learn more below about how a Jeep Compass can pull many of the most popular travel trailers available on the market today.

The Jeep Compass can pull a small camper trailer safely. The Jeep Compass does have a towing capacity that is smaller than that of a pickup truck. It is reasonable, however, to install a hitch on a Jeep Compass. You can then tow a small or compact camper.

At the very least, having a trailer hitch opens you up to a new whole realm of possibilities with your Jeep Compass. In the sections below, you’ll find out which types of campers can be pulled by a Jeep Compass. You’ll also find valuable insight into how to install a hitch on your Jeep Compass.

How many Pounds can a Jeep Compass Tow?

For every year model going back to 2007, when the model was first introduced, the Jeep Compass has always had a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds (source:

For reference, mid-sized pick-up trucks often have towing capacities in the range of 5,000 to 6,000 pounds, while full-sized trucks can tow up to 11,000 pounds. Compact SUVs typically tow around 2,000 – 3,000 pounds.

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Is There A 6-Cylinder Jeep Compass?

All Jeep Compass vehicles come with a 4-cylinder engine. As of the 2022 model year, there is not yet an option to purchase a Compass with a 6-cylinder engine.

Here’s a video showing the Jeep Compass pulling a trailer:

Can a Jeep Compass Pull A Camper?

Yes, the Jeep Compass is perfectly capable of pulling a small-to-medium-sized camper. A large camper is certainly out of the question, but you will still be able to tow many of the campers in today’s market. There are many compact campers and travel trailers available that break the scales.

Popular campers that weigh 2,000 pounds or less include the Forest River Flagstaff, Roulette ProLite, and much more.

There are many advantages to traveling with a smaller camper:

  • Better fuel economy
  • More places to explore: There are many campgrounds, particularly the most remote and scenic ones, that can only accommodate small campers.
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Simpler storage
  • Easier to maneuver on roadways: if you’ve never towed a trailer, it can be a bit nerve-wracking at first.
  • You save additional money by not having to purchase and maintain a large truck or SUV to tow your travel trailer.

Can You Put A Trailer Hitch On A Jeep Compass?

Ultimately the hitch you choose depends on the camper you are using. Hitches for campers have the option of adding sway bars, which will make it much easier to control the trailer during navigation.

How To Get The Jeep Compass Tow-Ready

If you purchase a Jeep Compass, it is unlikely to come with the tow kit installed. You can easily purchase a hitch receiver online and install it yourself. Alternatively, you could order one and request that the dealership install it for you.

What Are The Best Trailer Hitches For The Jeep Compass?

The first step is to select your hitch receiver (if you don’t already have one). For campers 2,000 pounds or under, you’ll end up going with either (source: a Class 2 or a Class 3 receiver. Double-check to make sure that the receiver matches the hitch that’ll be needed for your specific trailer.

Note: You should be able to find this in your camper’s owner’s manual, or just simply ask the dealer.

Here are some of the best hitch receivers available for the Jeep Compass:

Once you have installed your trailer hitch receiver, you can now look at getting a hitch that fits your camper. Here are a couple of the best options:

How To Install A Trailer Hitch On A Jeep Compass

You can install a trailer hitch yourself (source:, just as long as you have the right tools. The steps may include removing the spare tire to allow access to the vehicle frame. You will also likely have to remove some bolts and plugs from the vehicle’s frame.

Here are the must-have tools for this installation:

  • Torque wrench & ¾” wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Exhaust Pliers
  • Socket set: 7mm, 10mm, ¾” with a 5” extension
  • Air saw
  • Tie-down

The actual installation is pretty straight forward. Whichever hitch you buy will come with it’s own set of instructions on how to install it.

In general, to install a hitch:

  • Chock the wheels to keep the Jeep safely in place
  • Remove the spare tire if it’s in the way
  • Remove bolts and plugs from the frame where you are mounting the hitch
  • Position the hitch
  • Attach all the hardware and tighten down to spec

Here’s a step by step video to give more info:

Of course, you could always enlist the aid of a local hitch installer. This makes the most sense if you don’t have the tools on hand already and don’t intend on using these tools frequently.

Is A Trailer Hitch Worth It On A Jeep Compass?

Yes, a trailer hitch is worth it. At the very least you won’t have to shell out $50k+ for a brand new pick-up truck that you don’t need. There are plenty of applications for a trailer hitch beyond just towing a camper.

  • Moving trailers: everybody has likely had to rent a moving trailer at least once in their lifetime. Already having a trailer hitch will make your life much easier at move-out time.
  • Small boats: some boats are also small enough to be pulled by a Jeep Compass.
  • Cargo hauler: these are great for extended road trips in vehicles with limited cargo space.
  • Utility trailer: many utility trailers run well under 2,000 pounds, including those that can carry equipment for yard work.

So you certainly can enjoy the camper lifestyle, without having to splurge on a full-sized pickup truck or SUV.

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 Final Thoughts

The Jeep Compass has a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds. This is the case for all model years, going back to 2007 when the compass was first introduced.

The good news is that there many campers available for sale that weigh under 2,000 pounds. These do hold many advantages over large campers, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

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