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Can a Jeep Cherokee Pull a Camper Trailer? Towing Capacity

Can a Jeep Cherokee Pull a Camper Trailer? Towing Capacity

Jeep Cherokee has a towing package that will allow it to pull several different types of a camper. The towing package is optional on all models and comes standard on those Jeeps with the highest price tag and options. So can a Jeep Cherokee pull a camper trailer?

Yes, a Jeep Cherokee can pull from 2,000 to 7,200 lbs depending on your model of Cherokee. The average camper weighs between 1,000 and 9,000lbs. So you can easily pull a trailer when you add in dry weight, the amount of your camping gear.

Working with a camper is an enjoyable experience that doesn’t feel like work at all. However, there are a few complications to be aware of that could make your outing challenging. Don’t sweat it! Time camping is for fun and not for problems. So read on and learn all you need about how a Jeep Cherokee can pull a camper trailer.

The Towing Capacity of a Jeep Cherokee

The thing to concentrate on is the towing capacity of the model of the Jeep you are driving. Knowing how much the Jeep can handle is imperative to your safety, the safety of others, and the safety of your camper. Do not tow a trailer too heavy for your Jeep or your risk of severe injury or death.

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Check the Specs Before Hooking up the Camper

You should know that there are places you can search for the towing capacity of your Jeep Cherokee. It is imperative if you plan on taking the camper out anywhere, and it also helps you know what kind of camper you need in the buying process.

A few places to check the towing capacity of your Jeep are:

  • Owner’s Manual – If you want to know anything about your Jeep, the best place to start is in the owner’s manual. It has all the drivetrain specifications listed and available towing packages if you need an upgrade.
  • Internet – The incredible thing about Jeeps is that they have a thriving online community that can answer any question about the vehicle. Searching the internet will tell you about your Jeep and ways to improve towing.

Once you know what the Jeep is capable of, you can start thinking about the type of camper you want to buy. It is best to list the classes that will work for your model of Cherokee by weight and move outward from there. It gives you a firm base to search on and will provide the best options for a towing camper trailer.

Here’s a video showing if a Jeep Grand Cherokee can tow a camper:

Gauging Camper Trailers by Weight is a Fantastic Idea

When looking for campers, you should know what weight you need. The best option is to have a bunch of types of trailers that can be pulled by a Jeep Cherokee and allow you to pick which best fits your budget and dry weight needs.

A few campers that are within towing limits for the Jeep Cherokee are:

  • Lance 1685 – 1685 is one of the most accessible popout campers on the market. It has a dry weight of almost 4k pounds and can store another 1,500 pounds of gear. In addition, it has a heat rating of 25,000 BTUs and can sleep five people. (source:
  • Jay Feather – The Jay Feather (source: is another great camper for people with a Jeep Cherokee. It only weighs 4350 pounds and can stow another 1000 pounds of gear inside. It needs 18,000 BTUs to heat and has enough room for up to eight people.
  • Dutchman Aspen Trail – One of the most popular campers among Cherokee owners is the Dutchman Aspen Trail (source: The Trail is easy to tow, weighing 3730 pounds, with an additional 1000 stored safely inside. It sleeps eight and has a 13,500 BTU cooling rating.
  • Forest River R-Pod – The R-Pod is a smaller camper weighing 2,700 pounds but is a great place to transport another 1,100. It will sleep four people and has a cooling rating of 13,500 BTUs.

Shopping for campers is too much fun, too much that you might forget why you are there. Also, remember that you have a mid-size Jeep, and unless you are driving the Trailhawk model, you will need a small camper that your Cherokee can handle.

Improve the Cherokee is an Option for Larger Trailers

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who drives a Trailhawk or Trackhawk, you could need to improve your Cherokee. There are popular upgrades that can allow you to tow a larger camper while keeping the exact vehicle.

Some upgrades that you can get for towing with your Cherokee are:

  • Towing Package – The towing package is one of the most popular upgrades for the Jeep Cherokee. It is an upgrade of the axles and suspension that will allow you to tow several thousand more pounds than the standard Cherokee.
  • Engine Upgrade – One of the more in-depth upgrades you can undertake is with the engine. An engine upgrade will allow you to tow thousands of extra pounds that the regular Jeep Cherokee engine will not.

Making improvements to your Cherokee is an intelligent way to keep the ride you love and get that bigger camper you have always wanted.

Remember that these upgrades must be performed by a professional or you risk voiding warranties agreed to when purchasing the Jeep. Always keep your Cherokee within safety standards when towing.

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A Jeep Cherokee can tow a camper trailer with the right size and dimensions. Weight is critical, as your Jeep can only tow between 2,000 and 7,000 pounds. Several smaller campers fit within this window. You should do your homework and find out which trailer works best.

There are a few places you can look to find the towing specifications of your model Cherokee. However, the most important thing is to do the math and find the safest equation for you and your family. A Jeep Cherokee can tow a camper trailer, but it should only do so when it is safe.

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