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Best ATV Boots For Wide Feet: A Buyers Guide

Best ATV Boots For Wide Feet: A Buyers Guide

No doubt, riding an ATV is a fascinating experience, and it’s no surprise that the trend is viral now. As an ATV owner, you would want to enjoy your machine to the best of your ability and to be able to do this; you need the best ATV boots.

If you have wide feet, it might be quite challenging to find boots that fit you.
In this article, I’m going to guide you on which are the best ATV boots for wide feet. But before we get that, how can you tell a top-notch ATV boot?

Characteristics of an excellent ATV boot

As you shop, here are some characteristics that will help you get the best wide ATV boots for you. 

• Safety and security

It’s vital that you consider the safety of the boots that you are looking to buy before settling on it. Loose or tightly fitting boots are not the best option from a safety perspective.
Additionally, you should avoid boots that are made of materials that are likely to cause more harm to your feet in case of an accident.

• Comfortable and hygienic

The ATV boot that you settle for should be comfortable to wear and hygienic. It should have enough soft padding on the inside, be breathable, and easy to clean. You should avoid boots that can make your feet smelly.

• Durable

You surely do not want to be buying new ATV boots now and then. It for this reason that you should settle for a durable boot; one that can withstand the harsh ATV rides.

Keeping the characteristics of an excellent ATV boot in mind, here are the best offerings on the market.

Best ATV Boots For Wide Feet

1. Alpinestars Men’s Tech 1 AT Boots

Looking at the design and appearance of these Alpinestars boots, it’s easy to get discouraged as they seem bulky and challenging to move around in. Surprisingly, this is not the case for these wide ATV boots as they are made of lightweight materials.

These boots are resistant to abrasion and durable. Furthermore, they utilize an anatomically profiled copolymer that will provide optimal protection and support to your feet. These ATV boots have been designed to provide comfort despite the type of feet that you have. 

The ATV boots also take advantage of microfiber on the front and rear flex to allow for enhanced front and back movement. A biomechanical central blade which provides the ankle with optimal support is also incorporated into the boots.

Moreover, a soft multi-density foam collar ensures that the shoes are comfortable for you to wear over lengthy periods.

I found a good deal on these boots here from Amazon. Worth a check to see if they’re still in stock.


• Fits all feet types perfectly.
• Has an excellent clasp system.
• Perfect for any weather condition.
• Has a wicking system to keep it free of moisture.


• Not the easiest to break in.

2. AXO Drone Rider Boots

Thanks to AXO Drone Rider’s almost perfect combination of value and quality, it’s one of the best ATV boots for wide feet. This boot is constructed with high quality materials that were carefully selected for their weight, strength, and value. It’s built with optimized plastics that are lightweight and provide enhanced support for the feet.

This ATV boot features a tapered vinyl and foam gaiter at the top which prevents dirt from entering inside the boot. Additionally, it has four PU molded buckles that are replaceable floating on their bases, allowing for unrestricted alignment between the boots and feet.

The front of the boot features slip-resistant shifter ridges. Moreover, it’s inside is covered with a thick layer of leather which protects it from wear and heat.

Steel shanks on the boot will provide additional support to your feet. The sole and the rest of this ATV boot are attached through a reliable welted construction which improves durability. The inside is also lined with a stain-resistant mesh lining which makes it easy to clean the boot.

These boots often go for just over $100. To check the newest pricing and options on Amazon, use this link.

Edit: Some riders have complained about water getting into this boot too easily.


• Noticeably easy to get in.
• Admirably breathable as it doesn’t retain moisture inside when worn.
• Highly durable thanks to its sturdy construction.
• Well designed to fit different feet sizes.


• Water gets inside for some riders.

3. Fox Racing Comp R Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Whether you are a beginner or pro-rider of ATVs, you are going to appreciate the finesse of the Fox Racing Comp boots. These are wide ATV boots designed to fit the different feet sizes. They feature a reinforced medial guard and shin plate which will protect your feet from any traumas in case of an accident.

Additionally, it has soft-touch aluminum buckles which guarantee a secure closure. You will also appreciate the race-bounded outer sole which will provide your feet with enhanced support and comfort even after extended periods of having the boots on.

Last I checked these boots can be a little pricey. They are well worth the money though. To get the latest pricing and options follow this link to Amazon.


• It’s lightweight and durable.
• Provide optimal feet support.
• Suitable for all feet sizes. 
• An advanced enclosure system. 


• Can be a bit pricey, but worth the money.

4. Forma FOADVBN45 Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

These Forma ATV boots are designed with your safety as a priority. Its upper construction is made of grain oil-treated leather that is resistant to abrasions and wears.

Moreover, it has a rubber sole incorporated with molded plastic which provides maximum protection to the feet. This sole design also allows your feet to be comfortable not only for riding but also for walking.

The ATV boot has TPU molded plastic for its shin and ankle plate thus providing extra protection for your feet. Memory foam and extra soft polymer padding are used on the inside of the shoes to boost your comfort and protect from shocks.

These are the most expensive on the list, but the only of its kind. To check out the latest pricing and options use this link to Amazon.


• Has anti-bacterial properties on the inside. 
• Features an adjustable Velcro closure.
• It’s highly waterproof and admirably breathable.


• Not the best for ATVs with aggressive foot-pegs.

If you are an overly active person and enjoy riding your ATV regularly, it’s recommended that you get two pairs of boots. It’s also advisable that you get each from a different brand so that you can get to experience what the industry has to offer.

Despite the robust construction of these ATV boots for wide feet, you should always clean them after use to extend their life. The durability of your boots widely depend on how well you take care of them.

To check out some of the other top rated gear, visit the Recommended Section of this site.

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