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Best ATV For 8, 9, Or 10 Year Old Kids

Best ATV For 8, 9, Or 10 Year Old Kids

Ok, so your ten-year-old kid has finally decided to give away the remote-controlled car which you habitually buy for him every Christmas for the past three years running. Thankful, there is a younger brother to past the slightly scratched and dented vehicle to and who accepts gladly with an almost perfect smile just short of lacking one or two teeth.

Your next best step would be to find a bigger better toy. Preferably one into which the kid can sit in and doesn’t use AAA batteries.

Welcome to the world of ATVs for 8 to 10-year-olds.

Buying these vehicles for your kids could be a challenging task for any parent, hence the reason for my top picks of the lot.

The Honda TRX90X, Yamaha Raptor 90 and the Polaris Sportsman 110EFI. These ATVs can handle the beatings and tantrums of any eight to ten year olds.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into the pros and cons of buying these vehicles for your kids. Starting with the Honda TRX90X.

Honda TRX90X

The Pros

Your kids don’t have to worry about stalling on a hill since these babies come with automatic transmission. Just throttle and brake is all that the youngsters would have to worry about. Also, the design of the ATV are of almost the same structure and shape of those of the bigger models which are designed for the bigger kids, usually sixteen and over, and as a result of this, the kids get an added pride in riding the TRX90, enabling them to feel like the big kids. Note also that honda, in building the engines for these vehicles, took the elderly folks into consideration. The engines are quiet so that grandma and grandpa can’t be disturbed when the kids are out driving their ATVs in their backyards. It’s the best atv for 10 year old.

The Cons

The shocks are designed for small kids, so parents should be mindful if they feel the need to go joyriding whenever the kids are out at school.

The ATVs are rear-wheel drive and as a result, one should be mindful when trending uphill, since wheel spin could be developed. Lastly, the TRX90X is driven by a chain and sprocket and as a result, small debris could get trapped in it when the vehicle is being driven.

Yamaha Raptor 90

Next, we have the Yamaha Raptor 90. This is a very stylish looking ATV that the kids would love with low profile tires to give it that extra sporty look. It’s also one of the lighter of the ATV models.

Even the name cries out for respect, as we all know about the sleek, agile moving creatures in the blockbuster movie Jurassic World’ called raptors, in its shortened name format. The youngsters would be fired up and ready to go in this sleek moving ATVs, thinking that they are the fast-moving raptors from the movie.


The ATV is equipped with 18 inch Duro tires to the front and back.

Bigger tires mean more rubber to the ground, hence more stability when riding on rough terrain. It’s also maneuvers well around tight corners. This compliments as one of its safety features as well. The shocks are also great, making it an excellent vehicle for jumping if the kids are interested in racing.

Note also that the engine is air-cooled, hence the reason for low maintenance cost to parents who were lucky to have purchased one of these bad boys.

The Yamaha Raptor 90 is electrically started, so no need for that tiresome pull start. With the simple push of a button, kids get to experience the acceleration of the big kid experience and the safe and pleasant sensation that comes in the driving these machines. Note also that the shocks are adjustable, making it a well-rounded ATV for all members of the family. Its the best atv for ten year old


Its faster than your average ATVs within the same power specifications, parents should be mindful and install a switch limiter if they find that the ATV is a little too fast for their kids.

The drive system of the ATV is powered using a combination of chain and sprocket.

This can be a set back for the kids, in that small particles could get caught up in and into the links of the chain

causing parents maintenance charges.

Moving forward to the final ATV recommended for kids 9 – 10 years, is the Polaris Sportsman 110EFI.

Polaris Sportsman 110EFI


This ATV is smaller than average but very reliable. The Polaris Sportsman 110EFI surprisingly has a fuel-injected system which makes for better gas consumption and eco-friendly. The cooling system for the engine is nothing short of excellent. Parents would be happy to know that they can visit their wallets less due to low maintenance costs.

One very important safety feature of this ATV is that there is a string that attaches to the risk of your kid’s hands. This strings also runs to the ignition system of the ATV, so in the event that he or she is thrown from the vehicle, the vehicle would shut off automatically. The ATV is suspended on 19″ tires to the front and 18″ to the back. This makes for a safe and relatively smooth ride through dry and muddy terrain.

The Polaris Sportsman 110EFI also comes with a flag mounted on the vehicle and rear braking lights.

This makes for great visibility from a distance for the youngsters. Parents should know that this particular quad comes with speed controls, which could be comforting, considering that the youngsters most likely would want to max out the ATVs but would be prevented from doing so by the speed limiter.


The Polaris Sportsman 110EFI is a bit noisy. Parents should take this into consideration when purchasing one. The neighbors or grandparents might not take to kindly to be disturbed from a much-needed midday sleep.

It’s a two-wheel-drive quad so kids might want to be careful when climbing hills since the rear wheels might spin out and cause the vehicle to off-balance. Lastly, the Polaris Sportsman 110EFI was not meant for jumping due to its suspension system.

I would close off by saying that all three of these ATVs make a great gift for all 8- to 10-year-olds. Just make sure you have proper safety gear for them by checking out this Best ATV Protective Gear For Kids article.

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