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Best Ways To Carry Extra Fuel For Your ATV

Best Ways To Carry Extra Fuel For Your ATV

If you’re going on long rides it can be essential to carry extra fuel for the trip. It can also be quite dangerous carrying extra fuel tanks while riding. Here are some popular options to consider, some helpful safety tips, and my recommendation on how to go about it.

Having extra gas is always a good idea on and ATV or side by side. It comes in real handy in case you run out of gas or you’re going on a long trip. You could always strap a 5 gallon gas jug to the back of your machine. But, that’s not very safe and causes an irritating sloshing effect when you’re riding.

The three best options for carrying extra fuel on your rides are:

  • Fuel bottles in a holster or saddle bags strapped to the machine
  • A set of flat gas cans or gas packs
  • Getting a higher capacity gas tank for your quad

I recommend the gas packs, you will see why below.

Fuel Bottles

Fuel bottles are an inexpensive way to have the extra fuel you may need in case of an emergency. The most popular fuel bottles are these MSR Fuel Bottles found here on Amazon. They are made for carrying fuel and they are safe. They are metal to prevent puncture and they’re leak proof to prevent spills.

If you have storage space you could fit these bottles in, then great. If not you can either buy a rear storage box or get a Bottle Holster found here on Amazon and mount it on the ATV somewhere. This holster will fit the MSR bottles nicely and have plenty of straps to secure it to your machine easily.

The ATV rear storage box I recommend is the Coleman ATV Rear Padded Bag found here on Amazon. They run about $60-70 and are a simple padded bag you mount to the back of your ATV. The Camco Storage Box is a lot nicer but will cost you an extra hundred bucks. That’s why I stuck with the cheaper Coleman.

Gas Packs

These gas packs are the best way to go for storing extra fuel on your ATV. These work well for jeeps or side by sides as well. The ones I recommend are the Rotopax Gas Packs found here on Amazon. These things are durable, they’re made with thick walls and are leak proof. They will fit right on the racks of your ATV and are easy to mount.

To mount the gas pack you could simple strap it (with ratchet straps or something) to your machine using the strap points on the top and bottom of the can. What I recommend is to use these Fuel Pack Brackets like this one from Amazon to mount it on your ATV. These brackets save time and the fuss of having to deal with straps. Just place the can on the bracket and rotate the center lock to lock the can to the bracket.

The brackets will keep the gas packs out of the way of other things you want to mount on your racks. You can mount the brackets anywhere the hardware allows. Here is an example:

gas pack

Higher Capacity Gas Tank

The factory gas tanks on ATV’s are usually only a few gallons. They do this for weight and cost reasons, but if your going on long distance rides, this  might not be enough. Some long distance riders will actually switch the gas tank itself out for a higher capacity one.

I don’t recommend doing this unless you are good at working on your machine or you take it to a shop. First you have to find a gas tank that will hold more fuel and still fit your machine. Then you would disconnect the fuel lines to the tank. Make sure the machine is off and the key is removed before starting any work.

You will need to empty the tank before you unhook the fuel lines or you could have a big mess on your hands. To remove the fuel tank, take all the bolts connecting it to the machine out, you may have to remove the seat or other components to do this. Remove the fuel tank and install the replacement.

You can see why I recommend the gas packs. They are so much simpler, and will last forever.


Here are some safety tips to consider while transporting extra fuel on your quad.

  • Carry as much fuel as you need. Check your gas levels before going on ride. This way you aren’t bringing way too much, or not enough, fuel with you.
  • Make sure there are no leaks. Check your gas packs or fuel bottles to ensure they aren’t leaking before you head out on a ride.
  • Do not wear the fuel in a backpack or on your person while riding. The fuel could get on you and then all it would take is one little spark to ruin your day. There is also the risk of a crash, puncturing any fuel containers, which may cause the fuel to ignite. If this happens while your wearing it, it could end very badly.
  • Only store fuel in containers that were made for storing fuel. Other plastic containers aren’t made for gasoline and the plastic could warp and break over time.
  • Don’t store fuel for extended periods of time. Gas can and will go bad after a while.

Just be smart about carrying extra fuel. Don’t wear the fuel in a vest or in your coat, store it safely on the machine somewhere. There are too many better options than to risk injury to yourself. I use the Rotopax Gas Packs I mentioned earlier and that is what I recommend. The ease and safety of them can’t be beat.

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