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ATV Windshield Buyers Guide: What To Look For

ATV Windshield Buyers Guide: What To Look For

An ATV windshield can greatly enhance your trail riding experience when you choose the right one to meet your needs. It serves as a valuable shield against various elements such as rain, sleet, snow, mud, rocks, and debris. Don’t forget about the bugs too! Riding swiftly through insect-filled areas becomes much more enjoyable when your windshield keeps them from smacking into your face, preventing potential discomfort and watery eyes.

If you just came here for a recommendation for a good ATV windshield without wanting to read all about the different features, then here it is. The PowerMadd 24572 ProTEK Windshield for ATV is found here on Amazon. This is a universal ATV windshield that will fit most models, do double check it will fit your machine though.

To learn more about ATV windshields to help make your decision, you want to keep reading.

What To Look For

There are a few things you should consider when picking out an ATV windshield. Some of these may be more important depending on what you need a windshield for. I suggest starting with these points:

  • Material Quality
  • Clear View
  • Style
  • Cost

The quality of the material you choose is important. You don’t want to end up with scratches or cracked pieces of windshield from the debris. The windshield should protect you from the elements but not make it impossible to see where you’re going.

That’s why a clear view is important. A glass windshield is best for keeping a clear view, but they break too easily in my opinion. They do make some really clear and pretty strong plastic windshields.

The style is up to you. A lot of people want to get an ATV windshield because they look cool, so I thought this was at least worth mentioning. However, I highly recommend an ATV windshield for winter riding. It may not seem like much but it helps keep you warmer on the trails. Just from blocking the wind, it will surprise you how well they work.

Also, the style affects how you mount the windshield to the ATV. A lot of models have universal mounting brackets that attach to most ATV handlebars.

The cost is up to as well. I prefer to spend a little bit more on a higher-quality windshield. That way I don’t have to worry about scratches or cracks so much. There are some decent deals you can find online. I’ve found them cheaper online than they were in my local ATV shop.

ATV Windshield Material

Most ATV windshields are made out of either acrylic or polycarbonate. Poly-carbonate is the stronger material out of the two but the windshields you find tend to be a bit more pricey than the acrylic.

Acrylic is not a weak material though. The acrylic windshields will stop stop rocks and debris, and take a beating before cracking. Just keep in mind that the poly-carbonate will last you a lot longer and will take more to break than the acrylic.

I have seen glass ATV windshields in the past, but they don’t make them like glass car windshields. I don’t recommend a glass windshield because of how easy they are to break, and when they do break they become a huge safety hazard.

ATV Windshield Clarity

The strength of the windshield material isn’t the only thing to base your purchase on though. The material you choose will have a bit of an impact on how well you’ll be able to see through the windshield.

Now as far as clarity itself goes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the difference between acrylic and poly-carbonate as far as how well you can see through them. That being said, the scratch resistance of the material plays a big role in this factor over time.

Acrylic will get scratched pretty easily from branches and rocks and harder debris. It will also start to look hazy over time from wiping mud off or washing with a rag with sand particles in it. Poly-carbonate as a material itself is easier to scratch than acrylic, but most poly-carbonate windshields are made with a hardened coating making it far more scratchproof than acrylic.

ATV Windshield Style

By windshield style, I am talking about the type of ATV windshield you prefer and how it mounts to the ATV. Some universal options only need some free handlebar space to mount. If you don’t have any free space on your handlebars due to mirrors, brake components, or whatever else, you’ll have to find a windshield made for your specific model.

Another thing to consider is how the windshield will look on your ATV. I don’t typically spend a lot of time worrying about that kind of stuff, but it is important to some people. And I can see why, after spending thousands of dollars on your machine, you want it to look the way you like right?

ATV Windshield Cost

A decent ATV windshield will probably cost you around 120 bucks. The acrylic version will be a little cheaper, right around 75 dollars or so. You have to decide if the extra price is worth it for the windshield you want. Let’s look at a few examples.

For an acrylic windshield, I recommend this Black Boar ATV Windshield With Mounting Hardware on Amazon. This is a universal ATV windshield and will fit most models of ATV. It has a high rating and people seem to like it.

If you don’t ride all that often and usually avoid branches and debris, then this is probably your best bet. This is for someone who rides open trails and just wants a windshield to protect from rain and the cold of winter. But it will scratch and fade over time if you hit branches and go through lots of mud.

If you’re leaning towards a poly-carbonate ATV windshield, take a look at this National Cycle Lexan ATV Windshield on Amazon. This windshield is wide enough to cover your hands on the handlebars and tough enough to take a beating.

This windshield is made from Lexan polycarbonate and comes with sturdy, powder-coated, steel mounting brackets as well. If you ride through wooded areas or know you’ll be hitting sticks, branches, or rocks, this is the one that will fit you best. You’re going to need something stronger than acrylic if you ride through those types of conditions, and this ATV windshield offers that.

Now if you’re looking for something with a bit more of a faster look to it. I recommend this PowerMadd 24572 ProTEK Windshield for the ATV that I mentioned above. The reason I mentioned this one above, is because I like the rapid-release mount it comes with. Some of these other windshields work great but can be a bit of a pain to take on and off.

If you’re going to take your ATV on a trailer, it’s best to take the windshields off, especially if you’ll be on the highway. That’s why I liked this windshield the most, it has a built-in quick-release function on the mount. You just loosen one nut, pull a pin, and it’s off.

How do you determine the right size and fit for an ATV windshield?

To ensure a proper fit, you need to measure the width and height of your ATV’s front frame. This will help you determine the appropriate size of the windshield you need. You equally want to take note of any specific mounting requirements or brackets that may be necessary for installation on your particular ATV model.   

Can ATV Windshields be easily installed and removed?

Most ATV windshields are designed for easy installation using mounting brackets or clamps, making it convenient for you to install them yourself. However, the installation process may vary depending on the specific model and brand. 

To ensure proper installation, it’s recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some windshields also come with quick-release features, allowing for easy removal when you don’t require the windshield.

Sum Up

In summary, if you primarily ride open trails and want protection from the cold wind and rain, an acrylic windshield should suffice. On the other hand, if you frequently venture into wooded or muddy areas with branches, mud, and rocks, it is recommended to opt for a stronger polycarbonate windshield. While poly-carbonate windshields may be slightly more expensive, they offer increased durability, saving you money in the long term.

I should also mention, that if a windshield might not be enough protection from the elements for you, you should consider an ATV Cab Enclosure. Use that link to learn more.

To check out some other gear I’ve tried and tested out for you, visit the Recommended Gear section of this site. 

Thanks so much for reading to the end!

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