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Best ATV Boots, The Quad Boots Ultimate Buyers Guide

Best ATV Boots, The Quad Boots Ultimate Buyers Guide

Every rider needs good protection for their feet when riding an ATV. And one piece of gear you simply can’t overlook is a pair of top-notch ATV boots. You want to stay protected but you don’t want to break the bank either. At the same time, if you get a pair that’s too cheap, you’ll be spending more money, in the long run, buying new quad-riding boots all the time.

The right boots can make all the difference between an exhilarating ride and a frustrating one. So, if you’re ready to take your ATV adventures to the next level, join us as we dive into the ultimate buyer’s guide for ATV boots. I go over a lot of information on the subject in this post. 

But the quick answer for you is that riding boots is worth spending a little money on. There’s no need to get the high-end $500 boots unless you ride all the time and you’re hard on the trails. I wouldn’t cheap out either though, you will end up spending more money buying new boots every year.

You can usually find a good pair for around $160. One recommendation I highly endorse is the  Fox Comp 5 Riding Boots found here on Amazon. These boots have won my heart, and when I’m due for a new pair, I won’t hesitate to purchase them again.  Let me go into more detail about why I ended up with these boots. Keep reading!

Why The Fox Comp 5 Riding Boots?

Trust me, investing in a reliable pair of riding boots will enhance your riding experience and provide the necessary protection on the trails. So, don’t compromise on quality, and check out the Fox Comp 5 Riding Boots for a fantastic option that won’t break the bank. So why these boots?

1. You Need a Reliable Boot

When I first started riding, I wore regular sneakers. Until a rock flew up and hit my shin, I was in pain for a few days and decided it was time I got a pair of boots to protect my shins and feet.

My first pair of boots were cheap, I paid around 40 bucks for them and I thought that’s all I needed. Well, those boots broke after owning them for only a couple of months. What a waste, I wasn’t happy. 

2. Unparalleled Protection and Comfort

After going through a few pairs of cheap boots, I finally discovered the incredible performance of the Fox Comp 5 Boots. While they may cost more than the budget options, the investment is worth it. You don’t have to shell out a whopping $400 or more to get a pair of high-quality boots.

One thing I noticed is that these boots may not have all the bells and whistles of the expensive models, but in reality, most riders don’t need all those extra features. I certainly didn’t. What impressed me the most was the remarkable level of protection these boots offer. My ankles are fully safeguarded, yet I can walk around normally without any discomfort. That’s a huge plus for me because I prefer boots that don’t restrict movement.

In terms of durability, the Fox Comp 5 Boots feel much sturdier compared to the cheaper alternatives. Not only do they provide exceptional protection, but they also have a stylish appearance that resembles high-end boots. The rigid toe box is a notable feature that adds an extra layer of defense, preventing your foot from hitting the ground or getting caught on obstacles.

While it’s worth mentioning that these boots can feel slightly tight at times due to their design, this is actually beneficial as it ensures a secure fit and minimizes the risk of foot-related accidents.

Overall, the Fox Comp 5 Boots have exceeded my expectations. They offer a perfect balance of protection, comfort, and style. Investing in these boots has been a game-changer for me, and I highly recommend them to any rider seeking reliable and well-rounded ATV boots. Here is what you get:

  • The ankle protection is top quality too.
  • On the cheap boots, the ankle protection is just some leather that wears out, and you could still get an ankle injury because of it.
  • The Fox Comp 5 Boots are made with this rigid thermoplastic that helps keep your foot aligned and has this tapered effect leading up to the calf.
  • This helps protect the calf and still allows for great mobility while wearing them to walk around in.

3. Superior Design and Fit

The inside panel of the boots is made of suede material which helps you grip onto the quad and protects from heat coming off the engine. This makes for a cool look and feel of the boot. Some of the more expensive boots will have a rubber material which will grip better, but the suede works better than just slick plastic like some of the cheap boots have.

Another notable feature of these boots is the use of aluminum buckles instead of plastic ones. While some boots with plastic buckles are made of hard plastic, they can still break under certain circumstances. The aluminum buckles in the Fox Comp 5 Boots offer a higher level of durability and reliability. They snap into place securely, providing peace of mind during your rides. 

However, it’s worth mentioning that like other riding boots I’ve owned, there have been instances where the buckle came undone if snagged on something. This is a minor drawback that can occur with any boot.

These boots fit great too. I normally wear a size 10, and so I got them in a size 10 from Amazon and they fit perfectly. They range from size 8 to size 15. If you are a 1/2 size I recommend getting the next size up, for example, if you are 10.5, then get size 11. They will still fit you perfectly. Out of all the ATV riding boots I’ve tried, these Fox Comp 5 Riding Boots are the best riding boots for the money.

What To Look For

There are some features you should look for when buying ATV riding boots. You want to make sure you get something that will last, and you will be comfortable wearing for long periods. If you get the wrong boots you could end up with blisters or something cutting into your feet, and you will hate them. 

After all, what’s the point of getting riding boots for your quad if you never wear them?

Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Comfortable ankle padding on the inside of the boot
  • Full leather uppers on the boot, and reinforced leather plates that run along the back side of the boot
  • Shin plates, preferably composite or a curved plastic
  • Quick-release buckles, try to get aluminum buckles
  • Inner linings get linings that keep water out of the boot
  • Steel inner plates
  • Rubber soles on the bottom of the boot, you want a good grip here
  • Inner and outer toe box plate guards

If you get a pair of boots that fill most of these requirements, then you will be well protected on the trail.

If you have a hard time finding boots that fit because you have wide feet, check out this article about ATV Boots For Wide Feet.

Maintaining Your ATV Boots

If you maintain your boots properly they will last you a long time. If you’re going to spend the money, why not make it worth it?

 TOP TIPs For Effective Boot Maintenance:

  • If you’re going to have the boots lying around or in the trunk or something, clip the buckles to prevent any damage happening to them if they get jostled around
  • Don’t leave them out in the sun. Leaving your riding boots out in the sun will dull the color and dry out the leather. If the leather gets dried out it will crack, and your boots will lose some of their protection.
  • Clean them after you ride especially if they get wet or muddy. If your boots get wet and muddy and you don’t clean them off, the safety features of the boot will weaken.
  • Dry your boots off after cleaning. Do this for the same reason you clean them after they’ve gotten wet. Letting wet boots just sit there will weaken the integrity of the boot. The boots could become flimsy and will not protect your feet anymore.

Keep your boots in clean working order and they will last you years to come.

High-End Riding Boots

I’ll admit, some of these high-end boots are nice. One of the boots that I’ve gotten to try on was the Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots found here on Amazon. They are comfortable and come with a removable insert. It makes it nice and easy to clean the inside of the boot, but I didn’t find any added value to the riding experience. These boots are well made though, and get great reviews wherever I find them being sold.

Since I liked the Fox Comp 5 Boots, I searched for a better higher-end boot made by Fox. And what I found was this, the Fox Racing Instinct Offroad Boots found here on Amazon. These boots are probably the most comfortable quad-riding boots I’ve tried on.

  • The buckles on these boots are great, they flex well allowing you to maneuver exactly as you’d want to without losing protection.
  • They call it the easy buckle system, and it has gotten excellent reviews.
  • If I ever had the extra money to spend this much on riding boots, these would be at the top of the list.

These next boots cost a little less than the Fox Instinct, but not by much. They come in all different colors and sizes, so you can customize your look. The Gaerne SG12 Offroad Boots found here on Amazon aren’t only for looks though.

They deliver on multiple levels. There is this memory foam support for your ankles inside the boots that makes them comfortable. The reviews on these boots speak for themselves. 

I have noticed complaints about the boots being more rigid than other brands. But, that is expected because these boots offer some of the best protection you will find in a riding boot.

Boot Safety

Sure, a nice set of riding boots looks cool, but the reason we wear them is for safety. Besides wearing a helmet and goggles, I think the next most important piece of safety gear is a good pair of quad-riding boots.

They will protect your shins from impact, in case of a crash or falling off the machine. They will protect your ankle if your foot gets caught on the ground while riding. And they protect your calf from burns and heat from the engine.

ATVs are safe to ride when you’re on flat straight trails. But once you start trying to climb hills or take corners quickly, there is a greater chance your ATV could tip. Most people’s natural reaction to a tipping quad is to put their foot down, trying to stop it.

In most cases, the rider doesn’t have the strength to keep the quad from tipping, leading to foot, leg, and ankle injuries. This is just one example of when wearing boots can greatly reduce the risk of getting an injury.

If the ATV does tip, it could topple onto you. Wearing riding boots will help prevent injuries in the case of the machine rolling onto your foot and ankle. One of the worst-case scenarios is getting your foot caught in the moving rear wheels, which could pull you off the quad and cause serious damage to your leg and foot.

Rollovers do happen, and they cause many injuries to ATV riders. Even slow-moving rollovers can cause injuries that end your day early. Wearing a good riding boot will keep you protected and keep you on the trails.

  • If you get a cheap riding boot, you will notice your ankle support diminish in a couple of short months.
  • Most of them are made with a thick canvas or leather material that feels good when you wear them at first.
  • But once they wear in, which can happen after just a few rides, the protection just isn’t there anymore.
  • A lot of them have a piece of plastic sewn in to protect the ankle, which is good if a rock flies up and hits that spot.
  • But twisting your ankle becomes way easier once the leather has worn out.


Another thing to look for in a good protective riding boot is shin protection. The less expensive boots will just have some leather flaps to protect your shins.

If a rollover occurs, your leg could be crushed. Try to find a boot that has a hardened plastic or thermoplastic material covering your shin bone. Make sure the plastic extends to the top of the boot. Shinbone breaks are one of the most common bone breaks in off-road riding.

Having good riding gear doesn’t mean you are protected 100%, but it will increase your chances dramatically of walking away uninjured. Getting an injury while riding can still happen, but without boots, it can happen more easily and from even the smallest mishap.

If you going to be trying any kind of tricks like jumping on an ATV or pulling a wheelie on a quad, I highly suggest wearing protective riding gear. And having a good pair of quad-riding boots makes the shortlist.

Boot Comfort

Let me start by saying, it is entirely worth it to get a boot that is comfortable on you. You could pick out the most expensive ATV riding boots they make, but if they’re uncomfortable, you’ll regret buying them. The first step is to make sure you get the right size.

If I wear the wrong size boot, I end up calling it quits early, which kinda ruins the day for riding. If you try on a riding boot and don’t feel like you could stand to wear them for a few hours, or all day, keep looking. It will be worth the extra time spent finding a comfortable boot to wear.

Wearing uncomfortable riding gear can end up being a safety issue, not to mention a waste of money. If the gear doesn’t feel comfortable you’re more likely to go without wearing some of it, putting yourself at risk. It gets harder to wear it all in the summer months when it’s hot out. So do yourself a favor and make sure you’re comfortable wearing your boots for extended periods.

Factors to Consider for Boot Comfort

  1. Waterproofing: Opt for boots that have effective waterproofing to keep your feet dry. Riding with wet feet is not only uncomfortable but can also force you to end your ride prematurely. Ensure that the boots you choose provide reliable water resistance to keep your feet protected.
  2. Ankle Flexibility: Good ankle flexibility is essential for both comfort and riding performance. You need to be able to feel the shifter and rear brake easily, and having flexible ankles allows for better control. If your boots are too rigid and restrict ankle movement, it can be challenging to shift gears accurately or apply the rear brake with the desired precision.
  3. Width Considerations: If you have wide feet, it’s important to choose boots that accommodate your foot width. However, if you don’t require wide boots, keep in mind that wider boots can get caught on the ATV’s components when shifting or operating the rear brake. Strike a balance between a proper fit and avoiding unnecessary complications during your rides.


In conclusion, by following these tips and prioritizing your comfort, you can find ATV riding boots that offer both the necessary protection and comfort for your adventures. Don’t forget to choose a pair that you find visually appealing, as finding boots that align with your preferences will enhance your overall satisfaction with your riding gear.

Thanks for reading to the end!


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