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Best ATV Gloves, For All Types Of Riding

Best ATV Gloves, For All Types Of Riding

Dirt bike gloves are an important piece of gear to have when riding an ATV. Losing your grip while riding your quad can be dangerous.

A good set of gloves can protect your hands from branches or other things that may be sticking out over the trail. Most importantly, having a good pair of ATV gloves will protect your hands if you fall off the machine.

However, given the numerous options available, selecting the perfect pair of ATV gloves for all types of rides can be challenging. If you’re one of the many who wonder what the best ATV gloves are, look no further! 

Here is the short answer! After trying various ATV riding gloves, I discovered that most of them didn’t provide sufficient hand protection. However, I finally found a pair that met my needs—the Fox Bomber Gloves available on Amazon. These gloves offer excellent value with their durable construction, knuckle protection, and padded interior, providing essential hand protection at a reasonable price. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top ATV glove options available on the market, considering different riding styles and conditions. Whether you prefer trail riding, racing, or off-road adventures, we have you covered. Let’s dive in and discover the best ATV gloves for you!

What is the Best ATV Glove for All Types of Riding?

If you’re searching for the best ATV glove that caters to all types of riding, I can share my experience and research with you.

As mentioned above, I’ve tried numerous  ATV riding gloves and found that while most were satisfactory, they didn’t offer the level of hand protection I desired. My main concern was finding a pair that would effectively safeguard my hands in the event of a fall from the quad. The trails I typically ride on are filled with rocks, roots, and low-hanging branches that pose risks to my hands.

After extensive testing, I discovered a pair of gloves that addressed all these concerns—Fox Bomber Gloves found here on Amazon. These gloves are exceptionally well-made and worth the price. They feature a polycarbonate protective piece specifically designed to shield your knuckles. The interior of the gloves is padded, providing excellent protection against sharp rocks and thorns.

While they may be pricier than some cheaper alternatives, the Fox Bomber Gloves offer superior durability and the necessary hand protection when it truly matters.

Just to add, Fox is a reputable brand known for manufacturing high-quality riding gear, and their expertise shines through in these gloves. The use of perforated leather in their construction ensures flexibility without compromising durability. Additionally, the silicone lever grip helps prevent slipping off the clutch, further enhancing control.

Since using the Fox Bomber Gloves, I’ve experienced complete hand protection and a heightened sense of security while riding. Without a doubt, they have become my go-to gloves for any riding adventure.

Top Recommended ATV Gloves for All Types of Riding

The best ATV gloves that cater to all types of riding can vary depending on individual preferences and specific needs. Here, we’ll discuss some popular options known for their versatility and performance, so you can find the perfect fit for your riding needs. Read on to learn more! 

Medium Protection ATV Gloves

You may not need all the protection the gloves I mentioned provide. If you doing some light riding, or not going off-road a whole bunch. You could get away with a cheaper pair that still offers some protection. If that sounds right for you, then I recommend these Fox Dirtpaw Race Gloves found here on Amazon.

These gloves are not as bulky and are less expensive than the Bomber gloves. But, they don’t offer as much protection. They are better than the thin lightweight gloves as far as protection goes, and if you take care of them, they will last a long time.

They have a silicon grip on the fingertips which comes in handy for gripping the clutch and throttle. The knuckles are protected by a lycra padding, to reduce the bulkiness of the gloves. And, they come in different sizes and colors.

Another good choice for medium protection ATV gloves is the Leatt Off-Road Gloves found here on Amazon. These gloves are nice, but they are expensive. For that price, you could just get the Fox Bomber gloves I mentioned above. I do like Leatt gear, they make good quality stuff. But as far as these gloves go, I’ll leave the decision up to you.

Lightweight ATV Gloves

If you’re only riding on a track with no loose gravel or branches getting in the way. You may only need a good set of gloves to help with gripping the handlebars. You won’t need all the extra protection, and lighter weight will help reduce fatigue and increase your riding ability.

If that sounds like you, I recommend a lightweight simple glove like the Arltb Lightweight Gloves or the Fox Racing Gloves found on Amazon. Either of these gloves provides a good grip and is made with a breathable material. These are the most comfortable gloves to ride with.

I do not recommend using these gloves for off-road riding purposes though. I made that mistake once. I was wearing the Fox Racing Gloves because I loved how they felt until a low-hanging branch whacked my hand. I wished I had some sort of knuckle protection that day.

Budget ATV Gloves

You can find gloves made for many different things that will still work as riding gloves. A lot of the time they can be cheaper too. If you don’t care that they don’t look like ATV riding gloves, check out some of the other options available.

I’ve seen people use the gloves they go paintballing with as riding gloves and have no issues. Just make sure they have the level of hand protection you’re looking for. For comfort try getting something with padding between the thumb and forefinger, where your hands hit the handlebars most often.

A good choice might be these Freetoo Tactical Gloves found here on Amazon or these Jiusy Military Full Finger Gloves found here on Amazon.

Make sure the gloves you pick have good moisture wicking and are made of a nice breathable material. As long as the gloves grip, protect your hands, and keep your hands from getting sweaty, you should be fine.

Cold Weather ATV Gloves

When it gets colder out, your hands will be the first to hurt. I like riding all year round, so in the colder months, my hands would suffer. I had to get a pair of cold-weather riding gloves to make the rides more enjoyable.

It makes a world of difference, and I highly recommend cold-weather gloves if you’ll be riding in cooler months. I recommend going with the Fox Forge Cold Weather Gloves found here on Amazon. These will keep your hands warm enough to add a couple of months of riding every year.

If you want to ride clear through the winter, I suggest these Milwaukee Heated Gloves found here on Amazon. These gloves are pretty sweet, but they are expensive. They have three heat settings to keep your hands warm with the push of a button. Being waterproof and windproof is a huge plus.

If it’s worth the extra money to you, you could be riding year-round with a nice pair of cold-weather gloves.


Summarily, there are plenty of great options for riding gloves out there. If you’re only riding on official tracks, you could probably get away with a lightweight glove. If you’re going off-road I suggest a medium or high protective glove. For fall, winter, and early spring, get a good pair of cold-weather gloves.

But for the best experience for normal trail riding, I use the Fox Bomber Gloves and I don’t plan on changing them out any time soon. Be careful getting a cheap pair at a local store. That may work for some people, but I’ve noticed our local store prices are way higher than you would find for the same product on Amazon.

To check out other ATV riding gear suggestions, go to the recommended gear section of this site. It’s all gear I use and tested out myself.

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