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Can a Jeep Compass be flat Towed? All you need to know

Can a Jeep Compass be flat Towed? All you need to know

Jeep has done an excellent job of keeping up with the demand for its loyal customers. With the release of the 2022 Jeep compass, one question seems to be on everyone’s mind. People want to know if a Jeep Compass can be flat towed, and the answer may surprise you. Here is all you need to know about flat towing a Jeep Compass.

The Jeep Compass model year 2022 and above, four-wheel drive models cannot be flat towed. Previous year models could not be flat towed behind any vehicle without causing potential damage to the powertrain.

The Jeep Compass is a subcompact model designed for small to light trails. The Compass is a great lunch fetcher for camping enthusiasts, and it’s no wonder why people would want to flat tow the Compass. However, although the Compass gets excellent gas mileage and is perfect for quick runs, there are a few downsides to flat towing a jeep compass.

Is the 2022 Jeep Compass Flat Towable?

The four-wheel drive model of the twenty and twenty-two Jeep Compass can not be flat towed behind an appropriately sized vehicle. Additionally, the Compass must not be front-wheel drive to successfully be flat towed without causing damage.

Therefore, when selecting the compass model to be flat-towed, the directions for setting up the Compass to be flat-towed must be followed.

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The Compass Sub models that can be flat towed include:

  • Latitude Lux
  • Limited
  • Sport (4 x 4 only)
  • Trail hawk
  • High Altitude
  • Latitude (4 x 4 only)
  • Red

Additionally, several other jeep models can also be flat towed. For instance, the Gladiator can be flat towed in all sub-models, and some of the Renegade sub models can be flat towed by removing the drive train. The range of Jeeps that can be flat towed depends on the sub model, transmission type, drive train, and other factors.  

The Patriot and Liberty four-wheel drive models can be flat towed along with some select models of the Cherokee series (including the grand Cherokee).

However, these sub models vary with numerous factors, such as the transmission type (Active Drive 2 for the Cherokee). Some models and sub-models can only be towed on a tow dolly with adequate safety features.

The Cherokee must also have a two-speed power transfer unit (transfer case) to safely be flat towed behind a vehicle. The power transfer unit helps distribute power to all four tires simultaneously, either part or full-time.

Can you flat tow a Jeep Compass Manual Transmission?

The Jeep Compass year model 2022 and above can be towed with the two-wheel drive package. The owner’s manual details how to flat tow this vehicle.

Ideally, the manual transmission (source: is the desired transmission for flat towing. However, manual transmission models that are pump-dependent should not be flat towed.

Manual transmission rear-wheel drive vehicles are the perfect combination to flat tow behind a larger vehicle. The concept is that the transmission is placed in neutral so as the drive shaft turns the manual transmission, it is only spinning inside the transmission freely and well lubricated.

The transmission fluid does not need to be pumped (because the gears are not moving, and the rear axle is sealed).

Can you flat tow a Jeep Compass with other Transmission Types?

Automatic, electronic, and CVT transmissions make flat towing difficult. Mainly because the transmission and other powertrain components require lubrication to work. While this happens automatically when the vehicle is on, it does not occur when it is off. So, the problem is when the powertrain parts are still moving without lubrication.

As the rear wheels continue to turn, the drive train turns (even when the vehicle is not running), which turns the gears in the transmission.

Unfortunately, these parts are moving dry as the pumps inside the powertrain components are not circulating the fluid inside the piece. As a result, the engine can seize, or the transmission can become severely damaged and seized while being towed.

Alternate methods to flat towing a jeep

Alternatively, The Compass and Renegade models can be towed on the back of a trailer. A two-axle vehicle trailer is the recommended towing method behind an R.V.

However, this method is sometimes not practical for most. The two-wheel drive transmission can be towed on a tow dolly with the proper equipment.

Unfortunately, a four-wheel drive model before twenty-two must be trailer towed only!

The four-wheel drive model of the Compass must be towed on a trailer that keeps all four tires off the ground. The reason is due to the lubrication problem described above. The four-wheel drive compass has an electronic transmission and requires lubrication to work. Therefore, putting the four-wheel drive model on a tow dolly can cause severe damage to the transmission.

Can an Automatic Jeep be Flat Towed?

Depending on the model and year of the Jeep, the transmission type may not matter much. For instance, the Gladiator and the Wrangler can all be flat-towed with automatic transmissions; however, some other models cannot be flat-towed with automatic transmissions.

The best way to ensure no damage will come to the Jeep is to consult the Owner’s manual.

ModelAutomaticTwo Wheel Drive
CherokeeSelect ModelsSelect Models
Grand CherokeeSelect ModelsSelect Models

The Jeep may need to be placed into tow mode to flat tow the vehicle behind another. However, each model has a different process for engaging the tow mode on the vehicle, and not setting it up correctly can lead to transmission damage.

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Use the tow dolly or put the Jeep on a Trailer when in doubt.

When unsure if the Jeep can be safely towed behind an R.V. or truck, it is always safest to take precautions and side with error.

However, using the tow dolly with some four-wheel-drive models can significantly damage the Jeep. The Owner’s manual is the only sure way to set up the Jeep for a proper tow, even when towing using a tow dolly.

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