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Can A Jeep Compass Pull a Boat? Everything You Need to Know

Can A Jeep Compass Pull a Boat? Everything You Need to Know

There are so many benefits to investing in a good Jeep, especially with them being one of the largest and strongest standard vehicles available. However, if you are interested in boating and fishing, you might wonder whether a Jeep is a good investment for you and whether your Jeep can pull a boat.

A standard Jeep Compass will not be able to pull most boats because of it’s weight limit of 1000 lbs. However, a Jeep Compass with a towing package will allow up to a 2000 lb weight limit, which is enough to pull some smaller boats.

Some Jeeps will have a larger towing capacity than others and, as such, will permit you to pull larger boats. However, there are also plenty of smaller, more compact Jeeps that are perfect for towing a small or regular-sized boat. To discover more about Jeeps pulling boats, continue reading below as we discuss this further and answer your most frequently asked questions!

Can My Jeep Pull My Boat?

As mentioned previously, typically, a jeep will be able to pull a boat. However, this does depend on the size of your boat and your individual Jeep towing capacity. For example, some jeeps will allow heavier boats to be towed, while others will have smaller towing weight capacities.

All jeeps will come with manufacturer’s instructions that state your jeep’s towing capacity. Likewise, your boat’s instructions will contain its weight so you can easily cross-reference the two and ensure that your jeep can tow your boat.

It is important to remember that you will need to add in the weight of the trailer that the boat will be situated on, as the jeep will be towing both objects.

Here’s a cool video showing the Jeep Compass’ towing and off-road capabilities:

How Can I Ensure a Jeep Will Be Able To Pull My Boat?

If you already own a jeep and are wondering if you can tow a boat, you will need to check out the manufacturer’s instructions and figure out the permitted maximum weight capacity for towing on your individual jeep.

Similarly, if you are looking to purchase a new jeep but want to ensure that it is able to pull your boat – there are some tips you can put into place to ensure this is possible:

Of course, the most crucial first step is checking out the weight of your boat. You can easily find this on the manufacturer’s instructions accompanying your boat. If you have lost this, information for your particular model should be available from the manufacturer’s website.

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Additionally, you will need to ensure to include the weight of the towing trailer that the boat will be on. Since your jeep will essentially be towing the trailer too, both the weight of the boat and the trailer need to be added together and come in below or the same as the jeep’s towing capacity.

  • Make sure to double-check the towing capacity of the jeep when you are looking around at them.
  • Depending on your boat’s size, a larger jeep may be required with a higher towing capacity.
  • Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing a jeep to tow a boat.

Ask around in the jeep and boating communities. There’s a whole world of boating communities and jeep communities who would only love to share information regarding suitable jeeps that can pull a boat and which jeeps are most famous for someone pulling a boat.

How Much Can a Jeep Compass Pull

The jeep compass is a very popular compact jeep, but don’t let this jeep’s smaller size fool you. The jeep compass boasts an impressive towing capacity of up to 2000 pounds – seriously impressive for a compact jeep that is easy and light to drive.

So, will a jeep compass be able to pull a boat? The short answer is yes, a jeep compass will be able to pull most smaller boats and trailers.

However, as mentioned above, it is essential to ensure that the total towing capacity of the boat and trailer does not exceed the jeep compass’s maximum towing capacity of up to 2000 pounds!

Can A Jeep Compass Pull 2500 pounds?

It may be tempting to allow your jeep compass to pull above its weight limit; sure, what’s an extra 500 pounds? However, it is crucial that you never tow a boat that is above your jeeps weight capacity, as it can have very severe consequences:

  • Towing above a jeep’s weight capacity can make it very difficult to control your vehicle and puts yourself and others’ lives at risk.
  • Swerving, being unable to stop correctly, and difficulty driving are some of the impacts on driving that towing a boat above your jeeps allowed weight limit can have.

Likewise, towing above your jeep’s weight capacity can also be very damaging for your jeep! Additionally, damage can also occur to the vehicle itself and the trailer, incurring enormous repair costs for you and possibly irreparable damage to the jeep or trailer.

Can A 2014 Jeep Compass Tow A Boat?

With there being various versions of the jeep compass depending on the year, you might be wondering if some of the older models will be able to tow a boat – such as a 2014 jeep compass. 

The 2014 jeep compass on its own only has a weight capacity of up to 1000 pounds, which would make it very difficult to find a trailer and boat combined that is under this weight limit.

However, If you wish to increase the weight capacity of the 2014 jeep compass, you can add an additional package called the Trailer-Tow prep group for a charge of $250. This package will allow you to tow up to 2000 pounds and also includes an engine oil cooler, a trailer wiring harness and a full-size spare tire.

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If you are passionate about boating and want a good vehicle that will allow you to be able to tow your boat wherever you need, a jeep is a suitable choice for you.

With so many options to choose from and a wide range of towing capacities available, using a jeep to tow a boat is a perfect option that allows you the freedom of a fantastic car that still has the ability to tow a boat! It’s the best of both worlds.

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