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Best ATV Protective Gear For Kids: A Guide For Parents

Best ATV Protective Gear For Kids: A Guide For Parents

When it comes to ATV riding, ensuring the safety of your kids is of utmost importance. As a responsible parent, you want to provide them with the right ATV protective gear for their off-road adventures. Yet, with numerous options available, it can be overwhelming to determine the best gear for your children. But worry not, this article has got you covered.  

For the best experience, it is recommended to equip children with the following top ATV protective gear: helmets to protect the head and face, goggles to shield the eyes from debris, chest protectors for the chest, back, and shoulders, and elbow and knee pads to safeguard the joints.  A quick and simple rule to follow is to ensure that every part of your child’s body is covered before they go riding. 

Notwithstanding, merely purchasing the mentioned gear is not sufficient; It’s important to ensure that all of these equipment pieces fit properly and are specifically designed for ATV riding. After extensive research, I have acquired valuable knowledge on finding reliable and affordable ATV safety gear for kids. In this post, I will share these insights, guiding you in selecting the best protective gear to keep your children safe during their ATV adventures. Read on to learn more!

What Protective Gear Do kids Need For ATV riding?

If you’re unsure about what protective gear to get your kids for ATV riding, let me give you some friendly advice based on the gear types you’ll want to consider:

1. Youth ATV Clothing

Clothing is the foundation -Make sure your kids wear appropriate ATV clothing. You’ll need durable, breathable layers so they stay comfortable in any weather. Long sleeves and pants prevent scrapes while riding through the brush. Sports gear like jerseys and pants can be considered for more advanced riding.  

2. Kids Waders (essential for riding in muddy or wet places)

If your kids will be riding in muddy or wet areas, equip them with breathable and waterproof waders that cover their chests. This will protect them from getting wet and dirty. Keeping dry makes for happy trails!

3. Youth Riding Helmet for ATV (the most important piece of safety gear)

Always insist that your kids wear a properly fitting, DOT-approved helmet. This is the most important safety gear that will greatly reduce the risk and severity of head injuries.  

4. Kid’s Goggles

You don’t want to forget kid’s goggles. No one wants dust or debris in the eyes. Ensure that your kids wear goggles that fit properly with their helmets. Goggles will protect their eyes from potential damage, dust, debris, and mud. Consider goggles with anti-fogging properties and tinted lenses for improved vision.

5. Kids Gloves

Gloves are important too – kid-sized ones that don’t slip as little hands grip the bars. Kindly provide them with ATV gloves to improve their grip, prevent blisters, and offer hand protection in case of accidents. Go for youth-sized gloves that provide optimum grip and protection.

6. Youth Shoes

Make sure your kids wear closed-toe shoes with good grip while riding. For added support and protection, consider ankle-high shoes or youth ATV riding boots.

7. Youth Guards (Elbow and Knee Pads)

You may want extra protection too, especially for the littlest ones still learning skills. Elbow and knee pads act as helpful buffers against impacts.  These guards will provide extra protection to vulnerable areas and promote ideal posture while riding.

8. Chest Protector

You want to ensure that your kids wear a properly fitted chest protector to protect their chest, back, and shoulders from impacts and reduce the risk of injuries during ATV riding.

What factors should I consider when buying ATV protective gear for my kids?

Are you in the process of purchasing ATV protective gear for your children but feeling uncertain about how to proceed? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you in getting started. Here are some essential steps to consider:

  • Prioritize online shopping to explore a wide range of options and compare prices conveniently. 
  • Start by researching and identifying reputable brands and products that meet safety standards. Go for gear that meets recognized safety standards to ensure proper protection and brands known for quality and durability.
  • Identify the specific protective gear needed, such as helmets, goggles, gloves, chest protectors, elbow pads, knee pads, and boots. Choose gear that allows freedom of movement and is comfortable to wear for extended periods. Also, you want to opt for gear with adequate ventilation to prevent overheating during rides.
  • Read customer reviews and ratings to gain insights into the performance and durability of the gear.
  • Set a budget and compare prices across different brands and retailers to find the best value for money.
  • Check for warranty coverage and understand the return policy in case of any issues.
  • Before making a purchase, ensure you take accurate measurements of your kids and refer to size charts provided by manufacturers to ensure proper fit.
  • If possible, visit a physical store to try on the gear before making a final purchase decision.


While online shopping offers convenience and cost savings, visiting a physical store is recommended to try on the gear and ensure proper fit and comfort.

Also, to ensure a safe and enjoyable ATV riding experience for your kids, make informed decisions by combining online research with in-store fittings and considering essential factors when purchasing ATV protective gear.

Best ATV Protective Gear For Kids On The Market

  • Helmet

Recommended: I recommend getting the Fox V1 Helmet found here on Amazon. However, I do not recommend buying one without knowing their size. If you don’t know what size helmet your kid needs, you should bring them somewhere they can try them on first.

Approximate Cost: $110-140

The most important aspect to consider when picking out a new helmet is to get one that fits properly. With kids, this can be tough. They have a hard time knowing which one fits right and all the helmets will feel heavy to them.

The method I found that works best is to have them try on a helmet without buckling the chin strap and have them quickly shake their head around. If the helmet stays mostly in place, then it is probably a good fit.

When buying a helmet it is better to spend the extra money on a good quality one. The cheaper ones may fit fine and look cool. But, if they don’t have proper ventilation, your kid might not enjoy riding as much over time. The helmet will make them uncomfortably hot. The cheaper ones will still run you around 80 bucks. It is worth it to spend the little extra cash to make your riding experience so much better.

I made the mistake of buying a cheaper helmet, and when the kids weren’t enjoying the trails with me as much, I ended up getting the better helmet anyway. And now, they can’t wait to hit the trails. I learned a pricey lesson that way.

  • Goggles

Recommended: I recommend the Fox Youth MX Goggles found here on Amazon.

Approximate Cost: $25-35

As stated above, a helmet and a set of goggles together will protect your entire head and face while riding. Youth goggles are all mostly the same size. If you are unsure about what type of goggles to get, it is best to try them out at a store first.

To get a good-fitting pair of goggles, make sure there is little to no exposed skin between the helmet and goggles frame. If the helmet does not allow the goggles to sit against your face, you may need a smaller pair of goggles.

Goggles are similar to sunglasses, you get what you pay for. You want to make sure the pair you get will protect your kids’ eyes from the sun, dirt, and dust on the trail.

  • Boots

Recommended: I recommend these O’Neal Boots found here on Amazon. These boots should be the same size as their normal shoe size, so it is ok to order these online.

Pro Tip: Order a pair slightly larger than their shoe size if they are growing. Make sure you don’t get a size too big to protect their feet though. You could always have them wear an extra pair of socks.

Approximate Cost: $90-110

I typically advise against compromising on the quality of boots. But, kids will outgrow them in a couple of years so the boots only really need to last that long. I would normally suggest spending $200-$250 on a decent pair of boots that will last you a while.

The expensive boots also flex a lot better, allowing the rider to feel the gear shift much easier. The cheap boots rely on leather a lot for protection, which wears out over time. However, your kids will outgrow the boots before that becomes an issue.

That is why we went with the less expensive O’Neal Youth Rider Boots from Amazon. They work great and give the same level of protection as the high-end expensive boots would.

  • Chest Protector

Recommended: I recommend the Leatt 2.5 Chest Protector found here on Amazon.

Approximate Cost: $60

You can find plenty of cheap roost protectors on Amazon for as little as 30 bucks. And, some higher-end chest protectors go for over $100. I picked this one because it was a good mid-range option with as much protection as the higher-end models.

Fox makes a good Fox Racing Youth Roost Deflector for around $40. But, it doesn’t provide as much protection. The call is yours on this one, how much protection do you think your kids need?

The Leatt I recommended also fits nicely with a neck guard. Some tracks require all riders to wear a neck guard, so that’s something to consider as well.

  • Knee And Elbow Pads

Recommended: I recommend the JBM Knee and Elbow Pads found here on Amazon.

Approximate Cost: $16

When we first started we had the fox knee and elbow pads. The elbow pads ended up being more of a hassle than they were worth. The velcro stopped sticking after a short while and they kept sliding off.

The knee pads were great though. The Fox Youth Pro Cycling Knee Pads will run you about 60 bucks though. I’ll let you make the call on that one.

The set I recommended comes with knee and elbow pads at a great price. They seem to stay on better and are made with a hard plastic which adds better protection than just padding.

Normally it would be best to find knee pads that protect the shins better than these JBM’s do. But for kids, these should work fine because their legs are so small the pads won’t be far from the top of their boot. These pads do the trick and you can’t beat the price versus the competitors.

  • Gloves

Recommended: I recommend the HML Youth Kids Gloves found here on Amazon.

Approximate Cost: $12

Get a pair of gloves for the kids that have a good amount of padding and protection. The Fox Racing Youth Gloves are a great fit, but for almost twice the price, we decided to go with the cheaper HML.

Your kids shouldn’t be going fast enough to fall off their ATVs all the time. But when they do fall off, gloves are great for protecting their hands against rocks and sticks. They also help make riding more enjoyable if it gets a little cold outside. The air can make their hands cold, and they won’t enjoy riding as much. To save yourself some injuries, pick up a good pair of riding gloves for the kids.

  • Jersey And Pants

Recommended: I recommend the Fox Youth Jersey and Fox Youth Off-Road Pants. The jerseys and pants you will find from all different companies are the same. For this one, just focus on finding something that will fit, and if the kids think looks cool enough they will like wearing it.

Approximate Cost: Jersey $25 – Pants $70

I looked around quite a bit trying to find a better pair than these for the same price and I couldn’t. In terms of durability, all the brands make about the same quality jerseys and pants. The pants are more expensive because they are thicker. They make them that way to protect against the heat from the engine. It is worth it to avoid any burn injuries resulting from your kids’ legs touching the engine.

These will last longer than it will take for your child to grow out of. Find something in your price range that the kids will like the look of. I found pants ranging up to almost $200, so shop around for these, they are all similar enough that a $70 pair will work just fine.

Pro Tip: Get a jersey 1 or 2 sizes too big so that it will fit over their chest protector. When the kids grow have them start wearing the jersey under the chest protector. This way you won’t have to buy a new jersey every couple of years.


In conclusion, as a parent looking for the best ATV for your kids, it is critical to prioritize your kid’s safety, comfort, and enjoyment. You can start by clicking through the links provided in this write-up, and selecting an ATV with the appropriate size, power, and speed suitable for your kid’s age and experience level. I highly recommend considering reputable brands known for their reliability and durability.  Also, you want to perform regular maintenance and inspections to keep the ATV in excellent condition. So, gear up, embrace the adventure, and here’s to happy riding for your kids!


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